Sunday, May 27, 2012

Greetings from my Mac

Well, last week was crazy. It rained almost all week. I was at work late almost every night.  And oh yeah, and my laptop died on me. Well, either the motherboard or video card died.

So I took my poor little puter over to the Geek Squad and while talking to a Geek about options for revival, he said I could have it shipped out for diagnostics (which could take weeks) or give up and get a new one. And well, I have been wanting a new one for awhile, but I've been waiting to get a Mac instead of another PC. So the Geek told me about open box models, which are still brand new but discounted. And well, I got a Mac!

I'm a little annoyed that the Geeks didn't do my data transfer properly, but luckily I have just about everything backed up! I didn't lose a song, a photo or a scrapbook page. There were a few documents, but I don't care as much about those.

So I have been playing with my new computer all weekend, installing fonts. playing with a trial version of PS6, copying photos, organizing my music. I even got one scrapbook page done! I am pretty used to Macs from work, I'm just not used to using the command key when I'm at home. My muscle memory is a little confused!


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