Saturday, October 20, 2012

Greetings from Comic Con

New York Comic Con was pretty crazy this year! The Javits center was totally packed, and the crowding kind of made the con hard to enjoy. We did get to see most of what we wanted, but it was hard to get to the displays and the lines for shopping were insane. It was fun at least to hang out with Mrs & Mr. Hunter and Gracie. I even ran into my co-worker Krystle, which is pretty cool considering how packed it was!

I am also very jealous that my friends Laila and Anton got to see the Firefly panel, where Nathon Fillion made a surprise appearance! I think I'm going to do a scrapbook page about celebs I didn't see! No sightings this year at all!

I have been looking everywhere for my Lightroom in the abyss that is our office so I could touch up these photos. They came out pretty dark so please try to imagine them brighter! 

 You can see how crowded it was!

 The TARDIS is cool!

Stay Puft says hi to Amanda and Haley!

I love this poster ... EGGS terminate! 

Miss Gracie and Gummy Bear

I watched so much Mystery Science Theater in college!

WeLoveFine has really cool tees for kids and grownups, too! I think the shirts Melissa and Gracie are wearing are from there.
 We couldn't even get into the Marvel and DC displays. But I did get some cool pics.

This kid is 20% cooler!

We found this booth with the cutest toys called Vamplets. I have a little baby vampire bat and Gracie got a few dolls. I'm sure a review will be coming soon to the Mommy and Gracie show.

Poor Bumblebee!

Mario ate the wrong kind of mushroom. I love this photo!

The lego display was so cool! Lots of great Lego figures and booths where you could play with Legos.

I have such a crush on Chris Hardwick. Even the Lego version.

 Darth Vader
 A little Doctor and Dalek!

I loved all of these signs!

The Artist Alley was such a zoo. We didn't even try to get down there!

And this is a massive gathering of Whovian cosplayers! Last year I think I saw about 40 people dressed like the Doctor, the Tardis or various companions. But this year, Doctor Who has really exploded and there were all kinds of Doctors - Four, Six (a really cute girl version!), Nine, Ten and Eleven; TARDISes - people in police box clothes or actual boxes!; Amy Ponds; a Donna Noble in a wedding dress; Martha Jonses; River Songs; a very clever Craig Owens with his baby Alfie; some Daleks; a Doctor with weeping Angel wings; and even several Oswin Oswalds. I was hanging around in the lobby when all of a sudden all of these Whovians started gathering. It was so cool!

If you'd like to see more about our adventure, check out The Mommy & Gracie show at NY Comic Con!


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