Sunday, November 25, 2012

Scrapping: October & November pages

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We had the usual crazy crowd over here and had lots of food, even though I did convince people not to make so much this year.  And I'll get to have another Thanksgiving of sorts tomorrow at the crop - which is always one of my favorites of the year, because Michelle the organizer serves up a pretty great feast!

So as I'm getting ready for the crop, I still have pages from last month's crop that I haven't shared. Here's what I've been up to...

 I've been working on lots of Disney pages - and I feel like I haven't even made a dent! Why do I wait so long to get things done!!! I really like this one - this was a cute show and I just love the songs from the Little Mermaid. Credits: Meghan Mullens' Part of Your World from Sweet Shoppe; Nettio's Circtangular Templates from Sweet Shoppe; Michelle Godin's Teeny Tiny Alphas from Lily Pad

Derek's favorite character looks a lot like his dad! Credits: Britt-ish Designs' Beyond Infinity 

Fire works at Epcot.  Credits: Britt-ish Designs' Baby, You're A Firework

On a magic carpet ride... Credits: Britt-ish Designs' Arabian Nights 

Mickey is delish... Credits: Amy Wolff's Gumball Machine papers from Lily Pad, Jenn Barrette's Wild Child elements from Lily Pad; Shawna Clingerman's That Thing You Do elements from Lily Pad

Trying on hats. Credits: Sahlin Studio's Enjoy the Moment from Lily Pad; Unbirthday by Emily Merritt, Valorie Wibbens and Jacque Larsen from the Lily Pad; Gina Miller's My Life banner from Lily Pad

Kylie had a whole week of birthday. Credits: Sahlin Studio and Valorie Wibbens' Make a Wish from Lily Pad;  Janet Phillips' Scrap Your Heart Out Template from Sweet Shoppe

Mike trying to feed Vez a mushroom. She's allergic! Credits: Sahlin Studio's Fairest One Of All; Janet Phillips' Scrap Your Heart Out templates from Sweet Shoppe; Pink Reptile's alpha

Pool at our hotel... Credits: Britt-ish Designs' Where Magic Begins; Tracy Martin's Messy Script Alpha from One Story Down

Dinner at Prime Time cafe... Credits: Sahlin Studio and Jennifer Barrette's Kitschy Kitchen from the Lily Pad; Inspired by a page by Mandie Pierce

This was my room. Lots of cute details, but not so comfy. Credits: Lauren Grier's Lalala from TLP, Brit-tish Design's Mick's Girl, Janet Phillips template

Kylie & Space Mountain... Credits: Taci Reed's Magical Tomorrow from Sweet Shoppe; Amy Martin's Tiny Dots Alpha from Lily Pad; Kaye Winieki' Templates 37 from Lily Pad

Locked up. Credits: Traci Reed's Magical Adventure and Magical Frontier from Sweet Shoppe

Turtle Talk - another one I love. Credits:  Britt-ish Designs' Fish are friends

More scenes from our resort... Credits: Janet Phillips' Scrap Your Heart Out templates from Sweet Shoppe; Lauren Grier & Penny Springman's Never Give Up from Sweet Shoppe; Britt-ish Design's Where the Magic Begins; Kim Jensen's Stringbats from Lily Pad

We got some snow. Boo! Credits: Tracy Martin's Christmas Memories Krafts and Alphas from One Story Down; Sissy Sparrows' Glitter and Glue Stackers and Smexy Snowflakes from One Story Down; Flutter Expressions' Vellum Flakes from One Story Down

Some scrap therapy about feeling down.... Credits: Amy Wolff's All Time Low from The Lily Pad.

A cute little pumpkin. Credits: Emily Merritt, One Little Bird and Paislee Press' Corn Maze from The Lily Pad

I had a very expensive trip to Target, where I got these cute slippers. I scrapped them for a post I did on the One Story Down blog on all the Daily December, Project 365, Project Life hype that starts up this time of year: Project Don't Join.  Credits:Lauren Reid's Riverside and Big Ol' Ric Rac from One Story Down; Peeps & Milo's Whoa Rudolph Templates from One Story Down; Tracy Martin's Christmas Memories Alphas from One Story Down; The Edits' Star Of Wonder from One Story Down; Design By Tina's Owls for Xmas from One Story Down; Sissy Sparrows Glitter and Glue Stackers from One Story Down;JM Design's It's Christmas tags from One Story Down; Button from Kim Jenen's Fantabulous Fall from Lily Pad

Penny and Penny Jr. Credits: Tracy Martin's Unicorn Cakes and Messy Script Alpha from One Story Down

This is a page about silly things my sis and I talk about. It got picked on one of the GSO blogs. Credits: Emily Merritt and Valorie Wibbens' Pumpkin Juice from Lily Pad

Some things I'm thankful for... Credits: Snips and Snails' Fall and Play a Game alpha from One Story Down

On Halloween at work...  Credits:  Emily Merritt's Sweater Weather templates from the Lily Pad; Emily Merritt & Valorie Wibbens' Force is With You from The Lily Pad

My pumpkin carving this year ... Credits: Kim Jensen's Button Strings, Fantabulous Fall elements, Pick A Pumpkin and Pumpkin Kraft papers from the Lily Pad

Some old but fun pics I've had on my list for a long time from Thanksgiving a few years ago. Credits: Kim Jensen's Dotrageous 2 papers and Bloomin' Twisted flowers from the Lily Pad ;Valorie Wibbens' Sprinkles Vol 9 from Lily Pad and Pollyanna alpha (Facebook freebie)

And, I was really excited to go to the Renegade Craft Fair holiday market in Brooklyn last weekend! It was awesome. Credits: Kim Jensen's ChristmasIt! from the Lily Pad; Amy Wolff's Merry Little Paper Pack and Petal Pops 4 from the Lily Pad; Michelle Godin's Snarky Snippets - Christmas from the Lily Pad; Pink Reptile's Star Struck from the Lily Pad; Valorie Wibbens' Pocket Stuffers No 2 from the Lily Pad; Karah Fredricks' Ridonculous 2 alpha from the Lily Pad; Amy Martin's Nov 2012 sketch challenge template from the Lily Pad