Sunday, June 30, 2013

I was talking to a good friend last night about writing and why I don't write much anymore. I don't even keep a journal like I used to. I don't think I have figured things out, but maybe I've just found other ways to channel the things I need to say. Like through scrapbooking.

I haven't opened photoshop at home in almost two weeks - so I'm hoping to remedy that today and work on some assignments. My to-scrap list is getting way too long.

So here are my May and June pages. Some of these are catch-up scrapping from using my random number method, but some very recent stuff too!

I still have lots of photos I want to scrap from Becky's visit in 2009! Like how we spotted Tracy Morgan filming an episode of 30 Rock or how Becky got some gifts for Penny (even if my photos of them together were a bit blurry!). We had a pretty cool adventure when she came out to bring her daughter to NYU - and it's hard to believe Hannah just graduated! 

Some pictures of Derek - from a Christmas and a school picture. Little dude is getting so big. He's a funny kid, but he's pretty head strong and lots of trouble. Totally lives up to the red-headed stereotype. I saw him yesterday - I was meeting the family at a fair - and he ran up to me to give me a hug, which is something he usually doesn't do. It was adorable. 

My job is such a fun place to work - it can be crazy hectic dealing with editors and headlines and trying to be creative all the time, but there are some really awesome people and our director really encourages us to be weird and crazy and to scare him! So, sometimes we plan crazy days like during our spirit week, but this Purple Day photo came about because a bunch of us just randomly showed up looking pretty matchy! And this other page is about all the stuff I have on my desk - from mustache magnets to pez dispensers to Finn & Jake and R2-D2 to pictures of my family. I love to be surrounded by stuff that makes me happy.

I'm so behind on scrapping the girls' sporting events, but these photos aren't even that old! The girls had a cheering roundup in the fall.

 This is not my niece - well she's more of an unofficial niece. My friend Steph's baby is also named Madison. I scrapped this about two weeks before my niece was born and my sister officially picked her name. This Madison is almost three now!

Penny had a few different costumes this year for Halloween, but then Hurricane Sandy happened and we didn't get to show them off much. She still looked adorable!

Penny just turned six in May! I don't really know how old she is, but when I adopted her I was told she was a year old. So I made May 11, the day we found her, her birthday. We celebrated with some doggie ice cream for Penny & Rocky over at Randi's house.

I didn't take any photos on my 37th birthday. I know! But I kind of just wanted to enjoy my day and be in the moment and it really was great. So I wrote about it instead of taking pics. Works for me!

These are some crazy faced kids from Christmas. Not a typical Christmas LO at all!

In April, I saw Chris Hardwick perform stand up at Carolines in the city! I had a great night with my friend and former co-worker Melissa. And I got to meet Chris! I was such a dork trying to talk to him, but he was really nice. And his set was hilarious. I recently ran out of audiobooks, so I've been back to listening to the Nerdist podcasts. Some really great ones lately - Rick Moranis and Joe Manganiello. 

This dumb little creeper is always out in my yard. It have to keep Penny on a leash when I'm out there at night - there's also a berries from the neighbors's stupid tree situation - but it's not fun! 

I have been so touched and inspired by Kid President -  I needed to save some of this for my scrapbook. Go watch him on youtube and make your day more awesome.

Last fall, I did a little cyber Monday shopping for myself! I love my presents so much I had to scrap them.

I had a great night with my friend Marianna. We went to see a taping of comedians at MTV studios. It was a little weird with the set up and having to check all of our stuff, but we saw some cool people, like Ron Funches.

 Another great night out - I saw the Shins on the Brooklyn waterfront with my cousin Melissa.

Some spring break crafting with my nieces. We also went to the movies and played Monster High. 

From my trip to the beach last summer with Francie.

Kylie is a big fan of Brian's. My mom made her this shirt for his football team.

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