Saturday, February 08, 2014

More than 50!

It's only early February and I've already scrapped more than 50 scrapbook pages! I did so many pages thanks to the Month of Challenges at Lily Pad. I really loved getting to try new styles and techniques and I loved getting so many things crossed of my to-scrap list! I think there were 70 or so topics or kits that got done!

So I'm going to start sharing some of these. I might need to do this over several posts because 50 pages is crazy!!! Here's round 1...

Maddie sounds like a pterodactyl sometimes. It's so cute. This was MOC challenge 1, which was a blind scrap. We got some instructions and had to give it our own spin. 

Penny and Maddie. Using some February BOYC stuffs by Kim Jensen and Amy Wolff.

NYE with my friends. Stuffs by Michelle Godin.

This was for a MOC art inspiration challenge. I used to host an art challenge back at RAKScraps - I had forgotten all about that! 

For MOC - a paper scraplift. Derek's so ginormous! 

The parents to be at the football baby shower. This was an easy MOC challenge to use flowers. 

This was a challenge to re-do an old page. I don't like re-scrapping stuff, so I used an old page about the same thing from my archives as inspiration.

My Christmas haul!

Imperfect photo challenge. Kylie's reaction to opening a gift was awesome. 

Our tree. This was a challenge to merge 2 templates.

Me in my Doctor Who costume. This was a template challenge. 

This is one of the few non-Lily Pad pages I did last month. Halloween 2012.

Halloween 2012.

Maddie at 4 months. This was for a book cover inspiration challenge. 


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