Thursday, December 29, 2011

I can't spell!

I got my Shutterfly book a few days after Christmas - and I had been so busy getting it finished - I never noticed the big old typo right on the cover.  Ugh! I'm trying to come up with a way to cover it up. I'm so mad at myself! As someone who got paid to edit stuff up until recently, I suck when it comes to my own work! 

I still need to upload my Christmas photos, but in the meantime, here are the rest of my album pages and a few others from the last few weeks...

 D & my dad: Credits: Jennifer Barrette's Miss Personality and Mister Personality Add on from Sweet Shoppe, Staples by Flergs
 I got a daily wake up call at Disney from a robot that sounded a lot like Kylie. Credits: Emily Merritt's E is for Energy from Lily Pad; Micheline Martin's Alpha from the Things That Matter Most collab at the Lily Pad

 D's first birthday party. Credits:Janet Phillip's Scrap Your Heart Out templates from Sweet Shoppe, Micheline Martin's Noteworthy Alpha, Smile and Rainbow Dreams from After Five Designs

 D's 1st two Halloweens. Credits: Emily Merritt's Simple Scraps Templates 12, King For A Day, Platform 9 3/4, and E is for Energy from the Lily Pad

 The birthday boy. Credits: Emily Merritt's King for a Day and D is for Dapper (recolored paper) from Lily Pad, Janet Phillips' Scrap Your Heart Out templates from Sweet Shoppe

 Some random pictures that didn't make it onto pages but I still wanted to use. Credits: Janet Phillips' Too Many Photos template 13 from Sweet Shoppe, Micheline Martin's Rainbow Dreams from After 5 Designs, Julie Billingsley's Color Spectrum Alphas from Sweet Shoppe

 The crazy kids. Credits: Micheline Martin and Jenna Desai's Togetherness from Lily Pad; Micheline Martin's White Washed bits and Junk Mail alpha from Lily Pad; CD's Markerific alpha from Lily Pad;
Cookies 4 Kids templates from Sweet Shoppe; Lauren Grier's Beginning is now bracket;  Heart by Baers Garten; Amber Clegg's Rush beads

 Cabana guys watching soccer. Credits: Lauren Grier's Go Go Go from Scrapfastic Designs; Janet Phillips' Scrap Your Heart Out template from Sweet Shoppe; Baers Garten soccer ball from Get in The Game; Rachel Young's Wish Alpha

Some goals. Credits: Emily Merrit's G is for Goals from The Lily Pad

Monday, December 12, 2011

I am home sick today. I have had a nasty cold all weekend and it really hit me hard today. I spent most of the day in bed and am feeling a little better though.

I'm trying to catch up on some Derek scrapping. I want to finish the book I never got around to finishing for last Christmas, but I just don't feel inspired. It's not that I'm not feeling creative! I've found lots of other things to work on instead of Derek pages!

Here's my latest round!

 Some Christmas Eve funtivities. Credits: Emily Merritt's Gingy Papers, Amy Wolff's Gift Tags and Kaye Winieki's Santa's On His Way Elements from the Lily Pad Dec 2011 BOYC; Fruit Loop Sally's No Place Like Home alphas from Lily Pad; Janet Phillips' Scrap Your Heart Out templates

 The kiddos' Christmas card photo: Amy Wolff's Reindeer Games papers and Gift Tags, Kaye Winieki's Santa's On His Way Elements, Karah Fredrick's Awesome Sauce 2 Alphas, Jenna Desai's Holiday Essentials Elements from the December BOYC kit at Lily Pad; Valorie Wibben's Christmas Morning word art; Scraplift of Kimpson's Winter Fun LO

 Derek's baptism. Credits: Sahlin Studio's Blessed from Lily Pad, Janet Phillips' Too Many Photos 17 from Sweet Shoppe

 Derek's first horse ride! Credits: Jen Barrette's Wild Horses from Sweet Shoppe; Sara Gleason and Crystal Livesay's Love Letters November Templates from The Lily Pad

 D's 1st birthday portrait. Credits: Emily Merrit's D is for Dapper from Lily Pad; Sara Gleason's Apple Tree Alpha from Lily Pad; Janet Phillips' Scrap Your Heart Out template from Sweet Shoppe

 Some of D's first photo. Credits: Lauren Grier's Go Go Go from Scrapfastic Designs
Amber Clegg's string from Wicked Smart at Lily Pad

The kids vs. Santa. Credits: Kim Jensen and Kate Hadfield's Deck the Halls from Lily Pad and Scrapdish;  Amy Martin's Dec 2011 Template Challenge template from Lily Pad; Lili's Teeny Tiny Alpha from Lily Pad

 Penny has a fear of the stairs: Credits: Lauren Grier's Standing Tall from Sweet Shoppe

Some of my new ornaments from last year: Credits:Valorie Wibbens and Creatiions By Tina Marie's Christmas Morning kit and Christmas Morning Alphas from The Lily Pad; Valorie Wibbens' word art from Hocus Pocus from Lily Pad; Janet Phillips' Two Page Two Pack template from Sweet Shoppe

Getting crafty with the girls. Credits: Jacque Larsen's Winter Workers, Micheline Martin's Very Merry Christmas, Heather Hess's The Faulty Marker font, CD Muckosky's Markerific alphas and Valorie Wibben's Love Muffin word art all from Lily Pad

Friday, December 02, 2011

Scrapdish Closing sale

Once upon a time in the digital scrapping world, I was a designer. It seems like a lifetime ago! When I started digiscrapping, there were plenty of kits to buy and freebies to download, but that was back when people really did try to make everything themselves. About seven years ago, I got involved first at Scrapbook-Bytes and The Digi Chick, back when my friend Holly owned it, and eventually found RAKScraps, where I was making lots of digtal elements as part of the monthly collabs and for freebies. One of the other RAKScraps admins, Jeanine, had opened her own store and invited me to sell my kits there.

Remember these???? They were my best sellers! I still love them.

We had lots of fun behind the scenes at Scrapdish. So many of my good friends "worked" there, too - Coreen, Rachel, Krista, Melissa, Amy, Tania, Mish, Melinda and Kim. Krista just reminded me of how we worked together on the newsletter - I had forgotten all about that. After I retired, Coreen and Rachel took over the store and brought on lots of great designers.

So I was a little sad to hear this week that Scrapdish is closing its doors. The ladies are having a big sale so be sure to stop by and pick up some goodies!

And you really need to check out Kim Jensen's designs! Seriously, she is the best designer out there.  Lots of truly unique and creative element and even some great collabs, like her new kit with Kate Hadfield - Deck the Halls.

It really is so weird to think that it's been so long since I've designed kits. I don't even remember how I did most of it! I got out of the game when a lot of realistic elements and commercial use stuff came into play and made my computer-made stuff look pretty shabby.  But it was fun to create pieces and even make some money to support my digi habit, and even more fun to get the chance to create and design with my friends!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

December Daily and other crafty plans

How does December always get here so quickly? And for the first time in a really long time, I don't feel the December blues. I was a little grumpy this morning because I wanted to sleep longer, but I shook it off. That never happens!

I'm attempting a December Daily type project. I don't know what shape it's going to take yet. I'm just going to journal and scrap as see what I come up with. Of course, this is just adding one more thing to my ever growing list of things to do. Here's what I'm hoping to finish up by Christmas:
  • Christmas cards
  • Derek's baby book
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Crafty frames for several people
  • Baking
Now, I just need to see if I can get any of it done! Plus there's shopping, wrapping, decorating and all the other stuff I never get around to finishing. I should really take time off in December!

I have been scrapping up a storm lately! I hope all this craftiness stays with me this month! Here are my latest pages. 

 Penny on Christmas last year. Credits: Kim Jensen and Kate Hadfield's latest awesome collab Deck the Halls from Scrapdish and Lily Pad

 The Rockefeller tree last year. Credits: Emily Merritt's Twelve Days 'Til Christmas Journaling Book from the Lily Pad; Amy Wolff's Christmas Everyday and December Snowflakes from the Lily Pad; Kim Jensen and Kate Hatfield's Deck the Halls elements from Lily Pad and Scrapdish; Amber Clegg's Date It

 Derek spent most of Thanksgiving crying when the dogs got too close! Credits: Amy Wolff's Mega Thrift Store Paper Pack, 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Element sets and Metro Alphas from Lily Pad

Derek @ Disney World. Credits: Janet Phillips' Scrap Your Heart Out Templates from Sweet Shoppe and Britt-ish Designs's Leave the World Behind from Britt-ish Designs

The Dumbo Ride at Disney. Credits: Amy Wolff's 8 p.m. papers and 8:30 p.m. elements from Lily Pad
and Sahlin Studio and Britt-ish Designs' Land of Fantasy from Lily Pad

Some pics of my friends at our friend's baptism. Credits:  Amy Wolff's 2 P.M. papers and 2:30 P.M. Elements from Lily Pad, Lauren Reid's Kitschy Kitchen alphas from Lily Pad, Janet Phillips's Scrap Your Heart Out template from Sweet Shoppe, Julie Billingsly's Cookies and Milk alpha from Sweet Shoppe

 This really is all I want for Christmas this year. Credits: Amy Wolff's Christmas Everyday and Puddle Jumpers Christmas from Lily Pad; Word Art/Strips by Weeds & Wildflowers and Pixelworks

 I heart cupcakes! Credits:Emily Merritt's C is For Cupcake and Simple Scraps Templates No. 11 from Lili Pad; Lili's Waiting for Spring Alpha from Lily Pad

 The Harry Potter Experience exhibit: Credits: Emily Merritt & Valorie Wibbens' Platform 9 3/4 from Lily Pad, Janet Phillips' Scrap Your Heart Out template from Sweet Shoppe, Darcy Baldwin's I'm No Wizard font from Sweet Shoppe

 One of T's school portraits. Credits:  Amy Wolff's Metro from Lily Pad, Emily Merritt's Simple Scrap Templates 11, Gina Miller's Good Witch flower

 Some of my favorite Thanksgiving food. Credits: Emily Merritt's Little Turkey and C is for Cupcake from Lily Pad;  Janet Phillips' Scrap Your Heart Out Template from Sweet Shoppe

 T @ The Cinderella Fountain. Credits: Studio Sahlin's Autumn Afternoon and So This Is Love from Lily Pad; Lili's Cloud 9 alpha from Lily Pad; Font: CK Bella

Kylie got stung by a bee. Credits: Scraplift of LeeAndra's Le Livre layout; Studio Sahlin's Enjoy the Moment from Lily Pad; Kay Winieki's A Perfect Day bee;  Wendy Page's Designer Stash words; Jacque Larsen's Comic Relief words from Lily Pad

 Some jouranling about new hours. Credits: Kaye Winieki's Here Come's the Sun from Lily Pad; Amy Wolff's 7 pm papers from Lily Pad; Kate Hadfield's Tiny Marker Alpha from Lily Pad; Amy Wolff's Coming Home staples; Allison Pennington's Good Morning Sunshine Strips from Lily Pad; Lauren Grier's You Make Me Crazy alpha

 Penny in her new sweater. Credits: Amy Martin's Nov. challenge template from Lily Pad
Amber Clegg's Lovin' Fall from Lily Pad; Gina Miller's So Sketchy alpha from Lily Pad;  Fonts: DJB Robin, DBJ Laurent, Misproject