Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Derek vs the dogs

So a few weeks ago when we had a birthday party for Rocky, Derek was still screeching when he saw the pups, but we got him to say "go away." He was still curious about the doggies as long as they didn't  get close to him at all.

(Credits: Cardboard Cut Outs, Keep Calm and Splatter On, Moody Blues art journal elements and mixed media papers from Michelle Godin's Debut Grab Bag and Oh My Stars by Michelle Godin at Lily Pad)

So you can imagine how my heart just melted a few weeks later at my cousin's graduation party when Derek pet Penny! My brother taped it a bit here.  Derek had been avoiding Penny for most of the party. Then my cousin brought out her dog Angel, who's much older and calmer. Angel was just sitting quietly by my aunt's chair and Derek was waving at her and saying "Hi doggie."

Well, then he had come over by me and Penny was on my lap. So I just asked him if he wanted to pet her and he said yes. So he came over and pet her neck. And then came back a few times after that! 

It was such a proud auntie moment! The girls had much more exposure to Rocky when they were babies so they love the dogs and have never been afraid of them. But I was worried about Derek. I hope he'll grow up loving them too!

I wish I would have gotten a picture (well, at least a better one!) of Derek and Penny.

Here's what else I've been scrapping this last week...

Can you tell this kid likes cupcakes? Mostly, he just likes to eat. Credits: Lauren Reid and Valorie Wibbens' Nom Nom Nom from One Story Down

I have been feeling cranky (what else is new!) so it was time for some scrap therapy. It helped! Credits: Little Butterfly Wings' After the Rain from One Story Down

Some Disney scrapping. Here's T on Main Street. Credits: Kim Jensen's Watercolor Summer papers and Bloomin' Baubles from The Lily Pad, Michelle Godin's Oh My Stars, Red White and Blue Alpha and Star Spangled Splatters Papers from The Lily Pad, Emily Merritt's Blocked out Alpha from The Lily Pad

K & me on the tea cups. Credits: Sissy Sparrows' Drawn Tea Papers and Elements from One Story Down; The Ardent Sparrow's Doily Alpha and Isabella kit from One Story Down

I didn't get any good fireworks shots on the Fourth. We watched from my sister's pool and there was a building in the way. But at least there wasn't a crowd. Credits: Michelle Godin's Star Spangled Splattered papers, Subtle Spray Alphas and Oh My Stars From The Lily Pad; Kim Jensen's My America from The Lily Pad; Little Butterfly Wings' America freebie (Facebook); Staple from Valorie Wibbens' Project Care from The Lily Pad

And here's a page I've been wanting to do since May the Fourth featuring my Star Wars stuff. Credits: Emily Merritt & Valorie Wibbens' Force Is With You, It Is from Lily Pad


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