Sunday, April 06, 2014

Muppets Most Wanted!

I love the Muppets so much so I was super excited to go see Muppets Most Wanted! We went the Saturday after it's release. 

 I had to get dressed up in some of my Muppets gear for the occasion!   
I was going to bring Kermit with me to the movie and took lots of pics of him throughout the day.

Driving over to Randi's house. 

Stopped at Starbucks since we got to the theater pretty early. We went to the first show around 10 a.m.

Kermie wanted to pose with his pals!

Kermie & me before the show.

Maddie was so good at the theater. We've brought her a few times to kid movies. Usually early shows. She's always pretty happy or falls asleep. She's a lot quieter than most of the kids at the show, too!

Time for the movie!!! Yay!!!!!

Back at my sister's house, we watched Frozen - well some of it. But the guys wanted to watch March Madness. 

So we went to Target! It was a pretty awesome, muppet-y day!

And as for the movie... I really loved it! I know it's not getting the best reviews. I don't think it was as good as The Muppets or any of the classic movies. But I thought it was a lot of fun. There were awesome cameos and great songs. I have been listening to the soundtrack since I saw the movie. I also really loved Tina Fey and Ty Burrell. 

Some of my favorite scenes were in the Siberian prison, where Kermit is sent because he's framed as the evil Constantine. I cracked up every time I saw Danny Trejo in the background. And there's also a great Chorus Line spoof. I'm not sure kids will get that or the whole Cold War-kind of feel to the prison, but thought it was hilarious. 

I do think the Celine Dion cameo was so unnecessary. Yuck. I don't know why they even needed her in that song! I also thought it was disturbing to see a Muppet who looked so much like Kermit doing bad things! He'd never do that! 

I also liked that the movie with songs by Bret McKenzie and a role for Jermaine Clement was a kind of cool Flight of the Conchords reunion!

My 10-year-old friend Gracie said she was bored by the movie, but my nieces are really excited to see. I'm interested to see their reaction. I definitely think this movie was geared more toward those of us who grew up with the Muppet Show and Muppet Movie!

Let me know if you saw Muppets Most Wanted! I'd love to hear your review!



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