Monday, February 21, 2005

Randi, Khoder and Mikey sent me this postcard from Disney World last week. They were having fun in Orlando while Rocky and I were hanging out together.  Posted by Hello

My friend Betsy and her husband were luck to escape the cold and visit Jamaica! Betsy also got to miss out on a crazy week at work and got a very nice tan! Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 13, 2005

The February Blahs

I have been so down lately. Not just because National Make Single People Hate Themselves Day is approaching.
My wisdom teeth hurt and I have to have them pulled. My family's going to Disney World. So I'm staying with Rocky.
Work has been so stressful and exhausting. I feel like I'm doing the work of three people most nights - and I never have time for the projects that I need to get done. Mike's wedding is coming up too - and it's a big expense.
I listen to the Avenue Q soundtrack a lot in the car because it cracks me up everytime. Hanging out with Rocky always makes me happy too. I hope they bring us back lots of presents too - that could make me feel a little better too.

Ok now I can't upload my picture because I'm on a mac. Add that to the list too.