Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pirates and critters

Today I got an email from those hardworking and fantatic ladies at the Stop Piracyblog. I just can't say enough about how helpful they are.
So the news was someone was sharing my Flair freebie that was in the Scrapdish Newsletter. That just makes me sad. That was a freebie offered to our customers as a thank you. If you wanted it, all you had to do was sign up and that's it! Pretty easy. Emailed right to you. Well the person who apparently shared it said she didn't know it was wrong and she got it from someone else who said it was a freebie. Well, d'uh it was a freebie. That shouldn't make a difference but people just don't get it! UGH! If you haven't read the April RAK File Newsletter, Mrs. S wrote a great article about piracy that really helps explain the issue.

Well before that, we had a really great day at the Ag Field Day and Folk Festival at Rutgers. I always just love going back there! We brought Taylor and she can be so cute and funny, but also so bratty! :) The girl is a tantrum queen. She would just throw herself on the ground if she wouldn't get her way - which involved pulling off price stickers and touching fragile crafty things and knocking things over. She did have fun on the kiddie rides and we got her an air brush tattoo (hoping her mom wouldn't mind - and she didn't). She also did pretty well at the craft fair and got a Dora necklace and wooden puzzle. (The kid is a genius at puzzles. She doesn't even look at the box or do the edges first like I do.) And of course she loved the animals - tons of dogs (there's a big dog show) and then the farm animals - pigs, cows, horsies. She did not like the bugs! YUCK! The ectomolgy students have racing roaches and then cookies made out of worms, which Randi proudly eats every year. (The worm cookies not the roaches.)

Oh and we stopped in the college book store I got a Rutgers scrapbook! Maybe I'll do some paper pages as I have a ton of college photos that aren't even in albums. (Um, don't hold me to that though.) It was a total ripoff but I thought it was so cool. I also got myself a really nice necklace and earings.

I noticed something today strange about myself. I am always getting lost. Seriously, even driving home from work it happens. I am the worst at it. But getting to Rutgers and around the campuses - no problem. Don't think twice. Randi didn't have to remind what lane or exit. And I even managed to direct all my relatives who were down there parked in different spots to the same place. They were all checking out the horses before the auction tomorrow. Then on the way home though I had to be reminded how to get back from Route 3 to North Bergen. I haven't been to New Brunswick for 3 years but still know it like the back of my hand. Lived in this almost all my life and can't find my elbow! Makes no sense at all!!!!


Yesterday was one of those nights at work where I just felt like I couldn't breathe. And I guess I wasn't the only one. I went out with the girls for a beer after deadline. And today one of my co-workers who I new from back in my Norwich days is leaving for the NY Times. I am so bummed between my job and all the piracy stuff going on at RAKScraps.

Well it's supposed to be a nice day tomorrow and we're heading down to Douglass and Cook for the annual Ag Field Day and Folk Festival. I'm going to have to get up early and drive! Yikes! We're going to bring Taylor too so that should be a lot of fun. There's all kinds of animals and arts and crafts things there. Oh, and, there's also the horse auction - so hopefully my aunt and uncle will be getting their horses! Can't wait for that!

I also want to just send out a big hug to all the gals on our RAKScraps team! They did the nicest thing for the admins - creating a HUGE and gorgeous kit called Women of Strength. They are just so great to work with and I am glad to have them as my friends.

I just updated Bloglines. I haven't been using it but between my links here and the huge list of bookmarks I have I miss out on lots of good stuff so I think I'm going to try to use it more. I've got about 80+ blogs listed now! Um, now I really feel like a stalker.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I just finished two books this week that had been on the nightstand (to read at night) and in the car (for doctors appts., oil changes, etc.) forever.

The first one was Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire, which is the sequel to Wicked, which is a retelling of the Wizard of Oz. I loved Wicked and the Broadway version too. I get into moods where I listen to the soundtrack for days. It's pretty annoying, well to everyone else but me. I got to see the original cast on B'way and it was just too awesome. I would have cried if there were stand ins - which there often are when you see Sunday matinees. I finished reading the book the night (or should I say wee hours of morning) before seeing the show. They are both so different, but I still love 'em both.

I think it's really hard to get into a Gregory Maguire book. I've also read Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister. But I really like the stories and the twists on the originals. I think Mirror, Mirror is on my shelf too. But back to Son of a Witch, it's the story of Elphaba's son, who's not even sure if he is or not, and his journey after Dorothy kills the witch. One of my favorite things is how he makes the orignial Oz characters so annoying. :) I thought there were a few holes though, things he didn't wrap up at all.

The other book I finally finished was Bergdorff Blondes by Plum Sykes. It was a fun read if you like chic lit. A little annoying in her characterization of "Manhattan girls." But I guess girls like these rich, Park Ave. type character think they are the only ones anyway. A little predictable too, but a nice light read. But not as good as the Devil Wears Prada.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hey that's me!

Karen and a few other people have been bugging me asking where am I - well here I am in my mom's photos :)
I felt like doing some scrapping today!

Here's mom and Kylie at the park. Taylor was busy playing so mom got to spend some time with her other granddaughter. Taylor gets super jealous of grandma playing with her sister. I used Dani B's Gypsy Wine kit for this LO. I always love Dani's kits, but these papers are GORGEOUS!

This is my April wrap up page for my Chick's Life Album. I finally got to use the super cool Spring Thingz kit by the Digiscrapz gals Melissa, Krista and Jen. You could really do a million pages with this kit and not get bored.

And this is the page I did for last week's Chick Life challenge. It was supposed to be about birth, so I did this page about me as a baby. The photo's from a little brag book that my mom put together for my grandma, but somehow ended up back here. I was about 4 days old. I used Mary Fran's Robin kit and made the alphas myself. TFL!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Isn't Kylie just the cutest! I love her smile. She really is just a happy little girl. I used Sara Carling's Authentic kit for this one for Amy K's Spring Cleaning Challenge.

And check out our RAKScraps Add on Kit for April...

I love working with Jeanine, Rachel and Correen! Seriously, they make me look good. :) You can get this kit at Scrapdish. And it's also available as part of a CD bundle too with the mega kit. :)

Have fun with my pals

Since I'm feeling blah, I thought I'd share a bit what some of my friends are up too!

First of all, I need to wish a Happy Birthday to my dear friend Amy K!
To celebrate, she's having a super sale over at Scrapdish. And you can wish her a happy in person at the newsletter chat at 10 pm EST at RAKScraps tonight (April 22)

Before that chat, you can hang out with Jeanine who's going to be the special guest at the SBB Inside the Designers Studio chat at 8 pm EST. And she's got a super cool freebie for you too! :) I wish I could make both of these chats but I'll be at work. More BLAH for me!

Stop by Correen's blog too because she's got a 25% off coupon there for her awesome kit at the SBB store. You will love her stuff, especially if you have cute little girls to scrap for!

And my friends on the RAKScraps Events Team are getting ready for Scrap Week the sequel. So mark your calendars for this one because it's going to be a lot of fun!

Friday, April 21, 2006

And so does spring...

I think it's gotta be the allergies. Or maybe it's having to be stuck inside on such a gorgeous day. But I woke up feeling crummy and still do. Drowsy. Achy. Tired. I spent the morning with Rocky while his parents moved into the new apartment. I tried to do some creative stuff, but just didn't feel like it. So I actually watched the soaps. And now I just want to go to bed!

Pirates make me sick!

If you are pirating, please stop! If you see this happening, report it! You are ruining something that is so much fun and that we love so much! Read more at Stop Piracy blog.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I have been on a mission to get healthier. I am not calling this a diet because I hate that word and all that has ever meant for me was failure! But I've been doing little things like bringing dinner to work (stocked up on Lean Cuisines), remembering to eat lunch (instead of stopping at the drive through), trying not to eat before bed, drinking more water. Stuff like that. Changing habits, but not starving myself. And it ain't easy. Especially when there is a ton of Easter candy in the house and my mom is always restocking the oreos. I've been getting a lot of exercise between helping with Randi's move and Easter, so I've been trying to keep it up by taking walks. The weather has been just perfect these last few days and I got myself a cute pink ipod holder at Target ($5 - not like those $30 ones in the Mac store). So all I can say is that I am ACHY but at least I'm a little motivated so that is good!

Randi's got movers coming on Friday. I'm so happy because I won't have to drive all the way up there to pick her up or visit. She'll be about 5 blocks away. (And Rocky too!) They got a pretty good deal on the apartment. And the paint looks super cool. I really love the living room, which has 2 orange walls, and her office which is green and tan. I'll have to take some pics. I promised my friend Raffy I'd host a candle party for him so we can get that planned once they're all moved in. Have to have it her place because she's much neater than I am!

I've been so busy I haven't had time to create anything or scrap. But I got to work today on my secret project with the help of my new tablet! I got a 6x8 Wacom - it was on sale on Amazon. I like it so far because I am left handed but I mouse with my right hand. So using the pen with the left has a nice feel. I really like the pressure control for brushes too. There's no new LOST tonight, so maybe I'll play with it some more tonight. I may also have a good reason to scrap on April 30 that I'm really excited about too.

Some of you have asked why there are no pictures of me from Easter. That's because I was taking them! There was 1 photo that my cousin took with my camera but it is blurry - and I'm not just saying that because I don't want to post it! I'll have to see if anyone else got shots of me when we exchange pics.

Oh, and I have a new list at 10 things (link is over there ->)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Here's how my crazy family spends Easter down at Aunt Eileen's farm...

Taylor & Danielle hit it off again. They were so sweet sharing their easter eggs!

Taylor found a prize egg - she also tried to put it in her mouth! Gross!

Kylie found an egg too!

Randi helped Danielle. This whole field was filled with eggs for the little kids to find. There were hundreds more all over the property for the big kids.

My cousins and aunt with Randi

The girls decorated big cookies with icing and candy. My aunt plans lots of activities for us.

Here's Corinne coming through part of the obstacle course.

Melissa and Corinne playing with lizards.

The hoops and bats were part of the obstacle course too, but everyone was playing before the games got started.
And our favorite Easter game is barbershop... The adults are usually the ones with shaving cream all over them, but this year the kids got shaved with popsicle sticks. Another one of Aunt Eileen's inventions! RJ and Pete, on the left were really into it, but Tyler didn't think it was a good idea!

And here's Taylor cleanly "shaven."

There was also a ton of food, Broadway trivia, a balance beam, playing on the swing set (which Taylor called the park), dogs running around, bubble machines, footballs and frisbees flying back and forth, drawing family portraits on a little magna doodle, lizard catching, ooooh-ing over Kylie and Nicholas - the 2 youngest members of our family, tons of prizes for all the eggs, stories and gossip to catch up on, Eileen's bunny cookies, Grandma's cheesecake, lots of desserts and perfect weather!

The princess

Here's Taylor at her birthday party...

I finally uploaded my photos from this weekend.

Here is the treasure box that mom made for Taylor...

Mom also made the Cinderella cake.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


I had charged my batteries overnight, but my camera died on me in the middle of the party! And before T opened my gift too. I'm so bummed. So I put them back in the charger as soon as I got home so they'd be ready for Easter, but I just realized that I unplugged the charger this morning to dry my hair. Yes, I charge the batteries in the bathroom. Now I'm a little worried! I think I have some regular batteries around but need to remember them.

I'm beat. Just dropped off my sister. We rented Prime and got some dinner and desert to go and hung around the house tonight. It was nice to have the day off. The movie was good, in a heartbreaking Grey's sort of way.

In the car, have been listening to Jesus Christ Superstar. My friend Jill lent me a version with Alice Cooper as Herod, which is quite funny. My mom always used to play the album at Easter time, so it's funny that she gave it to me now. I haven't heard it in awhile but still love the songs. I did see the play once in college and thought it was weird. I'd rather just hear the music. Also just realized I don't have it in my itunes. Need to find my cd.

Enough rambling. Need to get to bed so I can get up for tomorrow. Happy Easter!

Friday, April 14, 2006


When I was making my family calendar this week filled up with birthdays. There's Vesna, my cousin's kids Sean and Danielle, and of course Taylor, who is turning 3 tomorrow. Then there's David on Monday too. Birthdays and age also happened to be the theme of this week's Chick Life challenge. I'm not ready for that one yet. I'm saving it for June when I turn three-oh.

Tomorrow is Taylor's princess party. I got her a Cinderella - or as she says "Cimbella" dress. Mom's making her a Cinderalla cake and also made her jewelery box with all the princesses on it. (I'll have to post the pics later). Taylor's probably going to be on overload. But I think she'll have fun.

I did this top page for Ves for her 30th. I took this pic of her on Taylor's bike at the park a few weeks ago.
(I used MandaBean's On the Wild Side)

And then for the Chick's Life, I scrapped my car. It just hit 100,000 miles and I need it to last a lot more!
(Jen Wilson's Mango Sunrise)

Have I been under a rock?

As someone who actually reads ads and buys a ton of kits how did I miss this! Angie Briggs has been selling her awesome kits at Scrapgirls. I don't know how I missed that! They are so cool. I've add a few too my wish list.

And one of my other favorite scrappers, Deb F is opening up a store too! I am so happy for her! You can check out Digiscraps by Deb.

I know a lot of people think there's too much competition out there, but I say the more the merrier! I just love seeing all the creativity that's out there.

Speaking of my spending problem, I bought a few things this week - all on sale!!! I got Rebecca Degrazio's Perfectly Princess kit, some stuff by Tracy Ann Robinson, whose stuff I just love lately, and some goodies over at the Sweet Shoppe. Oh and I had to have this Carrie Stephens Lucky kit because it would be perfect for this ...

And this one's with Tracy's Lime Squeeze kit...

(Sorry I'm too lazy right now to add previews, but maybe I'll have some time later tonight!)

Sneak peak

Here's a little preview of my new project. :) I've had some friends helping me on this one. Some of you know what I'm talking about. Recognize these? It's been so much fun so far and I've barely gotten started!

The yard is gross

I don't garden. I have allergies. And I spend all my time on the computer.
My mother doesn't really do much with the yard either. So here's what the yard looks like now. We've gotten a few daffodils and these random few blue flowers. And then a few patches of grass. Yuck! So sad! LOL!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


I should check Melissa's site much earlier in the day and maybe I wouldn't have been so grumpy! My Sunrise kit is the Digi Pick or the Day! Thanks so much Melissa! :)

I should have saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe I didn't save! I was scrapping a photo of my cutie niece Kylie with a new kit I just got by Carrie Stephens. I had been getting these annoying restart messages from Windows updates and kept hitting later. Well, I went downstairs to make a sandwich and come back and it was all GONE!!!! The dumb thing restarted. D'OH!!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Comfortably Numb

Krista had posted this one on the Digi Bunch blog and she got one of my favorite songs "Beautiful Day." And I got this depressing one by Pink Floyd! Maybe I should go back and lie about my answers! But to quote another song by Metallica, it's sad but true.
Your Theme Song is Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

"There is no pain, you are receding.
A distant ship�s smoke on the horizon.
You are only coming through in waves."

You haven't been feeling a lot lately, and you think that's a good thing.
The comfortable part is nice... but you should really work on numb.

Even the little drawing dude is depressing!

Does this count????

Maria's super cute So Cool layout, which uses my new Pop Star kit, is a Digi Pick of the Day! Thanks Maria and Melissa!

Sunrise Freebie

I had a few extras that go with my Sunrise kit! You can download it HERE.

Updating 5.03 for the last time. :) Grab it while you can!

Movie rants

So I got Crash from Netflix and I thought it was kinda boring! Which is in line with what I thought of most of the other Oscar nominated films this year. It took me awhile to get into it. I did like Matt Dillon. He was great playing a total ass.

The movie that I got from Netflix that I liked much better was March of the Penguins. How are there any penguins left??? It is just amazing to see what penguins go through - who knew!!!

Tonight, Randi and I saw Ice Age 2 and that was really cute. I finally got to use the comp pass that I got from the Brokeback disaster. But there was a row full of unsupervised boys, probably ages 5 to 10, sitting behind us yapping the whole time. And on a school night! Then they all got in a van after the movie and I felt like telling the driver off for letting a bunch of little kids go to the movies again. But I didn't. My sister is moving soon so we won't be going to that theater, which is near her house, much anymore.
Wanted to share some LOs from last week..

I used Correen Silke's Wonderful Spring kit from SBB for this LO. I just love Correen's kits and they are always so perfect for photos of Taylor. They just reflect her personality so well!

I Rachel Dickson's Flirt kit for this one. This is my favorite photo of Kylie and I've been wanting to scrap it for awhile.

This is my latest Mom's Advice page. We had to come up with our own quote. I was having a hard time thinking of something. But then on Saturday, I was standing in front of the TV to tease Taylor, and my sister said this and we both looked at each other and laughed.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Grey's blog

I love the Grey's Anatomy writers' blog. They are in love with their characters as much as I am! :) And pretty much every other word is seriously, which is a riot. Shonda Rhimes says one of the writers got them all addicted. So I like that they are writing for their characters the way they speak.

Here's how I can tell even more that I am obsessed. And it's not just Grey's. Lately on Saturday nights, I start thinking about what's on Sunday. I check the network sites to see if there's a new episode. Greys, Housewives, the Simpsons, Sopranos, Big Love. Enough to keep me busy for days and I watch it all in one night and still manage to get to the night owls chat.

Seriously, last week's Grey's was so great. I loved it all. Burke not knowing who Madonna was. George being Ortho Doc's McDreamy. Meredith pounding a cast with a hammer. Christina and Chief competing. Mer having a sister she didn't even know about. The hot vet. But the best part was when George covered for Meredith when her dad was looking for her and saying all those great things about her. Just wanted to hug him!

Sunday's shows make me so happy. Unlike Wednesday's LOST, which makes me crazy!!!!! I'll have to post about that some other time. That and how Paulie Walnuts on the Sopranos should have his own spinoff.

Can't wait for mañana!

(Oh yeah, and check out my new 10 list.)

Friday, April 07, 2006


From Grandma, subject line: Proof of Global Warming


I finally got my new kit done - what do you think???? I was inspired by this cool fabric my mom bought - it was orangy with butterflies. And then I was thinking the colors reminded me of a tequilla sunrise, so that's where I got the name. The papers and elements are now up at Scrapdish.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I am Jen Wilson addict. I have more of Jen's kits than I know what to do with. And I think her new line is really amazing because it is inspired by our fellow scrappers including Ginger. How cool is that! You have to check out Ginger's blog and read the amazing story behind this kit. I need to add that one to my wish list.

Then I saw this kit called Robin by Mary Fran, which I think is just so lovely and springy. And even nicer because it has my name. But it is not named after me - it's named after the birdys as you can read on MF's blog.

Road rage

Some drivers are such jerks. I was driving into work and there was a fair amount of traffic on the Thruway. I was driving the speed limit in the right lane. And in my rearview mirror I see a car speeding behind me. It scared me to death. I've been hit from behind 3 times - never anything more than a scratch, but enough to shake me up. So the car changes lanes, pull up next to me behind a truck, and I catch this woman with sunglasses sticking out her tounge at me. I was about to give her the finger when they changed lanes again. I hate when people speed, but then to be a jerk about it too!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


It's snowing today. That is just too weird. It was just so gorgeous out the last few days and now there is snow!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hobbit names

If I was a hobbit (and some people say I am) my name would be Tigerlily Proudneck of Tuckborough. I found a Hobbit Name Generator on Deb F's blog. You can also find out your Elvish name. Mine would be: Tamuríl Tinúviel

Heehee, so I checked my sister's name to see if we'd still be related and she would be Esmereldat Proudneck of Tuckborough! I'm sure she'd love that one. My mom would be Esmarelda, Taylor would be Mira, and Kylie would also be Tigerlily.

Check this out...

Melinda made a cool little basket using my Flair kit! I need to make me one of those. It's for her Digicraft Chat at Challenge at RAKScraps. It makes me so happy to see my designs used! I sometimes find it hard to scrap with my own stuff, but I'm really trying hard to change that! I just used my Pop Star kit for this LO of Taylor, and I used Flair too for my March LO for my Chick's Life Challenge.

Here are a few more with my kits from our awesome CT at Scrapdish...
Audra's Stoller Time
Karen's Treasures
Maria's Buddies

Big thanks to everyone who made it to my chat yesterday! We had an awesome turnout, especially for an afternoon chat! And the pages I've seen using the freebie are just so cool! Can't wait to see more. :)

Monday, April 03, 2006


I was making a quesedilla for dinner using my George Forman grill and I burned my fingers as I was closing it. And all I could think of was the episode of The Office whree Michael Scott burned his foot on the grill. It hurts to type!!! LOL
I had been reading the Office web site the other night and found they have a "newsletter" which is a total riot. It you watch the show, you have to read it.

The Itunes shuffle

I've pretty much been sitting here at the desk all day - except for a quick trip to the post office. And I'm listening to music on shuffle. It is such a crazy mix because I have insane taste in music.
Here's a sampling, in order...
Ryan Adams: Damn, Sam
System of Down: Needles
A3: Woke up this Morning
Aaliyah: I care for You
Johnny Cash: Sunday Morning Coming Down
Annie Get Your Gun: My Defense are Down
Billy Joel: A matter of Trust
Ryan Adams: Cry on Demand
Gloria Estefan: Tus Ojos
Temptations: You're my everything
Bob Dylan: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb
Jet: Lazy Gun
Frank Sinatra:You Make Me Feel So Young
Dave Clark Five: Catch Me if You Can
White Striipes: There's no home for you here
George Harrison & Bob Dylan: Mr Tamborine Man
Rockwell: Somebody's watching me
Train: Drops of Jupiter
Frank Sinatra & Bono: I've Got You Under my skin
Bob Dylan: Meet me in the morning
Juanes: Es por ti
Lita Ford: Kiss me deadly
Beatles: I want to hold your hand
Aretha Franlin: Since You've been Gone
Bob Dylan: Something
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Tick
Outkast: She Lives in My Lap
Four Seasons: Who Loves You
Johnny Cash: Wayfaring Strnger
Blind Boys of Alabama: Amazing Grace
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Emitremmus
Nena: 99 Red Balloons
ZZ Top: Legs
Aerosmith: Dude Looks Like a Ladie
Elton John: Nikita
Franks Sintra: As Time Goes By
Marvin Gaye: Let's Get It On
Zombies: Tell her no
Radiohead: The Bends

How does that make any sense! How the heck does shuffler pick so much Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra, some 80s songs, 60s hits and a bunch of other stuff. Not one Rolling Stones song yet either!

Come to my chat!!!!!

At 1 pm EST Monday in the RAKScraps Chatroom! We're celebrating Scrapdish's 1st Anniversary. And we've got lots of prizes!

I just finished up a new kit and the freebie will be a little sampler of it...

I had a lot of fun making this one. I just love the colors and I think I'll need to use it on my photos from the park today. (see below!). I called it Pop Star first because I was thinking the colors just pop, but then I was also thinking of a little diva I know. (see below)
Hope to see ya at the chat!!!!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


I thought today would be a quiet Sunday. Most of my family was going down to my aunt's farm to build a new horse fence. (They'll be getting some horses soon!!!) And I was planning to do some cleaning and work on some kits.
But instead I had a really fun day. Vesna picked up mom and me and we went to the park with the girls. I got so many photos and had fun running around with Taylor. I am so glad that mom and Vez were sitting on the bench with Kylie while Taylor had me riding a seal with her. No pictures of that, thank you!
Rocky was here and I felt terrible that we had to leave him. He wouldn't fit in the car and they don't let doggies in the playground. So to make it up for him I bought him a big bone and some beggin strips. Mom and I went grocery shopping and I bought a bunch of frozen dinners to take to work. Hopefully I'll save some money and stay away from the take out.
When Randi and Khoder got back from the farm, they stopped and brought us some Greek food, which I just love! Then we watched Sopranos and Grey's. How much better can a day get!
Oh yeah, and I even designed some stuff too. I got my prize done for my night owls chat too (which starts in a little bit).
I hope everyone had a happy Sunday too! Here are some photos from the park...