Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Twitter Day!

It's almost hard to remember what it was like just a few years ago before smartphones and Facebook and Twitter. What did we do? How did we keep up with each other constantly? Must have been so boring, right?

So Twitter is now seven years old. They made this cool video to show the evolution of Twitter and I must say I'm fascinated by how it's become such a cultural icon. I remember being in a  news meeting in 2009 and saying that I saw on Twitter that Michael Jackson had died - and no one believed me!  Now that newspaper - just like many others - and most of the staff uses Twitter on a daily basis.

I found Twitter back in 2007, not because I'm cool or anything, but because digital scrapbookers also tend to be tech geeks and early adapters and a bunch of the ladeis in the forums started using it. I confirmed that date by checking here! It's 2114 days, 293 followers and 4,155 tweets later.

I'm not the biggest Twitter user. Months can go by when I don't check it. I do usually check in when there's big news or a big event like the Oscars, to get all the gossip and commentary. I have been on more of a Twitter kick these last few weeks. I mostly follow news organizations, some friends and lots of celebs and comedians. I also just love when all the nerdy people I follow tweet at each other. I totally feel like a stalker on there.

So I am such a dork and get excited when someone retweets one of my posts or when I get response. I still have this picture saved....

And then this happened today! I am a Kid President favorite! What can I say - little things make me happy.  If you're not following me... get on that! I'm @rmcabana.



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