Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year at Scrapbook Graphics

The Studio Girls have done it again with their latest collab Impressions of Imagination, coming to SBG this week!

Here's a page I did using it. I scrapped some of the first photos mom took with her new camera. Credits

And SBG has a lot of fun stuff coming up in 2009. Here's a note from Becky about the lineup of challenges...

Project 365 starts January 1st! We're challenging ourselves and our community
members to take a photo a day. Sign up in our forum to take the challenge, and
you'll be PM'd a set of templates by Amy Pearson (aka fannie) to help you scrap
'em. We'll be reminding you to get out the camera with fun prompts throughout
the month, showing what we're doing with our photos, and offering some resources
for sharpening your photography skills.

Mondays: Frameworthy--our art inspiration challenge
Tuesdays: I Can Scraplift That Page of the Week--our team picks a favorite
layout from our members' gallery, and we challenge everyone else to scraplift
Fridays: Studio Starts--where it all began! Our weekly blog challenge (coming up
on our 127th challenge this week) will rotate through Color It challenges, We
Can Build It challenges, Studio Girl scraplifts and List It challenges, as well
as the random journaling prompt!
Mondays: Featured Designer Play Days--although not every Play Day has a
challenge component, many of them do, so make sure you check the blog each week
to find out what's going on with our featured Studio Girl.

1st & 3rd Tuesdays: I Can Use That Font--new for 2009 is our font challenge.
We'll share a new font we've found and challenge you to use it on a scrapbook
Desktop Challenge: We always remind you when it's time to update your computer
Photo Book 2009 Album: In 2008 we challenged you to scrap two pages for a theme
album. This year, we're carrying on with our dedication to scrapping for the
long haul, helping you complete a photo book on the theme of your choice by
providing a two-page template on the first Thursday of the month (although
January will start on the 8th!)
RAK Challenge: Every month we host a photo swap among our members with the
intention of scrapping a page for someone else! You always do your best art for
others, and it's fun! Sign-ups take place the first couple of weeks in our
forum, and then you're paired with another participant, swap photos, and then
have the rest of the month to scrap your page.

We also post the following regularly scheduled features on the Studio Matters

SUNDAYS: Raven's Ramblings by Kim Gabriel
1st & 3rd TUESDAYS: Mix It Up...focus on altered art and hybrid
2nd & 4th TUESDAYS: NEW! How We Did It...step by step instructions on how a
Studio Crew member created a scrapbook page.
WEDNESDAYS: Studio new products from the Studio Girls are
THURSDAYS: Miss Behaving by Melissa Caro
SATURDAYS: Tech the Halls...focus on cool software and gadgets

New Year panic

I'm starting to feel the New Year panic. Ever feel that way? Like you didn't get around to doing what you wanted in the year that's ending and no idea where things are going in the year ahead. It's scary. You get through, but it's a little overwhelming for awhile. I have been making lists. Things to do. Things to work on. Things to scrap. I'm not ready for 2009!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rockin' with Amanda & Co.

On Saturday, I got to hang out with my plurking, crafty, vampire-lovin' friend Amanda Dunn! She was visiting New York City for the weekend with her husband, Chris, daughter Haley and stepdaughter, Kaitlynn. We met up for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Time Square, which I hadn't been to yet. I was admiring the Beatles' suits in the entrance when Amanda surprised me. One thing I love about meeting my online friends is that it feels like I've known them forever. I talk to Amanda just about everyday on plurk so it really does seem that way.
Well, Amanda and her family are just awesome. Haley is such a little cutie pie. She's so smart and funny, even if she was a little shy. We all talked about music (can't help that at the Hard Rock) and my old neighborhood up in Connecticut, where the Dunns now live. And Amanda and I wondered what our other plurk pals were up to, since Amy was visiting Holly, too.

Amanda and I were both excited to see the Abbey Road doors and all the other Beatles stuff. I swear they gave me chills! The Hard Rock had a cool wall of guitars. We were sitting surrounded by some stuff from Prince, Madonna, Freddy Mercury and Lenny Kravitz.

After lunch , the Dunns were off to Toys R Us and some more site seeing and I got back on the bus to Jersey, but not before taking some photos. Here I am with the gals...
Here are some more pics from the Hard Rock...
Paul's bag
Abbey Road doors
George's guitarPaul's bass

Friday, December 26, 2008

Wrapping up Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, filled with lots of warm, fuzzy memories! I had such a great time this year. There weren't lots of presents and we didn't go down to my aunt's farm, but it was great just keeping it simple.

I woke up early on Christmas Eve, after staying up late printing calendars and scanning photos. I decided to print some layouts (since my Shutterfly books weren't going to make it until Friday) and make some gift tags. Then I had to wrap gifts. I am the worst wrapper. I mangle the paper and leave it cut to pieces. I finished up everything I needed to get done around 2 p.m., so I decided to take a nap. I was just about to jump in the shower around 4 when the doorbell rang. It was UPS with my Shutterfly books! A Christmas miracle!!!
After trying to get Penny to pose for some photos (not successfully), I was off to my brother's house for dinner. Dad ordered pork, chicken, rice, beans and platanos from a Cuban place. Vez made some pretty good egg nog, too. And we had yummy pastries for dessert. The girls got some fun gifts from Dad and Sendi: super cute Fur Real puppies that move and bark (the girls named them Penny & Rocky!), Sleeping Beauty dolls and her walking horse, pink chairs and some clothes and pjs. I showed the girls where Santa was using the NORAD site. Think that also helped convince them they needed to go to bed. Mike experimented with his new espresso maker, tryng to make some cafe con leche.

After leaving Mike's, I headed over to Teri's house, where Mom, Randi and Grandma were having dinner. I had told Grandma she was in for a treat - the conversations at Teri's can get pretty colorful. Had some more coffee. We stayed there until around midnight.

Christmas morning, I got dressed up - something I don't usually do! Randi and Rocky came over around nine, followed by Aunt Lorraine, Grandma, Joanie, Corrine and her dog Angel, and then Mike, Vez and the girls. Angel didn't like having Rocky and Penny sniffing at her, but after awhile they all got along. We let the girls open their gifts first. The girls got some clothes, Baby Alive from Great-Grandma, games for their new Wii, new books from me. Kylie got High School musical dolls that sing from Randi and some My Little Pony sets from me. Taylor seemed a little disappointed that she didn't have as much to open. But she got bigger gifts - like the Vtech camera I got her. Mom got a digital camera. Mike got a GPS. Randi got a crock pot and a John Lennon book. Everyone got calendars and ornaments that I made. Penny & Rocky got lots of treats and some new toys. And I gave Vez the layouts with the note saying the books wouldn't come - before giving her the Shutterfly book! Hee! Everyone loved them.
Here's what I got: A new printer - that I actually got already; seasons 3 & 4 of The Office; Guitar Hero World Tour; Sex & The City the Movie; The Simpsons Season 11; a big We R Memory Keepers magnetic board; Xyron Create-A-Sticker and refills; a GC to an Italian restaurant; and some cash. I didn't expect this much at all!

Mike made breakfast - a Christmas tradition - and we stuffed ourselves on eggs, bacon, sausage, cinnamon rolls, croissants, coffee and egg nog. After everyone left, Randi and I watched a The Muppets Letters to Santa, which I had tivo-ed a few weeks ago. We went back to her house for a bit and then went to the movies to see Marley & Me. A good movie but a total sob fest! The whole room was bawling at the end! And I have never seen the movies so packed.

We went over to Mike's for dinner where we had lots of food between the leftovers from Christmas Eve, and some more stuff: chicken parm, garlic shrip, ribs. (We have a lot of picky eaters - especially me & Taylor - so we always have lots of options!) Randi made cheesecake for dessert.

We also had a blast playing wii! At first it was just me & Taylor. But then Mike joined us playing Carnival. And once I found the ski ball game, we had everyone in on it, including Kylie and Mom. Mike and Vez are very competitive so they were trying to top each other's scores. Mike was pretty good playing from his armchair!

After all that, I was just beat. My cold has been getting better, but it seems to be all in my ears now. I was in bed before 11! I slept in and the girls came over again. I played with them a bit before heading to work.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Can you name Santa's reindeer?

I remember watching the first episode of The Simpsons years ago... Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire. I had to watch upstairs because Mom didn't like them from the Tracy Ullman show. Homer tries to get a job as a department store Santa to make some extra money and he doesn't do to well in Santa school. Love this quote...

Homer: Um, Dasher. Dancer.
Instructor: Mm-hmm.
Homer: Prancer.
Instructor: Mm-hmm.
Homer: Nixon. Comet...Cupid. Donna Dixon?
Instructor: Sit down, Simpson.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my friends from me and Penny!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Still left to do

Wonder if I can get all this done before going out to celebrate Christmas Eve...

- Stop at the Rover and drop off pressies for Lisa and Steph. (DONE!)
- Print out those darn calendars already. (DONE! It's a Christams miracle!)
- Make a card or print some LOs for Mom/Vez/Randi since Shutterfly books will be late. (DONE!)
- Send some e-cards to people who's addy I didn't have. (DONE)
- Wrap presents. (DONE!!!!)
- Post the Studio Spolight (which is already written!).
- Figure out when dinner at Dad's is and ask Mike to pick me up. (DONE) Scratch going to dad's we're going to Mike's.
- Load up the CD player with Christmas music for Christmas morning.
- Figure out who owes me money.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas craftiness

Lots of things to share that I've been up to ...
I love this photo I took of Penny while I was working on some crafty stuff. She was originally sitting up on the arm, which would have been nicer, but she moved when I went to grab the camera. And yes, she pretty much sits wherever she wants.
And here she was in the snow Friday. She's not a big fan.
These are some cute little boxes I decorated.
And these were metal oranments I got in Target last year but never finished. The top left one was the only one I did last year. I didn't really keep track of what I was using for credits ... but I will say Randi was very impressed, asking how I came up with these ideas. And I love my crop-o-dile!
I made these for the doggies.
I made these for me and Randi. They look much better at a distance!

I designed the M and cut it out for Randi for a project she's working on.

And here are some pages I never got around to posting...
This was for a Franziska Altmann play day. The artwork is by Taylor & Kylie. Credits
I love this photo of my aunt - I thought the light was so cool! Credits
And this was for a studio start on Christmas traditions. Some of my faves include: hanging my favorite ornaments, baking cookies, opening gifts and having breakfast Christmas morning, going to NYC with my sis, the way my brother throws paper at me, and watching movies.

The week before Christmas

I have been so crazy the last week! Between work, getting ready for Christmas and being sick, my head has been spinning. I'm trying to relax today and do a few things on the computer. (Ignoring the 300+ emails that have built up!) So let's see...

Sunday was Kylie's birthday party. I missed most of it because of Penny's training class. But I hear I didn't miss much. The birthday girl was not in a good mood!
Kid takes after me! I still don't like being sung to! Diego cake by Grandma
Hanging upside down did cheer her up!

I had a few days off from work. Randi and I went to NYC on Monday. It was a beautiful 64 degrees out! Here are some things we saw...
FAO Shwartz has the coolest thing ... build your own Muppet!!
These polar bears were in the display at Bergdoff Goodman's. Made me think of Lost.
We saw Jack McBayer, aka 30 Rock's Kenneth the page, being interviewed outside Rockefeller Center.
The tree
Some really big ornaments.
Avenue Q is one of my favorite shows and I loved this billboard.
The Naked Cowboy

Monday and Tuesday, mom and I worked on the tree. We've both been so sick that we haven't had the energy to do much.
Penny's first ornament
A new one I got at the Disney store in the city.

Friday we had a nasty snow storm. I got stuck on a closed road and it took me about 5 hours to get to work. I hate snow! We're supposed to get more tonight. Yuck!

Saturday, we did a little more Christmas shopping. Then I went over to Randi's and made lots of Christmas ornaments and we had a movie marathon! I saw all of my faves: Christmas Story, Elf, The Muppets Christmas Carol and White Christmas.

I only have one more person to get a gift for. I also still need to print my calendars. My Shutterfly books might be here on time - I had to wait until pay day to order them this year. Nothing's been wrapped yet and I think baking is off the list until I feel better. I'm going to the doctor early tomorrow. Going to spend the rest of this day goofing off!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Reunions and Chicken Sauce

This has been an interesting weekend so far... and it's not done yet! Friday night, I met up with some friends from high school down in Weekhawken. I dragged Randi with me (after stopping first at a party at one of her fellow teacher's house. He makes great cider!). One of my friends set up the little reunion on Facebook and I think close to 30 people showed up! I saw some people I have seen in ages. One guy flew in from Minnesota! Here are some photos...

I woke up Saturday morning with laryngitis after all that celebrating. Worked on my Christmas cards (I know, I am behind!) and did a little shopping. Then we went to dinner for Mikey's 17th birthday. (He's my mom's best friend's son and they are like extended family.) Well, Mikey's brother Theo made the dinner. He was placing the dishes on the table, reaching over my head to place the chicken, and he spilled the sauce down the back and front of my sweater and all over my hair!!!!!! Good think there was lots of booze at this party because you just have to laugh when someone pours chicken sauce all over you!

Today is Kylie's 3rd birthday party, but I'm going to miss most of it because I need to take Penny for our 2nd week of training. I didn't know when the party was going to be when I signed up and I'm kicking myself for doing this during the holiday season. The last session ran long, so I hope I can get out of there on time.

I also got my new printer set up this morning! I got the Epson Artisan 700, which was on sale for Black Friday - much cheaper than the 800 that a lot of scrappers seem to be raving about. Older model is fine by me! It seems to scan and print just fine so far!

I've got the next two days off, so Randi and I plan to go to NYC tomorrow for our annual trip to Rockefeller Center. I still have so much to get done. Crafts to make. Cookies to bake. A few gifts to buy. We still need to do some decorating, t00. Our tree has two ornaments on it. One from my awesome friend Amy Kant, who snuck one in a package after I placed an order from her ArtFire store. (I'll wait until after Christmas to share... She also has great stuff up on Etsy!) And the other is frame with a photo of Penny (straight from the new printer) - her first ornament!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I hate my sinuses

I have a stupid sinus cold the last few days. Last night, not only did my teeth hurt from the sinus pressure, but I could feel it in my eyeballs. And the stuffiness is keeping me from sleeping this morning. Well, I decided I would get up, make some tea and finish a page I was working on. I've been doing a little bit of catch-up scrapping because I wanted to include some events from the last year in this year's Christmas gift books.

Kylie's about to turn 3, and I never scrapped her 2nd party! I wasn't really happy with the photos, but Melinda's template helped me make the most of them. And I used lots of goodies by Michelle Godin who is retiring from designing and having a great big sale at SBG! Credits
Here's T on her first day of school. Glad Vesna got some cute photos! I used a kit by a new designer at SBG, Helene Douchet, who I think will be one of my new faves. Credits.
And this one was for a Jan Hosford play day. Mike and Taylor have started a tradition of making gingerbread houses for Christmas. Credits

Monday, December 08, 2008

For Penny

Look what my nieces made for Penny!
Taylor drew a macaw on the left and the other picture is by Kylie.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Things I did this weekend

- Did some shopping. Got some cute outfits for Kylie and Lucia's birthdays. Ink for my new printer. (I'm getting an Epson Artisan 700 as an early Christmas gift.) A body pillow with a nice plush cover. CD insert paper to make printing my calendars easy. Beyonce's new CD for Randi. SD cards for the cameras that didn't come with them.
- Listened to lots of: Gimme, no, that's mine, I was playing with that, you're ruining every thing, I like Santa Claus movies, gimme, no, gimme, mommy's coming back, (The girls were here.)
- Got punched in the lip face with one of these fish maracas.
- Had a nasty headache (See above for reasons).
- Hung out with my friends at the bar.
- Visited my friends' new apartment.
- Saw a cat get stuck in the chimney.
- Ended up with an extra set of Toyota keys that weren't mine.
- Took Penny to dog training. She got dog whisperer-ed by the instructor because she was so whiny. Learned our first command: Watch me.
- Figured out the keys belonged to the friends whose apartment I visited and stopped by with Penny to return them.
- Watched lots of Harry Potter. (Marathon on TV)

Going to do some relaxing tonight and maybe scrap a bit. Here are some pages from last week...
Taylor the artist. CreditsAnd here's one for a Studio Start about holiday stress. This really helped me get my to do list together. Credits.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Some laughs

I won't go into it just yet, but this week has been crappy. And I need a few reasons to laugh!

Becky sent us a cartoon by Natalie Dee a few weeks ago, and I had to look up her site! That's where I found this smelly pug! I love her cartoons. They are always good when I need a pick me up!

And my friend Jerry sent me this yesterday and it almost made me spit water on the screen!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Celebrate the Season at Scrapbook Graphics!

Don't forget to stop by the Studio Matters blog @ Scrapbookgraphics every day
from the 1st-14th to pick up a free gift, a coupon code or two and enter to win
a kit from your favorite digital scrapbooking designers, the Studio Girls!