Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fun with newspapers: Maple syrup edition

So I have ben in kind of a creative slump. I have been feeling stressed at work and I think my work has been showing it. I haven't had anything I wanted to share in a while.

But I've been having a good week! First I found out that the Burlington editors chose this page I had designed as their page of the month! It's a pretty simple design and the photo is really the star.

Check out my prize.... real Vermont maple syrup. That's a lot of syrup! I am already thinking of how good that will taste on pancakes. (You know, that's one thing I'm not good at cooking! Maybe I can get Mom or Grandma to help!) 

And this was a kind of crazy project. TJN had a story they wanted us to illustrate about bullet-proof school supplies. And in our meeting they also talked about an idea of doing some kind of visual story telling about the weather. So here's what I came up with for the centerpiece and skybox and the inside chart on weather. Really fun to create - I was at work an extra two and half hours trying to get it all done!

This was another fun page to work on.  TJN had a Sunday story about Twitter and student athletes - and there were lots of pieces to it and I wanted to make it look a lot more interesting than our typical inside pages.

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