Sunday, November 10, 2013

Warning: Lots of pages ahead

I just went through my files to see what I've been up to since my last roundup in September and I see I've been on a roll! I did all seven of the Lily Pad challenges in October and scrapped a few more for their Digital Scrapbook Day challenges. I have done a bunch of pages for Big Picture Classes (three of them! I think I'm addicted!). And my creative team designers have kept me busy too.

But I've had lots of adventures the last few months and lots of new photos I just had to scrap. I went apple picking with the big kids and pumpkin picking with the little one. There was Comic Con and Halloween. Lots of stuff to enjoy this fall! 

These first two pages are my first ones from NYCC 2013. (That's two more pages than I've scrapped for NYCC 2012. D'oh!) Adventure Time seemed to be everywhere this year and this bunch of cosplayers was pretty cool. Then this Headless Horseman photo - I didn't realize until later that he was from Sleepy Hallow (I've seen two episodes - so cool, but I haven't had time to watch more) seemed to work with one of Amy Wolff's new kits called Sleepy Hallow. Seriously love the alpha

This is a round up of pics (there weren't too many!) from Derek's third birthday party. Also a challenge from my left/right brain class. Multi-photo pages: that was an easy one for me! Derek really loves Jake and those pirates.

My little buddy also loves Buzz Lightyear (check out that hoodie I got him for Christmas!). And he was super excited to ride a pony when we went apple picking. This is Amy Wolff's Goodbye Summer kit.

I love this photo so much. I didn't do a thing to it. I love how the overcast sky made all my pics looks this day when we went pumpkin picking! This was one I did for a TLP DSD speed scrap.

Penny and I have been going for lots of walks lately. Trying to enjoy this fall weather while it lasts. And on Halloween, we took a walk on Bergenline with Penny dressed as Wonder Woman. She got lots of smiles from all the trick-or-treaters. 

My friend Joy is getting married in Jamaica - I think today! - and since I'm not there, it was nice to celebrate with her at her shower. It had a really pretty sunflower theme.

Some pics of Kylie playing basketball. I think I need some new sports titles! I think I've used this one along with (Name of Sport here) Star several times. At the rate she's going, I'm going to be doing a lot more sports pages! She's on two soccer teams this fall - and I haven't been to a game. Bad auntie! She's the only girl on her travel team - and she's the youngest one - but she's been a great asset to the team scoring some goals and assisting. (Is that what you call it? I don't understand soccer!)

My sister is being a good documenter and she's taking photos of Maddie just like this each month! This was the first one. Maddie just turned 5 months old! 

Maddie LOVES this little Ernie doll that I got for her. And I really love my little Ernie dude that I drew using shapes and paths. I am so proud of this one! Hee!

Maddie thought sitting next to pumpkin was hilarious.

My sister and I went to Rutgers Gardens - which I had never been too even though it was pretty much across the road from where I used to live! This is one of my favorite shots.

Maddie and her great-grandma during a little dinner party we had for her 4 month birthday.

Maddie's hospital portraits. Screen grabs! 

I started a new class at Big Picture called Process. I was really curious about it because the instructor is a newspaper designer and from what I can tell she is like me in that my work and hobby overlap! The first week was about photo editing (more about selection than say photoshop) and I don't think I did much focusing on that. The challenge was to use your "process" to select your photos and then use a multi-photo template. These photos are terrible, but they're so cute I wanted to scrap them all. 

This one was a right-brain challenge on using shapes. This is when the big kids met the mini one. 

This was a left brain challenge. We had to put some journaling on a journal card. I really don't even like journal cards - but it wasn't too hard for me as a digi scrapper to get everything I wanted in that space! 

One of my faves from pumpkin picking. Using Amy Wolff's Hoodie Time.

Maddie loves her little gym. These pics were from a few months ago - now she twists and rolls over. It's so much fun to watch her grow!

This is my dog Pickle. That's her name according to my sister.

Right-brain challenge to paint over your photos and not use a background paper. Not too hard for a digi gal, but also fun since this isn't my usual style.

This is a little deep and art journaly. I'm taking a class about happiness and this was one of the challenges. 

Hey that's me! I was looking all fancy for my friend's shower so we took a pic. Lots of fun goodies to scrap with from Kim Jensen and Amy Wolff for one of the BOYCs at TLP.  

Another fave from Rutgers Gardens. Using Michelle Godin's Golden Days.

More BOYC scrapping. I won mapple syrup at work! And Penny with daisies in my yard.

A pretty flower from Valentine's Day! This page was a GSO! 

My friend Diana and I were in book nirvana at the BEA convention.

And some summer fun stuff. Summer Shandy and Taco Tuesday! 



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