Saturday, April 17, 2010

Coming soon....

The designers at Scrapbook Graphics have been cooking up something good!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Easter fun

I hope you all had a great Easter! Here are some pics I took. I really like my new camera!

Rocky loves going to the farm. Don't tell Penny! She stayed home.

When we first got to my aunt's house, the girls stayed busy coloring this big Easter poster.

We went out to visit the Boys. Here's Rocky playing with them.

Taylor and King.
All the rain recently left big swamp like puddles all over - and Rocky loved them!

I loved how the horse's bangs were flying as he came towards me.

Murray up close.

I love Rocky's shadow here.

After everyone finally arrived and we had lots and lots of food, Aunt Eileen led the kids on an egg hunt. It was scaled down this year and really much more fun.

I was helping Danielle out while trying to take photos. Kylie did really great and she kept stopping to show me how much she found.

And here's what everyone else was doing while the kids were playing. The weather was just beautiful and I love the big porch at my aunt's house.

My aunt and cousin came up with an Easter bingo theme this year. The kids had to match their Easter egg hunt finds to the bingo board to win prizes.

My bunny cousins.
And the kids played some other games and hula hoops.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy April

Hello and happy April! I'm so glad that spring is finally here. It's been beautiful out this week. I spent today running a few errands and cooking. I took my mom shopping and didn't want to spend any money but I ended up getting some books at B&N, and t-shirts and a new bag at Old Navy.

Then I spent about two and a half hours cooking for Easter. I made these "maniladas" and I have to say the tomatillo and cheese sauces are just awesome. I can't wait to try it all together! I'm glad mom and Randi were here to help me because it was a lot of work. Penny did her part by eating anything that fell on the floor. Randi's more of the foodie and she saw this recipe on Food Network. I always make something for Easter because I don't always like the food there. This way I know I will!

Tomorrow, we'll be going down to my aunt's place for our annual Easter funtivities. I fell the other day and hurt my left knee and right ankle so I hope I can keep up. My aunt says she's scaling down the egg hunt - thank goodness! There are usually about 500 plastic eggs and the older kids don't care and the little kids get too tired. I'm sure she will have other fun things planned as well.

Work has still been nuts but I had my evaluation and I got a great review! The review process can be pretty dreadful, but my bosses were really happy with my contributions to the redesign and the merger with the Poughkeepsie paper, training new staff and other things I've done to pitch in. That felt really great considering how bad things have been in the last year.

Tonight I think I'm going to relax, watch the Fantastic Mr. Fox and maybe scrap. I was looking through my photos just now when I remembered I haven't stopped by the blog in awhile.

I did some scrapping in the last week too!

This one's an old photo of my grandparents at a beach using the new SBG collab Impressions of the Sea. Credits

This is one I did for a Manu Play Day featuring my maternal great-grandparents. As the oldest great-grandchild in my family, I knew three of them. Great-grandpa Price died when I was four but I can still remember how he did that trick that makes it look like you're taking off your thumb. He was a funny guy. Credits

And here are the girls last Easter using a new kit by PixelWorks. I just think Kylie looks super adorable in this picture. They've grown up so much since last year! Credits

That reminds me... My sister-in-law has scheduled her c-section and it looks like my nephew will be here at the end of the month! I can't wait to meet him. We had a little shower for her last weekend and it was so fun to buy boy clothes for a change. They've also picked a name for him - Derek Robert. I'm not sure if they're naming him after Jeter or McDreamy (since my SIL is a fan of both the Yanks and Grey's Anatomy!) but maybe he'll be a neurosurgeon/baseball player!