Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

New Year's Eve always makes me feel sentimental, then regretful and then hopeful. And then all of those things over and over. I promised a friend I'd go out with her tonight, even though I'd rather start 2014 nice and rested.

This was a big year for us in our family with the addition of Madison. She is one charming little girl. She's sweet and funny and super cute. She's loves to laugh and smile. She's pretty awesome.

I've had lots of awesome adventures too - I still never got around to posting all my staycation pics. I've been a terrible blogger. I read 69 books. I scrapped about 150 or so pages. I cut back on karaoke (lame!). I got to see some friends I haven't seen in ages - Amy and David (in the same weekend even!). I did some awesome designing at work - some of my best stuff ever. I went to Comic Con, I got to climb into a giant X-Wing made of Legos and I cried lots of tears - happy and sad - over Doctor Who.

Penny and I are taking lots of walks thanks to my little fitbit. I don't have very big goals for it yet, but it's helping me to be getting moving more. (I should be out for a walk now! D'oh!) I also have to say they have great customer service - I lost my fitbit and wrote to them and they sent me a new one!!!

I have amazing friends and family and I already have some great things coming up for 2014. I hope you all do too!

And before the year ends, here's a look at the rest of my year in scrapping. Thanks to those of you who still visit!

Christmas Eve with the kiddos 2013. 

Maddie's Christmas list. I think Santa brought her just about everything on it!

Starting to eat solid foods - this was avocado. 

 These photos just crack me up!!!!

At a baby pictures screening. 

This is a different Madison making a sad face!

 And Penny making a sad - but cute - face.

 All of the kiddos and Santa.

Some fuzzy hoodie scrapping. Yes, I match a 6 month old. 

That's me in a tree!

And some pics from the Intrepid museum in 2012.


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