Monday, May 31, 2010

33 for a few more minutes

It's almost my birthday! I don't feel any older, but I feel like I should. I always get in a little funk in the weeks before my b'day and feel like a big loser, but then June 1 gets here along with my vacation week and I have a great time.

I've been thinking about things I need to work on and change. The list just keeps getting longer every year. I want to get healthy, get my own place, find a job I love ... but year after year I can't seem go pull it off. Pity party, table for one.

But I have an awesome family, lots of friends and so much fun. I have a job when so many people I know have lost theirs. I shouldn't complain. I wish I was a half-full type of person.

I've been thinking about how to change things up, and I started by leaving the Studio Crew. After two years, it was really hard to leave the team of really amazing ladies. I hope this will give me time to work on more changes.

I've been off for the last three days and really have had a great time so far. I'll share more about that later. Hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend, too.

Monday, May 24, 2010

One-day Weekend

I had a really short weekend. Just today since I worked on Saturday. I cleaned my room (which is still a mess), saw Iron Man 2 with Randi, scanned some old photos, watched the end of Lost. And now I'm exhausted but I'm too wound up to sleep. So I thought I'd share the rest of my layouts.

Here are some pictures of my puppy that I scrapped for a Pet Play Day. Credits

Thank goodness for the search feature on my blog! I finally got around to scrapping a story about Taylor and how she told me I needed to have "Perseverance."

I scrapped a page from Steph's wedding. I want to make her an album so I've been shopping for purple kits.

I did a doggie heritage page for a Tangie Play day. Credits

Here are the girls meeting their baby brother. I loved being there for this! Credits

We had some yummy pancakes at The Brownstone, which was on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Credits
Two of my cousins on Easter. I scrapped them using on of Pixel Works new kits, Sunshine on My Shoulders. Credits

And here's K hula hooping on Easter. Credits

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tomorrow will be - wait for it - AWESOME!

And that's because I have been waiting weeks for May 18. Not only does the Glee Vol. 3 soundtrack come out, but it's the day Neil Patrick Harris will guest star on Glee!!!! One of my favorites on my favorite show! :)

Of course, I have to work late because of school elections, but I'll be thinking about my date with Tivo to get me through. Hopefully, American Idol won't run long (again) and ruin my life! LOL!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some scrapping

I had planned to show off some pages during the week, but the whole week seems to have disappeared on me! It was crazy at work again. On Wednesday, I took Hannah to the airport after finishing up her first year at NYU. And then my sister-in-law's father passed away - we're going to a wake this afternoon. I feel so bad - she lost her mom about two years ago and her father hasn't been in good shape since I've known Vez. But she is a strong chica and she's doing ok.

Yesterday, I went to a crop and got so much done! I finished my Easter Hybrid book and did seven digi pages! I just put the hybrid pages in an album - forgot to take pictures first. But I'll share some of those soon too. I'm so behind on posting my pages that I haven't posted the ones from last month's crop! Might as well get started...

I did this page for my art journal and for Maya's Play Day at SBG. I was in the mood for some scrap therapy last weekend, but I ended up doing something a little quirky and I really like it! If you can tell, spring has been killing me! Credits

I started working on some Beer Fest pages. I think I'm going to do a mini album from the trip. This was a big sand castle at the fest that I thought would look better on a beachy scene! Credits

Here's another Beer Fest page. I'm going to do a beachy kind of theme for the book. Credits

I've been on a mission to use some of the kits I've gotten that I haven't yet used. These kits by Rosey Posey and Diamante Designs were the kits I was originally going to use for my Christmas card, but I went in an entirely different direction with it. So I found this picture of Randi and me from our friend's wedding to scrap. Credits

These are some photos of Randi from Easter that I scrapped for the Girly Play Day at SBG. She's not a pink or frilly type of gal - so I wanted to do a girly page that was more her style, using some fun stuff by MGL Scraps. Credits

We had a little shower for Vez and the girls were excited to open presents. Kylie is such a tomboy so she loved all the clothes for her baby brother. She even picked out the outfit he came home in - which was one I got him! Credits

This was another Rosey Posey kit in my stash. Here's T hanging out with the horses on Easter. Credits

These are some goofy pictures of Kylie from the baby shower. She would only pose for me if she could make silly faces because she is a nut! I used pieces from the first Creative Fusion project at SBG. It's a really gorgeous collection and you can pick your pieces. Credits

This is one of my favorite photos from Easter this year. I was up on the porch as my aunt led the kids out to the starting line for the Egg hunt. Credits

Pixel Works released this awesome Lost-inspired kit called Where Are We at Scrap Artist. As a huge Lost fan, I'm kinda sad that the show is coming to an end. I'm mostly feeling anxious about getting answers after all these years. I used a picture of Charlie since he was one of my favorite characters. Credits

I did a Spider-Man Page for Kylie's Spider-Man birthday party. Credits

And a bowling-theme page for Tay's bday. Credits

These are some flowers from my yard - long gone now! Credits

Taylor at her birthday party. This was for a Bethany Harty Play Day at SBG. Bethany has some of the best word art I've seen! Credits

And here's T on her first day of first-grade. This one was for a Play Day for SBG's April guest One Little Bird. Credits

That's about a month and half of pages! Will post the ones from this month's crop soon. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Babies, weddings and other stuff!

I really am a terrible blogger lately. Well, let me try to recap the last few weeks. ...

My family welcomed my new little nephew Derek on April 27. He's a little cutie pie and it seems there are lot of relatives around all the time fighting over who gets to hold him. Including his sisters!

On May 1, my good friend Stephanie got married. She has a small but really sweet party in the yard of our friends' house.

Work has been pretty exhausting. I've had weird day shifts, long nights on page one with crazy news stories.

The spring weather here has been mostly nice, but allergies have been making me nuts! I finally got a neti pot and a Vicks waterless vaporizer and they've really helped me feel better. I've been doing research on food that can help fight allergies so I stocked up this weekend on stuff like tomatoes, nuts and apples.

And it's been two years since I found my little pug on Mother's Day. I celebrate her "birthday" as the day we found her, May 11. I'm going to spoil her rotten!

We had a fun Mother's Day today. We went over to my brother's and I made some new recipes that everyone loved. After we ate, we all played Band Hero and it was absolutely hilarious! I mean, I've been playing Guitar Hero for awhile and I can get through a song, but no one else really could until we set the instruments to beginner. I spare you on how bad the singing was. And now I have a Taylor Swift song stuck in my head.

I've been doing some scrapping - not as much as I'd like - but some! So I'll have to catch up on pages soon. But here's one for now - my first Derek page!

I used a kit by Mary Fran, who's one of my favorite people in digi scrapping and the SBG guest this month! Credits