Sunday, September 23, 2012

Let's go to the mall

So, here in New Jersey, we have lots of malls and some really huge ones. One of the most insane malls is Garden State Plaza in Paramus, and for some crazy reason, I decided to take a trip there by myself on Saturday. I usually go there with Randi, who's much better at navigating her way around. I don't like looking for parking and I don't like crowds - so you can see why going to the mall on a Saturday is a dumb idea. But I actually had a pretty good trip.

Mostly I was bored, but I also wanted to look for a new coat and a pair of orange Converse. When I shop with my sister, she's usually looking for something (usually sneakers) and I'm just there to tag along. I prefer to shop on my own at my own pace. Randi likes to walk fast, look at a lot of sneakers, and doesn't have patience when I want to look at things. So I enjoyed strolling around at my own pace and taking pictures of some cool stuff, even though the crowd was crazy. (As for parking, I avoid the craziness and head straight to the parking deck roof. Always spaces up there!)

My first stop was Francesca's Collection, which I just love.  I have been seeing this stores pop up all over lately. They have super cute clothes, vintage style jewelry and bags and fun chotchkies. I got a cute orange bag and some earrings.

At Torrid, I found some cute tops and this adorable coat! It's got a fuzzy lined hoodie and super cute rose buttons! I love it!!!
Coat: check!

I decided to go into Hot Topic for fun and I was so surprisd to see all of these Doctor Who shirts! The Doctor is cool!

I really don't get the brony thing but I now know that Doctor Hooves (Whooves?) is pretty awesome thanks to Melissa.

I also got this Tardis shirt...

I checked out a few stores looking for some Chucks. They mostly had the BRIGHT ORANGE ones.
I also saw some cool superhero and cartoon cons.

I kind of want these!

But then I found .....

... The mall's new converse store.

And the elusive rusty orange chucks!

Chucks: check!

I am a happy lady! The store does custom designs so I could get Penny shoes!

And then I made one last stop at the Lego store. I have a bunch of Lego keychains and they're always falling over, so I got some pieces to make them a stand. And this is just the coolest thing...

So remember how I parked up on the roof? I head to an elevator and ride up to the top, and can't find my car. I was in the wrong deck. Didn't realize the mall had so many! D'oh!

Speaking of shopping trips, I have another appearance on The Mommy and Gracie show! I found a set of dolls at Wal-Mart so I had to text Melissa since they've been looking for these for awhile. When I offered to pick them up, she told me I'd have to take some video and pictures and I did! I felt like a crazy person, but it was fun! Check out my doll hunt here!

And now let's sing... 


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