Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just because

I love when I have time to scrap and it's just because and not for an assignment or anything. I put together these pictures of Penny to cheer myself up the other day and then I turned it into a layout.

Here's one that gets me sappy. I did this page for this week's Manu play day at SBG. These are my grandparents all together at my parents' wedding. I've never scrapped any photos of my abuela (she's on the left in the top photo). I don't have any digital photos of her and seeing photos of her makes me sad. I've done a page about each of my memories of my grandfathers, who also have passed away, but can't bring myself to do one about her yet.

Breathing easier

Well, the good news is I am keeping my job and my salary! Bad news is a lot of my co-workers and some of my favorite people in the newsroom will be leaving. It's been a very sad day at work.

I am really looking forward to this weekend! On Saturday, I'm picking up my friend and fellow Crew mate Becky and her daughter Hannah at the airport. They are coming to New York to move Hannah into NYU and they'll be staying in NJ. We're going to do some shopping for Hannah's room, hopefully meet up with Krista for lunch and then get Hannah moved in on Sunday. On Monday, Becky and I are going to do some sight-seeing around the city.

On Sunday, I'll be going to for Operation Terri Kinney at the Wild Rover. Terri has cancer and no insurance, so some friends have put together this event to help her and her family out. There's going to be food, beer, raffles and entertainment for a $30 admission. My pals who host open mic at the bar will be performing along with some other bands. I'm going to be taking photos and making a scrapbook for Terri since she is too sick to attend. Should be a great time!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I hate waiting

I should know in another week whether I still have a job. We all have had to re-apply for our positions and the company is going to cut 50 people. I thought the interview process was just so uncomfortable and impersonal - they brought in consultants - and I felt like an idiot. And I think because I'm so stressed out, the cold is coming back. I'm trying to not think about it, but it's really hard not to.

I've spent the day at home in pjs trying to relax. I watched Watchmen (what a long movie) and have been trying to put a dent in the Yiddish Policemen's Union. I'm cooking some dinnner now and maybe I'll do some scrapping tonight.

Anyway... some good news is I'm on Michelle Godin's Pixel Sprite team and I did my first page for her this week. Here's one using her latest Funky Junky collab Old School.

I'm sorry for being such a downer lately. I really hope things start to look up soon!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Enjoying the silence

It's nice and quiet here. Mom's out. Penny's curled up in a ball. The air conditioner is the loudest noise. I love having the house to myself.

I'm trying to organize my music files. I managed to backup all my music files on an external drive before my computer in the office died on me again so I'm setting it up down here on the laptop. I'm adding some more CDs to the mix and am going to burn some Bruce Springsteen for Randi to get her ready for the concert in October. And I told another friend I'd burn him some Kings of Leon - one of my new obsessions. I have been listening to their first two albums and loving them.

I am finally feeling better - not totally great, but much better. I stayed home from work two days - can't remember the last time I've felt so blech. I've been dealing with a bunch of crap at work that I don't even want to think about while I'm still trying to enjoy the weekend. So needless to say, this wasn't a fun week.

I went to a crop yesterday and got TEN pages done! I think that's my new record! It's ten if you count both sides of doubles - and I do. LOL! I had so much fun with Melissa, Patti, Tina and the regular cropping crew. We spent the whole day laughing - I don't know how I got any work done!

Here are the pages I did yesterday and some from the week. Will add credits when I post them all.

Randi's new hair cut. Sometimes I just love doing a page that has nothing to do with my CTs and actually get to use the stuff I've bought. Credits

Some photos from Taylor's kindergarten graduation using Baers Garten's cute new Hello School from SBG.

Another two pager from the wedding I went to. I wanted to do something different so I used a New Year's kit - Bluebell's 5 to Midnight from SBG.

Here's my cute goddaughter at the Memorial Day parade.

Kylie got a new big girl bed! She was so happy to show it off. I used lots of stuff by my good friend Tania Shaw over at Funky Playground. Credits

This is my family's idea of fun! The girls were pretending to kill us all! They are crazy. This is a kit by Michelle Godin and Rachel Young. And speaking of Michelle - I found out today I'm going to be on her new CT as a part-timer! Yay!!!!

These are some scenes from Rutgers Day this year using Tania Shaw's Amy kit. And here are my May and June pages with my Project 365 photos. I even started July yesterday, but was feeling tired so I didn't finish. :)

It's almost time for True Blood and then open mic at the Rover! My favorite part of the weekend always comes at the very end. LOL!

Monday, August 10, 2009

BOTCT Week 4 - the last round!

Well, we made it to the end! For this week's challenge, my teammates and I had to scraplift two of our fellow teammates. I borrowed from Tania and Kimberly for this page...

My credits are here. And you can show some love and vote for Jessie's Girl design team here.

I could have sworn that I started a blog post about last weekend's wedding, but oh well. The church ceremony was very nice and Lauren was a glowing and smiling bride, even though it was pouring out! It stopped raining by the time of the reception. I had gone home to change and then picked up my friends.

The cocktail hour was sick! There was an open bar and every type of food you can imagine - carving stations, all kinds of cheese, pasta, seafood, a grill outside with hot dogs and burgers.
The bridal party came in to Eye of a Tiger and Alex and Lauren followed along to the Rocky theme. The band played a mix of current songs and some songs in Italian. We were all too full from the cocktail hour to even eat much of our dinner. I didn't even look at the desserts - there was a whole menu of those too! The gang from the Rover had our own table near the balcony, where most of us ended up hanging out. Then after the party, we headed back to the bar where the open mic guys rocked out. There was a little drama here and there, but it was fun. I haven't edited my photos yet, but here's one of all us.

I took Monday off to recover and rest my poor aching feet! I also went to see a great movie 500 Days of Summer and hung out with my friend Heather for her birthday.

Well, after all that fun, this week took a different turn when I had some bad allergies on Wednesday and Thursday. That turned into a nasty sinus cold by Friday, and then I woke up Saturday with a hacking cough and an earache. I've been home for the last three days and am starting to get so bored! I did go to the doctor yesterday morning and got some antibiotics (glad they are open Sunday, even if I did have to wait 2 hours). So I've been hanging around reading, napping, watching TV and Netflix, napping, eating some chicken soup that mom made and waiting to get better. I did finally finish reading the Fiery Cross - probably my least favorite of the Outlander books. (Too long, too boring!)

Here are some page I knocked out last weekend while I was feeling better ...

My friend Nory's cute pups. Did this one for a Bluebell play day. Credits
Kylie has inherited this Spider-Man mug from my Grandma's house. It used to be my brother's. Credits

Well, I'm going to spend the rest of the evening relaxing. I'm getting tired of all this resting! What can I say, I get bored easily. There's Weeds and Nurse Jackie to watch tonight. And I'm attempting to do some scrapping. Hopefully, I'll be feeling better tomorrow.

Monday, August 03, 2009

BOTCT Round 3

For round three of the Battle of the Creative Teams, we had to come up with a formula for using elements from our designer - and it was a tough one! Here's my page....

Here are my credits.

Please show some love for the Jessie's Girls team! Here are our pages for this week - I think they are awesome! You can vote for us here. (You may need to clear your cookies first!)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Relaxing on a Saturday night

It's finally cooled down after a really hot day. I just took Penny for a walk and while we were out there, I noticed she has glitter all over her face. She was sparkly like a Cullen!

I had a busy day today. Randi and I went over to Garden State Plaza early (for me at least) before the crazy crowd. I got a new outfit and some makeup for a wedding I'm going to tomorrow. I'm really excited it's finally here. I'm going along with a bunch of my friends from the Rover so I know we'll have a great time. There's a lot of time between the ceremony and the reception so I'm going to come home and change - don't want to be so dressed up all day. I'm always surprised when there are so few people at the church and then a mob at a reception. I think that's so rude. I always try to go to the ceremony - isn't that the whole point of the day.

I also got my hair cut today. Got my manicure and pedicure yesterday. Feel like I did so much and now I'm going to relax and hang out at home tonight.

Not much else is up. I've been hanging out with Penny. Taylor, Lucia and Betty have all been by to visit during the week. Been seeing lots of movies and I'm loving True Blood. My office computer is messed up again so I'm trying not to freak out.

I'm still trying to get through the Fiery Cross. This one isn't moving along like the others. Doesn't seem to be much happening. And I'm confused about what's happened to some characters. (Like where did that abandoned baby go?) My mom started reading the Outlander series too and she's just started Drums of Autumn. She's catching up to me pretty quickly.

I haven't been scrapping too much. Most of my efforts are going into the Battle of the Creative Team pages. But here are few I've done ...
This was for a sussie M play day. My grandma made me this yummy blueberry pie - just because! CreditsHere's one that was inspired by a Studio Start about a song you're listening to a lot. I'm just listening to my iphone and ipod a lot lately, especially Gomez, Kings of Leon, Killers and the Adventureland Soundtrack. Credits

And this was for a Phuong play day. This was fun to make! Credits