Saturday, March 30, 2013

Why I'm having a good weekend

1. Doctor Who returns tonight.

2. Game of Thrones returns tomorrow.

3. There's a new Cloud City chapter of Angry Birds Star Wars.

4. The Nerdist TV show returns to BBC America.

Yeah, this is the stuff that makes me happy!  There are lots of great things to watch before Doctor Who. I caught up on the Doctor Who revisited specials from BBCA on the first and second doctors.

On YouTube there's a prequel episode, a special My Drunk Kitchen and a new episode of Doctor Puppet. All good stuff!

Nerdist also has a podcast featuring the delightful new companion, Jenna Louise Coleman.

Next weekend should be pretty great too because I'm going to see Mr. Nerdist, aka Chris Hardwick, at Carolines! And another one of my faves - Mad Men - comes back!


March Scrapping

I really caught up on my Easter scrapping in March, which is good because I will probably take a ton of  photos tomorrow at my aunt's house. One Story Down has also had it's grand re-opening so I've been back to scrapping for the ladies there.

I cropped last weekend and spent a good amount of time there organize and filling albums with pages! I think I wrote ages ago about how I wanted to reorganize my books by year in 8x8 three ring binders. I got really cute books from Doodlebug and lots of extra pages. I've been ordering pages from Persnickety prints when I can catch a sale. So no when I go back and scrap some of these older pages I can just add them in where they belong. I just got some more credits from Persnickety as well so I will be all caught up with my printing very soon! It's so awesome to see my pages in a book, away from the computer.

Here's what I've been working on this last month. Lots of catch up scrapping and lots of journaling...

 Easter scrapping. My aunt always tries to make the egg hunt more fun. This time, it was a big bingo game.

Some journaling about getting to meet my new niece. Pretty butterflies by Jennifer Barrette.

Lots more Easter fun from 2010 and 2011

Some Penny loving with the Lily Pad BOYC bits from March.

Some thoughts about turning 36... about 9 months into the game.

Penny makes the funniest faces!

She's also a hoarder

 NJ Beer - good stuff!

We just had another spirit week at work. Like my stache?

St Patrick's Day weekend. I am caught up on this holiday!

 A page about reading.

T's communion has been on the list for a long time too.


Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm not the only one Who...

I'm not the only one who can't wait for some more Doctor Who!

There was this little Dalek at work today. It wasn't even on my desk! He's so cute you could eat him. I wonder what Daleks taste like? Souffl├ęs?

Daleks are everywhere. I saw this one at Barnes and Noble....

And Doctor Who made the cover of EW again! That is so super cool. It's only the second time a British show has been on the magazine - and the first time was just a few months ago when Doctor Who was on the cover the first time. I'm actually bummed I didn't get the other cover - which had Jenna Louise Coleman along with Matt Smith.  I have a few other weeks' magazines piled up, but I'm going to read this one first. 


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Twitter Day!

It's almost hard to remember what it was like just a few years ago before smartphones and Facebook and Twitter. What did we do? How did we keep up with each other constantly? Must have been so boring, right?

So Twitter is now seven years old. They made this cool video to show the evolution of Twitter and I must say I'm fascinated by how it's become such a cultural icon. I remember being in a  news meeting in 2009 and saying that I saw on Twitter that Michael Jackson had died - and no one believed me!  Now that newspaper - just like many others - and most of the staff uses Twitter on a daily basis.

I found Twitter back in 2007, not because I'm cool or anything, but because digital scrapbookers also tend to be tech geeks and early adapters and a bunch of the ladeis in the forums started using it. I confirmed that date by checking here! It's 2114 days, 293 followers and 4,155 tweets later.

I'm not the biggest Twitter user. Months can go by when I don't check it. I do usually check in when there's big news or a big event like the Oscars, to get all the gossip and commentary. I have been on more of a Twitter kick these last few weeks. I mostly follow news organizations, some friends and lots of celebs and comedians. I also just love when all the nerdy people I follow tweet at each other. I totally feel like a stalker on there.

So I am such a dork and get excited when someone retweets one of my posts or when I get response. I still have this picture saved....

And then this happened today! I am a Kid President favorite! What can I say - little things make me happy.  If you're not following me... get on that! I'm @rmcabana.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

I lurve YouTube

Have I mentioned lately how much I love YouTube??? The shows recording on my DVRs are just backing up while I watch videos. But there's so much good stuff. And I don't just mean videos of cats playing piano or Harlem Shake videos.

Here's some of the stuff I love lately...

If you're a fan of Pride & Prejudice, check out the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. It's a smart, funny, modern spin on the story. I watched all of the episodes in about a week. I love how Lizzie and her sisters and friend act out the parts of the other characters. The Darcy bowtie is my favorite. (It's also produced by Hank Green, one of my favorite Vlogbrothers - I love all of their channels. I can watch them talk about science, pennies, anything.)

I am obsessed with the Nerdist podcast, and Nerdist also has a channel. My favorite shows are Neil Patrick Harris' Puppet Dreams and Chris Hardwick's All-Star Celebrity Bowling.

I've only seen one episode of Bravest Warriors, but I need to catch up! It's created by Pendleton Ward, who also created one of the shows I do keep up with on the DVR - Adventure Time.

I also subscribe to Team Coco, LateNight and Chelsea Lately - so I can see lots of clips of late night shows without having to record them all.

I can't get enough of Kid President. His Pep Talk vid is so adorable - "Don't stop believing - unless your dream is stupid." What's even more awesome is that even though this kid has brittle bone disease and has had to have lots of surgeries, he's got such a great outlook on life. He reminds me not to be so grumpy!

And of course there's the Mommy & Gracie Show, made by one of my besties and her super cool daughter. And I just don't love it because I'm a occasional guest star! (I've cast myself as a wacky neighbor. And I even got a hello in the fan mail!)

Mommy and Gracie are super funny - so please check out their vids and subscribe. They also have me way hooked on Monster High!

If you want to see videos about Penny and/or Doctor Who toys, you can see my videos here.


Saturday, March 09, 2013

Counting down...

I'm so excited that new episodes of Doctor Who finally get here on March 30! I don't really like motorcycles, but this one is cool! And so are purple suits!


Saturday, March 02, 2013

There goes February

So I didn't do much better blogging in February. I just forget all about it. Plus, I'm boring! I work, drive, watch YouTube, work, drive, sleep, work, drive shop with my sister, work, work, work.

Somewhere in there I found some time to scrap. I don't think I've mentioned it here, but in a few months I will have a brand new subject to scrap! :) I've created my first page for my new niece's scrapbook! 

So, I did a lot of random number & raid the stash scrapping this month, especially since One Story Down had a bit of downtime. But it's going to re-open very soon!

All the pages are in my gallery if you want to see the credits!

It's a girl! I went along with my sis on finding out day and gave her some presents - baby's first puppy and an auntie bib with turtles.

 Derek's new potrait is my fave! He's so handsome.

 And he's also a charmer!

Rocky getting muddy on Easter a few years ago.

 Hanging out with the kiddos. 

Kylie's biggest fan!

K's portrait. 
 My lazy pug.

This picture cracks me up so much!

My little Valentine!

I have an addiction to buying cute stuff.

Kylie pretending to be a boy.

This helmet it Derek's but I think it suits her better!

The girls' portraits from this school year.

Some Thanksgiving pics.

I don't need Hallmark to tell me when to love peeps.

Some things l need to stay warm!

Critters at the zoo!

Artsy owl

T's portrait

And here's some Christmas scrapping... I'm working on another 8x10 book like I did last year. It's not a December Daily album, but I liked that album so much, I'm going to scrap Christmas in a varied-page, hybrid-y sort of way!