Saturday, July 14, 2012

'Miracle' on Bergenline

My town's gone crazy these last few days. It's been on the national news. There's a tree on our main street that people say has the likeness of the Virgin Mary on it. So there's a big barricade around it and police watching over the huge crowd. People have left candles and flowers. They are out there praying.

The other day traffic was backed up pretty badly - and since this is just a few blocks form my house - I could hear nothing but honking. It has been chaos! I don't mean to dismiss people's religious beliefs, but I do think people see what they want to see. To me, it's a hole in a tree. But it obviously means a lot more to many other people.

Here's a better picture from the Post.

I took Penny for a walk today so I thought I'd pass by. People are still out there crowding around, many of them praying. Some of them were there like me, just seeing what the fuss was about. The spectacle of it all really fascinates me.


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