Thursday, February 13, 2014

Round 3

I may have used up all my scrap juice in January! I am not getting as many pages done so far in February! Here are some more from my round up!

I got myself a fitbit and this thing has confirmed that I am lazy! 

My friend Gracie picked out this owl for me! Isn't she a sweetie! She's just started getting into Harry Potter so I named my owl Hedwig.

This was a two-pager challenge. Of course, I never make these things easy. Lots of Legos from all over NYC last year. 

This was one of my favorites to create. We had to use brushes to create a painted, water color kind of feel. 

This was a one word challenge. I picked bright because I need to start seeing the glass half full.

For an all about me challenge. I scrapped all these quiz results I've been getting.

 This is my new pug stuffs.

An art journaling challenge. Inspired by Mary Poppins.

This is a new kit from Kim Jensen called Me Right Now. It was at Daily Digi and coming soon to Lily Pad. I was inspired by the name of the kit to do another list page! 

A really cold day here in NJ was only made worse by it being a really cold at the office!

And here's Thanksgiving 2013. This was a color challenge. 



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