Saturday, March 02, 2013

There goes February

So I didn't do much better blogging in February. I just forget all about it. Plus, I'm boring! I work, drive, watch YouTube, work, drive, sleep, work, drive shop with my sister, work, work, work.

Somewhere in there I found some time to scrap. I don't think I've mentioned it here, but in a few months I will have a brand new subject to scrap! :) I've created my first page for my new niece's scrapbook! 

So, I did a lot of random number & raid the stash scrapping this month, especially since One Story Down had a bit of downtime. But it's going to re-open very soon!

All the pages are in my gallery if you want to see the credits!

It's a girl! I went along with my sis on finding out day and gave her some presents - baby's first puppy and an auntie bib with turtles.

 Derek's new potrait is my fave! He's so handsome.

 And he's also a charmer!

Rocky getting muddy on Easter a few years ago.

 Hanging out with the kiddos. 

Kylie's biggest fan!

K's portrait. 
 My lazy pug.

This picture cracks me up so much!

My little Valentine!

I have an addiction to buying cute stuff.

Kylie pretending to be a boy.

This helmet it Derek's but I think it suits her better!

The girls' portraits from this school year.

Some Thanksgiving pics.

I don't need Hallmark to tell me when to love peeps.

Some things l need to stay warm!

Critters at the zoo!

Artsy owl

T's portrait

And here's some Christmas scrapping... I'm working on another 8x10 book like I did last year. It's not a December Daily album, but I liked that album so much, I'm going to scrap Christmas in a varied-page, hybrid-y sort of way!


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