Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Scrapping

I really caught up on my Easter scrapping in March, which is good because I will probably take a ton of  photos tomorrow at my aunt's house. One Story Down has also had it's grand re-opening so I've been back to scrapping for the ladies there.

I cropped last weekend and spent a good amount of time there organize and filling albums with pages! I think I wrote ages ago about how I wanted to reorganize my books by year in 8x8 three ring binders. I got really cute books from Doodlebug and lots of extra pages. I've been ordering pages from Persnickety prints when I can catch a sale. So no when I go back and scrap some of these older pages I can just add them in where they belong. I just got some more credits from Persnickety as well so I will be all caught up with my printing very soon! It's so awesome to see my pages in a book, away from the computer.

Here's what I've been working on this last month. Lots of catch up scrapping and lots of journaling...

 Easter scrapping. My aunt always tries to make the egg hunt more fun. This time, it was a big bingo game.

Some journaling about getting to meet my new niece. Pretty butterflies by Jennifer Barrette.

Lots more Easter fun from 2010 and 2011

Some Penny loving with the Lily Pad BOYC bits from March.

Some thoughts about turning 36... about 9 months into the game.

Penny makes the funniest faces!

She's also a hoarder

 NJ Beer - good stuff!

We just had another spirit week at work. Like my stache?

St Patrick's Day weekend. I am caught up on this holiday!

 A page about reading.

T's communion has been on the list for a long time too.



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