Saturday, April 09, 2011

iPhone Photos

I seem to be taking a lot of photos with my phone lately. Some of these are older, but I love 'em.

It's so easy to grab the phone when I'm torturing Penny! I though she'd look funny with the bandana around her head.

She always looks so cute hogging the blankets.

Here she looks like she's saying "Let me sleep."

And there's the tail sticking out...

Penny wanted to come with me to Atlantic City.

My friend Dean's dad was in the group the Knockouts. They had one big hit - Darling Lorraine, but Dean's dad still performs around NJ.

Here's a view of the AC beach - it was pretty cloudy and my Hipstamatic app made it look kinda cool.

My friend Tony has been raving about these muscles for two years.

Here are some chicks dancing on the bar at Bally's Wild West.

My friend Krista sent me an awesome surprise! We love the show An Idiot Abroad. I've read a few pages so far and it's hilarious.

I loved finding this book right outside the kids section at B&N.

Here's a cake we had at our last crop!

And here's a craft project I was working on this morning. I am covered in black and blue paint.