Wednesday, May 01, 2013


I think you probably know that I love Star Wars. It's definitely up there on my list of expressions. But I've never before read any Expanded Universe stuff - I always thought that was too nerdy for me. Well, now I guess they are not!

After a horrible experience listening to 1Q84 (read the rant here), I wanted something light and fun to listen to and well, I was sucked in by the cover. Han, Chewy, Lando. Sounded good to me!

And well, it was probably one of my favorite audiobooks ever! It was super fun. The reader, Marc Thompson, does some great voices - his Harrison Ford impression was pretty good! And there are all kind of sound effects and background noises and bits of John Williams' score that really made it feel like I was listening to a movie. (Maybe they'll make this into one now that Disney plans to make more of them!)

The story was like Oceans 11 in a galaxy far, far away. Han assembles a crew to pull off a heist and there's lots of good action, twists, references to Star Warsy stuff to make it all awesome.

*** I also forgot to mention there's a scene that I thought was a bit of a nod to Indian Jones. It involves Han carrying a whip and running from something pretty big. 

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