Sunday, February 09, 2014

It was 50 years ago today...

Fifty years ago, the Beatles invaded America. I may not have been around back then, but that event has had a great impact on my life. The Beatles have always been there for me and this weekend, I've been celebrating this anniversary.

At work, my friend Chris Brown at The Journal News did an awesome illustration celebrating the Beatles' appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

On Friday, I was posting some pics on Instagram of my Beatles collection and my friend Jayne told me about a new K'Nex Yellow Submarine set. I knew I had to get it! I went on a toy hunt and found it at Toys R Us. I even took some video and I'm going to try to make a little video like my friends at the Mommy & Gracie show.

So I spent three hours trying to put this together and it wasn't easy! Legos make much more sense. I am going to have to get some craft glue to keep it all together. The front part keeps falling apart. But I think it's still cool. And the little Beatles dudes are awesome! 

I went to see a show on Broadway today with my sister, mom & grandma - and while it wasn't about Beatles, I think it had connections. The show was Beautiful, about the amazing Carole King. The characters talk about how the Beatles were changing everything back in 1964. The Beatles also covered a Goffen-King song, Chains, and also talk about being influenced by American music and girl groups like the Shirelles, who King & Goffen also wrote for. The show was really great and the actress playing Carole King - Jessie Mueller - was amazing! 

And then tonight there was a really amazing tribute concert on CBS. I really hope they make an album version of the show because I want to hear those songs over and over. I really loved Stevie Wonder, Keith Urban & John Mayer, Katy Perry, Dave Grohl and others. And then Paul and Ringo played. It was so great. It felt like Christmas. 

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