Monday, September 16, 2013

Left Brain vs Right Brain Homework

I swore I was never going to take another class, but when I saw a promotion for The Art & Science of Scrapbooking from Big Picture Classes, I was intrigued.

I've been feeling very uncreative for awhile. I work with all these amazing designer who just kill me with their work. I just don't have the skills to keep up with them. And I feel like this kind of self-pity I've been feeling over that has trickled into my scrapping. I've been getting a lot done, but I don't really love my pages. I looked through one of my older scrapbooks the other night and I could really see a difference in what I was doing maybe a year or two ago.

So I think this class is going to be good for me. Before it started, they gave us a link to an online quiz, which told me I was 56 percent right - and at first that just made me depressed. I thought I was more creative than that. But then it was like a light bulb went off. I need to stop trying to be like my co-workers or maybe other scrappers. I am not artsy. I am not spontaneous. I'm not good at concepts or creating things just because. Instead, I am organized. I remember stories. I am good at stuff like photoshop or design because I research and practice. I get stuff done. These might seem weird - but I think they're awesome skills to have at my job and for scrapping. And they do help me be creative in my own way.

When I took a class last time, I wrote two things and then I just had no mojo to write anything again. It was a journaling class with Ali Edwards and I was so excited to be taking it and then just bummed that it wasn't working for me. But this weekend, I did two pages for my class challenges. And I really like them, too.


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