Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summer scraps!

If I ever catch up on on my scrapping that will mean my life will have gotten very boring! It's Labor Day Weekend and summer has once again gone by too quickly. I just had my August vacation and even that seems to have slipped by. But there were lots of cool adventures - trips to BronyCon in Baltimore, Coney Island and Turtle Back Zoo. I never did get around to any of my projects like cleaning out the hallway or getting a cabinet for my scrapbook stuff. Well, I guess they are fall projects now! 

I did go to a crop last weekend and have been scrapping here and there over the last few weeks. Some new pics and oldies in the mix! 

Hanging out with Amanda at Disney! One of the best things about my California trip!

The big kiddos on Halloween last year.

My friend Carrie always has beautiful photos of her daughter in her Christmas cards - I finally got around to scrapping these. 

We took Maddie to the zoo for her first birthday and she had to tell all the animals that 

Maddie loved this bouncing saucer.

Portraits from Christmas.

Learning to crawl!

Look at those teeth! She's so cute. 

Fun in the pool and sandbox.

My cousin is a rock star! She's so cool.

A scary day when Penny got off the leash.

Penny and her weird hiding spots.

 Good times with the Bad Parts and my awesome friends.

And here's a page about my awesome birthday this year.