Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Videos: More blind bags, toys and Penny!

I'm trying to post a new video each week over on my YouTube channel! I am still so surprised that anyone is watching them. This latest batch features some of my toy collecting addictions and, of course, Penny! 

I hate how blogger previews videos! Just sayin!  Here's Penny trying out a new toy - a discovery wheel in which she had to find hidden treats.

These are more  blind bag openings. I really want to get all of the Lego Movie minfigs. I might just order the ones I am missing online! 

And here's a review of some of my new Littlest Pet Shop pets. I've been collecting these guys "for my nieces" forever and the new line is really so cute! 

I've also done some fun videos with Mommy & Gracie, including a look at some of my favorite Funkos and a really crazy Chubby Bunny challenge.

I hope you'll check out our videos. I know this is a long list! Please like, comment and subscribe, too! 

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