Saturday, March 22, 2014

More fun with iMovie!

I am really having fun figuring out video editing. I am staying up late putting together videos the way I used to stay up and play with brushes or download fonts when I first started learning Photoshop. Of course, back then, I was also working nigh hours, so staying up late wasn't a big deal.

I've been putting together some videos featuring my baby niece, but I'm saving those for my family. So I've been sharing some Penny stuff and toy collecting stuff. Here are my two newest videos.

I don't like how YouTube/Blogger is displaying! You can't see my graphics! Boo!!!

Here's one in which I open up some Doctor Who blind boxes. I was pretty happy with my haul!

And here's one in which I go looking for this little blue dog that I just fell in love with at Toy Fair! This also has some commentary from Penny! :)

And if you really want to laugh at me, here's a new video from Mommy & Gracie called "Miss Robin's Revenge," in which I get to show off my arrow slinging skills! 

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