Monday, April 29, 2013

April scrapping

I haven't been feeling too creative this month. I stepped down from a few of my creative teams recently and I didn't get to go to the crop last weekend. Lots of family stuff going on - birthday parties, baby shower planning - and busy stuff at work. But I did do some more random number scrapping and got some pages crossed off of my list!

Some Christmas pics of Penny from 2009. I am so behind on Christmases! But, I'm now all caught up on Easter! I scrapped my last few pages from the files and scrapped this year's celebration as well. 

I also did some Penny scrapping. I always find random pictures of her that I just love so much!

I helped my friend Emily out with a Flat Stanley project.

 Me and some of my beeyotches. I can't tell you what WH means!

These are most of my Little Pets! I mean my nieces' Little Pets.

Snowed in at work. Spent a night at the office watching Doctor Who!

Butterfly Garden at the Bronx Zoo. I'm still working on a Summer 2011 album.

Some pages from Tay's bday. Kim and Michelle both came out with kits last week that were so perfect for Taylor!

Our friend had a baby "sprinkle" - which was way fancier than most people's showers!

And another Christmas page. This card by Kylie cracked me up so much! 



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