Monday, April 29, 2013

April scrapping

I haven't been feeling too creative this month. I stepped down from a few of my creative teams recently and I didn't get to go to the crop last weekend. Lots of family stuff going on - birthday parties, baby shower planning - and busy stuff at work. But I did do some more random number scrapping and got some pages crossed off of my list!

Some Christmas pics of Penny from 2009. I am so behind on Christmases! But, I'm now all caught up on Easter! I scrapped my last few pages from the files and scrapped this year's celebration as well. 

I also did some Penny scrapping. I always find random pictures of her that I just love so much!

I helped my friend Emily out with a Flat Stanley project.

 Me and some of my beeyotches. I can't tell you what WH means!

These are most of my Little Pets! I mean my nieces' Little Pets.

Snowed in at work. Spent a night at the office watching Doctor Who!

Butterfly Garden at the Bronx Zoo. I'm still working on a Summer 2011 album.

Some pages from Tay's bday. Kim and Michelle both came out with kits last week that were so perfect for Taylor!

Our friend had a baby "sprinkle" - which was way fancier than most people's showers!

And another Christmas page. This card by Kylie cracked me up so much! 


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

10 years and counting

It's pretty hard to believe I've been an aunt now for 10 years! Tay is getting so grown up. She wanted a camera for her birthday, so of course I had to get one for her. She screamed when she opened it up!

And pretty soon there will be one more kid who will call me aunt. It's a pretty good gig.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Spirit Week

My job might make me crazy sometimes, but I gotta say that I work with some fun people!  We celebrated the design studio's second anniversary with Spirit Week. It was so much fun. 

We started out the week with Mustache Day. Check out my pink stash and sparkly necklace.

For Hat Day, I wore this hat I had gotten for St. Patrick's Day. And it even matched this sweater. 

I decorated Ryan to celebrate...

For Alma Mater Day, I was dressed up in some Rutgers gear and these funky glasses I got at Party City. Our logo is a guitar so these fit in pretty well. We also had a dinner and bake off. So much sugar!
Some of us went out to Ruby Tuesdays across the street to keep the party going.

Thursday was so awesome - Pajama Day. It was so comfy to walk around in my slippers!

I got this giant mustache magnet  at Party City and added some more decorations each day.

On Friday, we had Ice Cream Day. Pretty delicious way to wrap things up.