Sunday, March 23, 2014

I haven't been spending much time scrapping lately, but I have gotten a bunch of pages done lately. And some big multiphoto things that have been on the list for awhile. Mostly I've been busy and I'm going to miss another crop this month so I'm going to need to find some time to get some more pages crossed off my list!

By the way, this week was so awesome. I got Frozen on DVD and I just saw Muppets Most Wanted. I got some awesome new toys. We had three parties at work - and they weren't even for anyone leaving - including a surprise wedding shower that really was a big surprise! I am really happy that spring is finally here, even if the weather is still kind of mixed. It's been lighter out when I get out of work. Even work hasn't been as stressful. 

I'm working on another instagram project called 100 Happy Days, in addition to #PennyPug365. I saw some people posting about it on Facebook and I decided to join. I found this detail on the website very disturbing:  71% of people tried to complete this challenge, but failed quoting lack of time as the main reason. These people simply did not have time to be happy. Do you? 

Isn't that sad. People don't have time to be happy. 

My one word for this year is bright and I really am trying to fight my grumpy disposition so I thought this would be a good experiment. I already take so many photos anyway. So the site says people who take this challenge do feel happier and notice other positive side effects, so why not! My username is rmcabana on Instagram if you want to follow my pics. 

Anyway... back to scrapping. Here's my round up of the rest of February and so far in March.

Some pictures from Christmas morning and day 2012. Finally getting some of those pages done!

We took Derek to see the big tree for the first time in December.

My buds & I celebrating at the Rover christmas party.

This photo was in the paper featuring Kylie playing with some legos!

 Maddie was in her Batgirl gear looking so cool!

Mad is so expressive - these were a bunch of pics I took on a car ride. 

Derek is finally taking interest in his little cousin. He had so many things to show her!

Maddie at three months in here cute football hat!

More floor exercise time! It's so hard to believe that she was doing her floor exercise just a few months ago and now she's dong this.... 

Here's mom with her grandkiddos at her birthday party last August. 

Here's a Randi page - she was out running this Powder Puff game on one of the hottest days of the year - just about a week before Maddie was born. 

Here's a page about the award I won at work! It was so cool. Had to scrap it of course.

There was a challenge at TLP about a childhood memory - so I shared this one about how I once had a pet duck for a day. That has been on my scrap list for a long time!

This was tough. Another challenge - no words! I think this page looks so naked, but I think it's cool.

Terra cotta warriors. Finally scrapped. I love these photos so much so I didn't even use elements.

And here are my friends in their sweet production of Wizard of Oz! 

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