Tuesday, August 07, 2012

While I'm watching beach volleyball...

Well, between watching the Olympics and figuring out how to deal with the end of my Photoshop trial, I have been forgetting to blog! 

I've also been pretty busy at work. I had to work some overtime and have been getting stuck there late more often than I'd like. See...

It seems like summer is just slipping away in the meantime. But I'm off next week and I hope I get to do something fun.  Anyways, while i watch some more Olympics, I'll catch you up on what I've been scrapping!

I've done a few pages from the Botanical Garden. I think I have enough photos for a whole book. Maybe I will do a small album. This was Monet's garden, which was just so beautiful. It was like walking in a painting! Credits: Michelle Godin's Jumbo Mats & Masks, Teeny Tiny Alphas, Happy Mom's Day kit, Dreams & Wishes elements from Lily Pad and Newsletter Freebie papers

I love Michelle Godin's style so much. Makes me feel like I've gotten dirty painting! I wish I could be as creative as this girl, but I will settle for getting to work for her! Here's a page with her latest BOYC stuffs featuring a little chipmunk I met at the garden. Don't mock me. We don't have a lot of chipmunks here in WNY. Credits: Michelle Godin's Hello Goodbye Papers and Elements from Lily Pad 

 Here's one I did for my Block Party speed scrap last month at OSD. It was a pretty crazy chat considering we didn't have a working chat room! This was my favorite part of the garden - the rock garden. I could live there! Credits: One Fine Day by Sissy Sparrows, Flutter Expressions and Tracy Martin at One Story Down; Sissy Sparrows' Stackers from One Story Down

I need to get cracking on my Disney pages! This page was quite a monster. I had started it in Photoshop, but then my trial expired. So I downloaded Elements and I just wanted to cry the whole time I was using it. It felt so weird! I didn't know where things were or how to add shadows. Even the menus felt like they were in the wrong places because the name of the program is longer. I am such a nerd. But I finally gave in and got the full version of PS. Somewhere in between versions, the page that I had started got messed up. So I rebuilt this in Photoshop and added more stuffs.

That's just one part of this totally lame story. First I went crazy look through my office and through old DVDs to find this template. Then I extended it across two pages and added even more squares. I am seriously a crazy person! But I think this template and kit are just soooooo perfect for these photos! And now I love it! 

 Credits: Snips & Snails Designs' Play A Game alpha from One Story Down; Paula Kesselring's Black and White Only Alpha from One Story Down; Little Butterfly Wings' Geek Like me arrow from Daily Digi; Kim Jensen's Chalk Artist doodles from Lily Pad;  WendyZine's Toys in the Attic template

I have probably mentioned it before - my brother is Buzz Lightyear. Kim's new chalk doodles were just right for these pics. Credits: Kim Jensen's Chalk Artist and Concretely Grounded from Lily Pad

I forgot to mention in my journaling that I tried to get them to give me one of these drinks for free since they are using my name! This is an all Sissy Sparrows pages. I am loving those girls lately! Sissy Sparrows' They Said Papers and Stackers, Not Neat Alpha, Retro Rulez elements, 100 Days of Doodles, Hip Hooray Papers from One Story Down

Here are some pages featuring my favorite girlies! Credits: One Fine Day by Sissy Sparrows, Flutter Expressions and Tracy Martin at One Story Down; Sissy Sparrows' Stackers from One Story Down; JM Designs You're My Heaven from One Story Down; Tracy Martin's My Happy Place from Oen Story Down 

Kylie says Spider Man is the best movie we've ever taken her too. I wish I would have gotten a photo of T like this at Brave! Credits: Flutter Expressions' This Kit from One Story Down; Scraplift of page by Anna-Maria Wolniak

Here's one I just put together this weekend and I love it! My cute puppy and Kim's flowers make me want to swoon! Credits: Kim Jensen's Bloomin' Octagnal, Mad for Mod Papers, Paint it White stitches, My America tag from Lily Pad; Michelle Godin's Keep Clam and Spatter on from Lily Pad; Ardent Sparrow Doily Alpha from One Story Down; Tracy Martin's My Happy Place Button from One Story Down; Snips & Snail's Boho Chic Lace from One Story Down; Sissy Sparrows' 100 Days of Doodles from One Story Down; One Fine Day collab tape from One Story Down

 Another funny Penny shot... Credits: Amy Wolff and Little Butterfly Wing's Strike A Pose from One Story Down and Lily Pad

Seeing the girls on this bench at my grandma's reminded me of another moment! Credits: One Fine Day by Sissy Sparrows, Flutter Expressions and Tracy Martin at One Story Down; Tracy Martin's One Fine Day alpha from One Story Down;  JM Designs' Blah Blah alpha from One Story Down

Penny is weird. She like to sit there now.  Credits: Sissy Sparrow's Today's News from One Story Down; JM Design's Bits & Pieces from One Story Down

 And some pages for the All About Me files... This was a not so cool day at the beach. Credits: Under the Boardwalk by One Story Down Designers from Ali Edwards' blog

Here's one of my lists. I love Jersey! Credits: Michelle Godin's Vintage Maps: USA, Teeny Tiny Alphas, Subtle Spray alpha, Sloppy Stencil Alpha, Keep Calm and Spatter On, Hand Carved stamps, Grunge Canvas elements from Lily Pad

And another list about why I'm a nerd! Credits: Little Butterfly Wings' Geek Like Me from the Daily Digi


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