Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Multi-photo scrapping

So if you've followed me as a scrapper, you will know I love to cram as many photos as I can on a page. I think I once got 100 on a page. Lately, I haven't done as many because I've been scrapping assignments instead of working on my to-do list, but I still get some done!

I do a lot of event scrapping and scrapping for my family, so this is a very practical way to get things done. It's also cheaper! When I'm doing a book it make sense to dedicate one or two pages to an event.

I just wrote up some tips on multi-photo scrapping for the One Story Down blog.  And since I like to show off, I dug through my gallery and found some oldies to share!

 This was a great way to pull together a lot of old family photos.

Penny is too cute. It is hard to pick just one photo! This is a type of layout I do all the time. I create a strip or two of photos and have one that I highlight.

When you have a big family like mine, they don't all fit on one page!

Some times they take up four pages!

Templates are my best friend! (This one is by Misty Cato.)

I also like to just make a block of photos and get in all these goofy memories.

Blocks are also good for all the cool stuff I've seen.

And for lots of faces. 

And here's one that's still one of my favorites. I think it flows well and really tells the story. 


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