Thursday, February 06, 2014

I am excellent!

Today started out pretty lousy. My car was covered in ice and snow. It took me about an hour to get out of my spot. I almost gave up and was thinking of working from home again.

After finally getting out I had to get allergy shots - which make me really itchy - and then there was traffic on the Turnpike. My team leader called out today so that meant I was going to be busy at work.

I was so busy that I was freaking out that my bosses said we had to go to a company awards ceremony I really didn't want to go. I didn't even realize I was nominated for anything. I did know my co-workers and I who work on advanced news were up for a team award, but I didn't see the part about how I was nominated for an Individual Award of Excellence.

The publisher read out all the nominees and a little blurb about them. He said that I was essential in the design of one of my paper's big news stories, which an editor called "newstand gold," and that editors love working with me. I was really touched.

But then I was really shocked that after about 4 or 5 other people were announced as winners that my name was up there too. I really don't like getting up in front of crowds so I stood up there awkwardly giggling while my boss Tim Frank said some incredibly nice things about me. He gave me a hug and then said that he was really happy that I had won because I'm the kind of person who always helps everyone out and that I sit outside his office and don't complain about his swearing. Some other stuff, too, I'm sure. I just can't remember. But it was all very sweet.

And all my friends who were also forced to attend cheered and hooted for me. It was pretty cool.  My friend Kathy took some pics.

Here's our team nomination. I wish I would have gotten a pic with my award's notes.

Agh! I had to go stand up there! I'm surprised I didn't look like a tomato. I have on my pug t-shirt! And my hair is a mess from my workout cleaning off the car. 

And my friend Abby had to give me a hug! That's my half eaten lunch on my desk. I was eating my salad when they made me go to this meeting. 


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Congrats, Robin! That's fantastic!

February 07, 2014  

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