Tuesday, February 11, 2014

January Part 2

Here are some more of those pages...

Maddie at 7 months. Getting ready to crawl and looking adorable! This was a word art challenge.

Taking a bath. Not a challenge at all!

Here's Maddie coming home. This was a create your own overlay challenge.

Scrap a recent photo challenge. Tasting her first lime and lemon.

Going for a ride at Target. Five alpha challenge.

First snow. A 14 things challenge.

One of my favorite photos. 

Some Pennyness. I'm doing a Penny365 this year on Instagram! You can follow me (rmcabana) or look for #PennyPug365

Playing in the snow.

Penny in her Star War gear. For a stamp technique challenge.

Penny and her shadow. For a template challenge. 

A year in review challenge. This has more than 80 photos!

A list challenge. Some goals for 2014.

The final challenge was to use a scanned photo. This is a photo of my grandmother. I've never even so much scrapped a photo of her because it's been too hard. But it felt good to scrap these. 

 Annie on Broadway with Vez and the girls! For a freestyle challenge.

Baby chucks! For a shape challenge.

This was a no photo challenge.

And finally some scrap therapy. I am feeling better now! 



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