Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Terrible dreams and more scrapping

I had the worst dream ever this morning! I got up, took a shower, got dressed, ate breakfast, started driving to work. But then I realized that wasn't a honking I heard - it was my alarm clock. So I had to get up and do it all over again! I am not getting used to being a morning person!

Isn't that much worse than a nightmare? My other most hated dream involved winning the lottery. I had this awesome penthouse apartment. And then I woke up - and I was still broke.

Ok, so enough about my dreams. Time to catch up on my scrapbook pages....

I have been in an ATC mood lately. I have been wanting to re-create a poster I saw on Etsy or Pinterest and this bowtie from The Ardent Sparrow's Wesley kit immediately made me think of Doctor Who. 

Here's a mushy little page about my little buddy. He loves to play ball - any kind of ball - and always throws them up trying to make a shot - whether or not there's a hoop there. He's so cute. 
Credits: Peeps & Milo and The Hidden Heart's The Family Project from One Story Down
Peeps & Milo's Instamatick No 1 Template, Typewriter Blunder Alpha, Up The Woods Alpha, Wishy Washi Sticky Tapes from One Story Down 

Here's one I did for the Paper Scrap Pirates challenge at OSD for NSD. Credits: The Ardent Sparrow's Wesley kit and word art from One Story Down; Tape by the Ardent Sparrow from Tell Me A Story collab at One Story Down; Michelle Godin's Teeny Tiny Alpha from The Lily Pad; Kim Jensen's Stringbats from The Lily Pad; Lauren Reid's Make it Snappy tape from One Story Down
Scraplifted from a page by Lisa Truesdell.
Wesley is seriously one of my favorite kits ever!

Some pics from D's bday party! Kim's new kit was perfect for the Yo Gabba Gabba theme. Credits: Kim Jensen's Every Day Boy from The Lily Pad; Michelle Godin's Teeny Tiny Alpha from The Lily Pad; Janet Phillips' Year in Review template from Sweet Shoppe

I also really love this month's BOYC kit from Lily Pad! I did four pages with it! Credits: Kim Jensen's Electomania Papers and Stringbats from the Lily Pad; Emily Merritt's Love The Summer Templates from the Lily Pad; Jacque Larsen's Huff N Puff Alpha from the Lily Pad; Jennifer Barrette's Naturally Organic elements from the Lily Pad; Salhlin Studio's A Wonderful Day Elements from the Lily Pad; Amy Martin's Mini Dots Alpha from the Lily Pad; Valorie Wibbens' Honey Honey elements from the Lily Pad

Here's crazy Kylie. I think these photos capture her personality so well! Credits: Michelle Godin's Sunshine and Grass Stains papers and elements and Sloppy Stencil Alphas 2 from the Lily Pad; Amy Martin's Mini Dots Alpha from The Lily Pad

Here's K at her preK graduation. Credits: Michelle Godin and Amy Wolff's Smart Cookie from the Lily pad; Amy Martin May 2012 template from The Lily Pad's Template Challenge

Kylie is getting very good at reading. I am so proud! Credits: The Doodle Queen's Hello Book and Hello Book Add On from One Story Down; Flutter Expressions template from Floor Plan INSD Challenge at One Story Down; The Ardent's Sparrow flower from Yesterday's Jam by One Story Down designers; Emily Merritt's My Life journal card and Here to There word strip from The Lily Pad; Kim Jensen's Frame O Mania from The Lily Pad

I made this page at an NSD speed scrap at OSD. It's been so long since I've done one of those! Credits: Yesterday's Jam collab by the One Story Down designers;  Ardent Sparow's Wesley Paint from One Story Down; Jennifer Barrette's Chasing Rainbows ruler 

My little garden gnome. Credits: Kim Jensen's Frame-O-Mania, Eclectomania papers, String Bats, Paint It White Alphas; Kate Hadfield's Garden Gnome; Jennifer Barrette's Naturally Organic; Sahlin Studio's Wonderful Day - all from The Lily Pad.

And here's one I was inspired to do after seeing this cute kit by Jacque Larsen. We grew up listening to my aunt's version of The Three Little Pigs. It's quite a family legend. Credits: Jacque Larsen's Little Pig, Little Pig and Huff N Puff Alpha, Kim Jensen's Eclectomania Papers, Valorie Wibbens' Honey Honey, Amy Martin's Mini Dots Alpha; Amy Wolff & Michelle Godin's Smart Cookie journal strip, Sahlin Studio's Wonderful Day all from Lily Pad


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