Sunday, September 02, 2012

Fun With Newspapers

One of the cool things about working in the Design Studio is that we can pool our resources and work together when there's big news or universal stories. Most of our newspapers featured a special report about the Northeast power grid, but each paper wanted the design to reflect their style and feature their local information. So we had about 10 newspapers with 10 different takes on this report. These are two that I did.

Just keep swimming.... I have been craving these things all week!

This story about New York's yogurt boom was pretty hard to illustrate. They did not want to show photos of the new yogurt plants or cows, so here's what we came up with. The illustration was sort of my idea. The editors and photographers were talking about arranging a bunch of yogurt cups in the state of New York and I was having a hard time picturing it. So I went into the fridge at work, took a picture of a yogurt (probably in there too long!) and made a quick mock up of the lid inside a map I found online. Well, they liked my approach better and the photograph and graphics editor came up with this. I like. 

And here's an image I stole from one of my former co-workers at The Journal News. They are packing up the newsroom to get ready for a big move to a new home. And in the packing, they came across this paper. It's a front page from the movie "The Paper," which featured scenes filmed in the TJN pressroom. Remember when Michael Keaton is all "Stop the presses!!!!" No one really ever says that at newspapers, btw! The rookie photographer got sent out and took a Hail Mary shot at the prep walk. It's a pretty cool find. 

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