Saturday, February 16, 2013

January roundup

Yes, I'm still behind on sharing my pages. I blame winter. It makes me lazy! I have been reading a ton, working too much, shopping with my sister who has a good reason to need lots of new stuff. I also have been doing some purging. I got rid of at least 6 bags of clothes up in my room.

Here are a bunch of pages I did in January...

 Some older pics of Christmas stuff at my sister's place.

This is another page that's been on the list awhile. Some fun with Scooby on Halloween.

 Kylie doing her Bieber pose.

Cousins bonding over their video games.

I got this kit for my Disney book - from Britt-ish Designs - and never used it so I made a page about the movie Brave.
 Look at my Penny! She's so cute!

This is what Penny does when I dry my hair in the morning.

Some art journaling...

And some more art journaling...

 My karaoke idols...

Penny & Little Penny

This was a cool coincidence. Rockin Robin & Copacabana next to each other on a jukebox.

More catchup scrapping about Snowpocalypse. I love my random number method! Most of these pages were inspired that way!

I love the 80s. This was a fun page to create.

My Rocky's bday...

 And this was my b-day two years ago....

And you probably know I love New York so much. It was fun to pay with this ephemera from Crafty Button Designs.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Howdy Strangers!

Yeah, so 2013 rolls around and I forget all about my blog! I have been pretty quiet at most of my online haunts lately, mostly because I've been busy with work and too stressed out and tired to spend any more time on the computer. I'm always grumpy this time of year. Winter does not agree with me. I have been reading a lot and trying to catch up on Oscar-nominated movies. I even cleaned out my closet and got rid of six bags of clothes. Super exciting stuff! 

Of course, I'm still scrapping away. The Disney books were a big hit at Christmas. And even amid all that Disney scrapping, I still did a bunch of other pages in December. Here's a look. I'm not going to link up the credits, but they are in my gallery if you want to know more.

 Adventure Time is like my favorite show now. It makes me happy.

Santa at my desk at work.

 Penny doing some Christmas posing.

Some botanical garden scrapping.

Some pre-Christmas journaling. It was pretty much a #fail.

My ode to audiobooks.

Some new owls for my tree. Kylie called the big one Mike and the little ones Randi & Robin. She's too funny.

 Waiting for the Doctor Who Christmas special. It was so good!

Some highlights of 2012.

 I scrapped all those food pics from my phone over the last year!

Some Penny lovin!

 Skull Shores Ghoulia!

Some quirkiness! 
And min golfing with the cheaters!