Thursday, September 28, 2006

Woohoo! I'm on vacation!

So I am off from work for FIVE WHOLE DAYS!!!! I feel so happy and relaxed. I hope I can cut some stuff of this massivie to do list in front of me. :)

I haven't just blogged in awhile. So much going on! Did you see that Correen and Rachel are now at Computer Scrapbook! :) You have to check out Correen's Tea On Tuesday kit. It is so pretty! I have that kit on my to do list.

Another one on my list to use soon is from two of my favorite designers, Carrie Stephens and Jessica Bolton, who teamed up to create Emily's Wish. It was inspired by my super cool Rockin CT member Emily Boetel. You can win this one by scraplifting one of here pages. Find out more here.

I have a few LOs to share too. I started the first two at Melissa's crop and have been finishing them up slowly...
Used Carpe Diem by Shawna Clingerman and Dani Mogstad, denim flowers also by Dani at Designs by Dani, and tear using Atomic Cupcake Action

Used Rawk On by MandaBean and Amanda Rockwell at The Sweet Shoppe Designs.

And this is a page for The Chick's Life Workshop. This was a tough one to do...
If you'd like to read the journaling, try here.

So, now it's Thursday so that mean's Grey's is on tonight. And to spare all of you non-Grey's fans from my need to talk about this show nonstop, I started a new blog. :) It's called Seriously Obsessed! If you are a fan, I hope you'll check it out and you're welcome to contribute too!
We have some cool news about RAKScraps! :) We've been nominated in the CK Reader's Choice Awards! You can see the ballot and vote here! We are under #15, internet sites.

And even more cool news... Scrapdish and the Summer SUNsations kit are also on the ballot!
So please vote! How cool would it be for digital scrapbooking sites to be recogonized!!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Colorfully You: Free with purchase and a coupon!

If you missed my chat last week, you can get my Sassy Papers FREE when you purchase the entire Colorfully You Collection at SBB!

The collection is already available at an introductory price of 20% off. And.... here's a coupon for $2. Use the code: colorful. It's good for the rest of September!

I feel a song coming on...

I kind of sound like Harvey Firestein right now. My voice is shot from singing showtunes all night at a gay bar in NYC. A friend has been wanting me to go for ages, so my other friend and I decided to check it out. It was Broadway night so there were big screens with video clips from different musicals. I could hold my own - I knew most of the songs! LOL! It was pretty fun! Oh and a drag queen complimented my boobs.

It was much different than the scene Saturday night. I met my aunt for drinks at a bar after work. And that places is a zoo. It makes a difference as well when you get someplace around 1 am and everyone is already drunk. But I just don't like the guys there who were hitting on me and so trashed they couldn't even finish a sentence. I used to be much more of a barfly and probably wouldn't have minded 5 years ago, but now it just creeps me out.

Out twice in one weekend - how about that!

And Tania tagged me ... so I'm going to list songs we sang earlier. :)

Here are the Tag rules:
List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether or not they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

1 Defying Gravity - Wicked
2 One - Chorus Line
3 Take me or leave me - Rent
4 Age of Aquarius - Hair
5 Everything's Coming up Roses - Ethel Merman
6 Rainbow High - Evita
7 I don't know how to love him - Jesus Christ Superstar

I'm tagging (if they haven't been already) Melissa G, Krista, Raji, Gina, Melinda, Jen and Tracy

Friday, September 22, 2006

Colorfully You is here!!!

First I just wanted to say THANKs to everyone who commented on my last post! My VCR is set for the encore. I wish I would have checked last night because I was so upset!
So it's finally up! I have been working on this project for so long and I really love it because of the wonderful friends who helped me with it! Special thanks to Amy Knepper, Audra Little, Nancy Shaw, Dani B, Kim Jensen, Raji Sriram, Melidna Staley, Tracy Blankenship and Karen Wong, who inspired the colors and Krista Mettler who helped with a name! :) You can see more previews here and some LOs by my awesome CT here! It's availalbe in download and cd versions. I'll be posting individual sets soon, too.

Somehow while working on this, I got a few other things up this week at Scrapdish and DigiScrapDivas!

Good Friend is available at SD or DSD!

And Autumn Evening is available in the Day Old Donuts section at SD!

I am going to be sick

All I have to say is I hate my stupid VCR. I hate working nights. This sucks.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I can't believe it!

It's Thursday! It's Sept 21! Grey's Anatomy and The Office are on tonight! I am just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo super excited! :) Can't believe I didn't take today off!

Well that also means that TOMORROW is the launch of Colorfully You! Hope you can come to my chat tomorrow at 1pm E on Friday at SBB! I'll be giving out these papers at the chat and as a freebie to anyone who purchases the collection! :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Seriously Sale!!!

So I am sooooooo excited about Grey's Anatomy's return on Thursday! I decided to put my Seriously stuff on sale!

You can find the papers and elements at Scrapbook-Bytes!

And speaking of good shows, did you see Studio 60 on Sunset Strip! It was awesome! Love Matthew Perry. It's another Aaron Sorkin show, and it's a lot like Sports Night (Felicity Huffaman has a cameo) and West Wing with the dialouge and direction. I think I'm hooked already!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Some more previews :)

I'm going to be hosting a chat to kick off my Colorfully You collection on Friday, Sept. 22, at 1 pm EST at SBB! I wanted to post some more previews, but blogger is being jerky! So instead... check out the WHOLE thing here! It will be available starting Friday! :)

And, this came as a total SURPRISE!!! I am the subject of this week's Scraplift Challenge at SBB! I can't believe that! LOL! The members have posted some amazing LOs already too!

Monday, September 18, 2006

I've been working hard...

And I'm almost ready to release a project I've had in the works for a long time!!! :)
I can finally show off a little bit. A few months ago I asked some friends (who I picked because they had recently commented on my blog) to challenge me by picking some colors. They each came up with amazing and very different combinations.

This collection will be coming soon to Scrapbook-Bytes! So here's the first peek at the little project... I'll have more previews coming soon!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Have you missed me?

Well it's only been since Tuesday, but I think that's a stretch for me! Feels like I haven't been blogging much. Not much scrapping either. But tomorrow... I'm going to a crop with Melissa G and Krista, so I hope to get a few pages done!!!
I have been working like crazy on a project that's almost done. :)

I forgot to mention that I saw Hollywoodland on Monday. Pretty good movie. I thought Ben Affleck was great in it. Pretty sad story though.

There's so much more to tell. Like the new RAKScraps mega kit and newsltter are here, but I'll post some links later. Gotta get to bed early tonight so I can be up early for the crop!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Some pages of my own

I didn't do any scrapping this weekend because I'm working on a project, but doesn't this make it look like I got a lot done! :) These are some of my pages from the last week.
My August page for Chick's Life. I used Mindy Terasawa and Christy Lyle's Sunkissed Fantasy from Sweet Shoppe.
This is a scraplift of a page by Shelly Chua for our Three Cheers for Shelly Challenge at RAKs. I used Tracy Ann Robinson's Flit from her Streewear Collection at SBB. Alphas are from Jessica Bolton's Unamused Boy kit at Eclectic Scraps.
I am really in love with this page! :) Taylor was playing "He loves me, he loves me not" and fretting over how a boy in her class doesn't like her anymore. LOL! And she's only 3!!! Amy Knepper's Clay Creations Sunshine Mix and Lovey Dovey Mix from the Digi Chick, and Meredith Fenwick's Sunny kit from her Personality Collection at SBB.

And here I am - a little older than Taylor! This was another chick's life page. Wasn't I so cute! LOL! I used Misty Mareda's Madder Rose from The Digi Shoppe - it's one gorgeous kit.

And well this isn't mine but I HAD to show this off. Melinda scrapped some more photos from our trip to the Bronx Zoo. She used our Wild Child Kit from Scrapidsh. You can see the full credits and journaling here. It made me teary!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Race for the Cure

My family has joined in the Race for the Cure (well really the walk) the last few years and we've been trying for at least 2 years to come up with a team name. People always have clever team titles that get announced and signs and shirts, and we wanted some of that! LOL! So I finally had an idea. My mom's family - the Reillys - is very proud to be Irish, so I had an idea ...

We could be the ...
I'm not going to use the Notre Dame logo, of course, but I thought it was funny!
I am waiting to hear back from my aunt to see if she likes it.

Here's Grandma and my aunt. They are both breast cancer survivors, and they are amazing women!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Remembering 9/11

I usually try not to talk about work much here, but I do want to share this. We've been doing a lot of coverage for the 5th anniversary of 9/11. It is very hard for me to look at this, but I think they've done a great job with our web site. You can see it here. There are stories, graphics, photos, slideshows. The story for Sunday's paper really has me teary. It's about the family of Janet Alonso, who died on 9/11. She had two young children, one of whom has Down's syndrome, and now her husband is raising them trying to make her proud. All of this kind of reminds me about why I scrap and take so many photos - because I cherish my family so much. Be sure to give yours lots of hugs this weekend.

Candy wrappers

So I kind of got volunteered to make candy wrappers for one of my mom's co-workers. What do you think? :) Special thanks to my friend Dani B! I used her Cotton Candy kit from SBB for these.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Want a sketch template?

I made this template for one of my recent Night Owls Chats at RAKScraps and thought I'd share. :)

You can download these from you send it. I'm including serveral links in case they run out again. (Updated 12:30 pm 9/7):



Please leave if a comment if you download. And please do not share this file.
I will update a few times if these run out. Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake for the tear action. And the kit used in my sample LO is by Jen Wilson. I'd love to see your pages - send me a link if you used this!

Back to School Sale!!!

We're having a HUGE Back to School Sale at Scrapdish!!! All of my kits are 25% off through Sept. 14!
You can find my kits here. And you'll also find savings on JCCR kits and Day Old Donuts.

And just because I was always a well rounded student, here's a coupon for 25% off my kits at Scrapbook-Bytes! It's also good through Sept 14. :) Here's the code: schoolrules

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How my friends and family spend their summer vacations...

I have a bunch of postcards to catch up on!

Here's a postcard from Jeri Ingalls! She's also a postcard collector!

And here's the postcard Karen (hom74) sent me from Dinsey! Isn't it cute. I have been hiding it from Taylor.

Aunt Eileen and Uncle Bruce went back to New Orleans a few months ago. Not excatly summer, but it was in my pile :) . Reading the back now I see it was after Christmas! LOL! They had a time share there, and they wanted to help support the city after Katrina.

And this one is from Grandma from her trip to Hawaii. She said she can remember the day of the attack at Pearl Harbor. She and mom went there at the end of July and scanning this reminded me I have the photo CDs. I want to make them albums. :)

Here they are after arriving.

Here's Grandma.

And a turtle they saw on the beach. Mom had to take this since I love turtles.

And finally, here's Rocky. He spent the last days of summer with me here since his mom is on vacation in Florida. This is what he was doing while I was scrapping last night. Doesn't he look miserable! Poor dog!

Meaningful Contest

Have you been to Jen Wilson's site since she relaunched? She's got fabulous deals on Wednesdays. And she's having a Meaningful Contest. Check out the list of sponsors! :) I can't believe I'm even mentioned on there! LOL! You all know what a Jen-addict I am!

Monday, September 04, 2006

More rockin' pages!

Wanted to do a little showing off! :) Check out what my fabulous CT has been up to! There are even more where these came from but I don't want to over do it while blogger is actually working! :)

This page is by Jadelyn! She used Cool Breeze and You Rock. You can see the full credits here.

Shawna's page is so cute! She used Loca papers and elements! :) Credits

This page is by Stephanie! So super sweet! She used Monica papers and elements for this LO. Credits.
Mary's layout is gorgeous! What a paradise. She used Summer style papers and elements. Credits

I love these kids! Melinda's trio look so grown up on their first day of school. She used The Chase papers and elements. Credits

Stacey's Colin is a cutie too! :) Love this page and how she used The Chase!
CreditsAnd another of my favorite kiddos, AmyK's James. He is getting so big! Amy use The Chase too! :) Credits.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

What's a holiday weekend?

I have to work Saturday and then I'll be off for the rest of the weekend. I am invited to 2 bbqs, but I kinda want to stay home, get some kits done and scrap a little. I'm so behind on my scrapping and I want to start planning my gift projects for Christamas. I know it's early - but these things catch up on me!

I got a few LOs done this week...

I used my new Willow Avenue kit for this one! It's now available at Scrapdish and DigiScrapDivas.

This week's Chick's Life challenge (or really last week's since I'm behind) was about home. And well, I wish I had a real home of my own, but instead I'm living out of boxes at mom's. It's been about a year now. I just wish I has space and I really miss my couch. I used Jackie Eckles' Betty Kit from Designer Digital and Jennifer Trippetti's Distressed Metal Alphas from SBB. Oh and the card stock is from Correen's Simply Cardstock collection at SBB. I love all the papers. She has them in just about every color you could want!

And here's my page using Amy Knepper's new Vintage Vashon kit at TDC! I just love those pearls! Taylor had everyone wearing hats last weekend. She's also really into Annie right now (or as she calls it Andy.)

Thanks for looking! Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!