Saturday, May 19, 2012

Penny, new cons, etc...

Where did this week go? I kept meaning to blog all week, but never got around to it. Let's see. Some highlights...

- Last Thursday, I made a cameo appearance at karaoke! It's been too long! (Plans are in the works for a karaoke birthday party!) Also... I had a to buy another pair of Converse! I had been wearing a pair of shoes which I got in Italy more than 10 years ago and when I was about to drive home I realized that both shoes cracked! I think the rubber soles just got dried out and nasty. So sad! I loved those shoes. Well, I couldn't drive home for an hour with a shoe that was catching on my brakes. Luckily, I work next door to a Converse outlet (SERIOUSLY!!!!) and I now a pair of royal blue Chucks!

- Friday was Penny's birthday! I found my little pug 4 years ago! For her 5th birthday, I spoiled her with lots of treats and some new toys. 

- On Saturday, I went on a little shopping spree and got myself some new clothes! All bright and fun colors. I've been wearing too much gray. Blech! I need more color in my life. My glasses, cons and nails seem to be the only things that change color! After all that spending, I took Penny to the park and then came home to do some cooking for mom's day.

- We spent Mother's Day over at my brother's with the crazy kids. My salad was a big hit. I had prepared the chicken the way I do for quesadillas - with lime, onions and garlic. I served that over romaine lettuce along with green pepper, fresh corn, black beans, some of my homemade salsa, shredded cheddar, tortilla strips, and avocado ranch dressing. 

- I watch too much TV! Lots of season finales - OMG Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy - plus there's Game of Thrones, Mad Men and some other cable stuff. And Craig Ferguson was in Scotland this week. I like it when shows wrap up in May. I need a break! 

- Work is crazy, but at least I got this cool mug! 

- And I signed up for a class at Big Picture - Ali Edward's 31 Things. The class focuses mostly on writing. So I find it funny that I am procrastinating my daily assignment by writing this blog post! But seriously, I'm excited about it. I am a big fan of Ali Edwards - she's inspired me in so many ways, but mostly in her approach - to just play. I love that. 

- I meant to tell you all that I was hosting a chat for One Story Down's first Block Party. All I will say is that it was probably the craziest chat I've ever hosted.

- Oh yeah, and I did a little scrapping...

Sunday Funday... Did I blog about this yet? Andrea, who is my nerd twin on the OSD team, told us about how her daughter invented her own holiday, Sunday Funday! So I did my best to celebrate!
Credits: Tracy Martin's Sunshine kit and Stenciled Alpha from One Story Down.

Some karaoking on my b'day last year. Credits: Emily Merritt's M is for Milk and Cookies, Em-Isms and Simple Scraps No 14 from the Lily Pad; Kim Jensen's Bloomin' Eggcelent flowers from Lily Pad; Amber Clegg's These Moments String from the Lily Pad

A little tribute to my mom. Credits: Michelle Godin's Happy Mom's Day from Lily Pad, No Place Like Home butterfly; Janet Phillips Scrap Your Heart Out Templates 5 from Sweet Shoppe

And here's one featuring T and her diary. Credits::: Peeps & Milo, Domesticated Lady and Snips N Snail's Boho Chic collab from One Story Down; Lauren Reid's Perky Alpha from One Story Down; Chere Kaye's Random Stitches from One Story Down;  Domesticated Lady's Type A Personality Font from One Story Down

Tomorrow, I'm cropping with the ladies! So excited! Going to bring my smash book stuff and hopefully get to use some of this stuff I hoarded on NSD! Have a great weekend! 


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