Thursday, October 04, 2012

Fun with newspapers (and dinosaurs)

A few weeks ago we got to brainstorm with one of the ROC editors who was visiting, instead or our usual phone/email/IM. The big story was about the science museum, tied in to a special arts section. So my boss, who is just so cool, had this idea of using this image of dinosaur teeth to smash up the headline. I never thought the editors would go for it - but they did! It was fun to put this together.

This one needs a little explanation... The story is about nanotech companies in the area. And they didn't have any good photos. So we did this thing with the type. The arrow points to the dot on the "i" and they actually had a scientist measure it - 213,000 nanometers. Nerdtacular!

And this isn't an oldie. My boss and I have taken over our old newspaper and we're working with lots of familiar people over again. So far it's working out well - even though it's a lot of work.

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