Thursday, August 30, 2007

Good one!

My Uncle Gus is always sending me forwards and sometimes I'm afraid to open them! (Especially anything with Brittney Spears in the subject line!). But here's one I'm glad I checked. I'm so sickened by this whole story!

Stocking up at SBB!

I hit the big sale today at Scrapbook-Bytes! :) I could have easily spent way more too! What's pretty cool is they put together a catalog of what's on sale. Very helpful and very dangerous! And I am biased because there are three of my layouts in there! LOL!!!!

Check out this super cute kit by Correen ... ;)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

RAKScraps Back to School Brag Book!

We thought we'd try something new and fun this month! Check out the new back to school brag book! This album was made using the RAKScraps Aug. 2007 Mega Kit add on by Correen Silke, Jeanine Baechtold, Rachel Dickson and Robin Cabana and includes 8 coordinating 4x6 png files. Just add your own photos and print! Now available at Scrapdish!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I'm listening to Bruce Springsteen's new song Radio Nowhere. I heard it earlier on the radio and just found it on YouTube. I just found out he's going to be touring in October and I really hope he adds some weekend shows in Jersey. There's no chance of getting off for a weeknight show since I work with about 50 other Bruce fans with seniority over me.

Monday, August 27, 2007

So I wasn't a total slacker...

In between going out for drinks and sitting on the couch with Rocky and reading Harry Potter, I managed to scrap a bit!

Took me forever to work on these with all the photos and all the stuff, but I like how they turned out! And I even turned it into a challenge at RAKScraps! Show us how you spent your summer. You'll need to use more than 1 photo, some kind of journaling and a seasonal element. There's a cute prize for everyone who joins in, too. Speaking of RAK challenges, you can find out all the fun stuff going on this week here.

I have to tell ya, there are many reasons why I love Kim Jensen and now I'm adding her Date It beads to the list. There are like hundreds of beads. And all sorts of dates, words, decades worth of years and all kinds of super cool fastners. I think these will find their way on to lots of my pages. And for just $2!!! That is crazy Kim LOL! A super good value! (Don't you hate it when you pay lots more money for say 5 or 6 elements, but the preview made it look like way more. Total pet peeve of mine lately!)

And, I have some cool news too! I had bought some cool alphas by Ida over at the Catscrap anniversary sale and because my order ende in a 00, I won a $30 coupon! Well, I spent that prize right away, and guess what. My 2nd order also ended in a 00 so I won again! Can't wait to stock up on even more goodies! Love the gals at Catscrap!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

To do list

I need to put "sit around and do nothing" on my to do lists for the weekends! Then I would feel way more accomplished! :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Why does it take me 3 months to lose 5 pounds but 1 month to gain 6 pounds?
I am a bad dieter!

I am bored today. Rocky's here and he looks bored too. He's sprawled out on the couch next to me with his head on a pillow. I'd take a photo but Randi took my camera to Florida. I need to find my old one and charge the batteries. My nieces are supposed to be coming over tomorrow.

I have so many things I want to get done and don't feel like doing a thing! I've been catching up on CKs, watching movies (Star Wars and now Cars) and browsing all morning. My to do list never seems to end! :)

Mom's leaving for a party soon so maybe I'll catch up on some netflix before doing some scrapping.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New sketch challenge

Join in the new Sketch Challenge at RAKScraps! We have sketches for square and rectangle scrappers and templates available for a limited time in PSD and TIFF versions!
Find all the details here.

Here's the page I did for the challenge! Credits.

Monday, August 20, 2007

It's almost over!

Well, it's almost over. My 10 days away from work. Nothing too exciting has happened. My last week off was way more eventful. Didn't help much that I was so broke this time or that it was hot and sticky for the first part of the week, and then cold and rainy these last few days.

So what have I been up to? I haven't been on the computer all too much, although I did do some scrapping and I have been making some progress with ACDSee organizing. I have been eating and drinking way too much! Diet has been totally off track and I need to get it going again tomorrow.

Here's some of the highlights and lowlights:
- Got dragged along on shopping trips with my sister.
- Hung out at few barbecues.
- Saw lots of friends.
- Got splashed by my nieces as they played in their pool and then witnessed their worst fits ever as they fought over the Barbie car.
- Had lunch with Melissa and Krista and even went to Target with Melissa and Gracie
- Ate lots of Cuban, Greek, Italian and Aussie (well Outback!) food.
- Finished watching Freaks and Geeks. Also saw Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (not so good) and Last King of Scotland (awesome movie) from Netflix.
- Saw El Cantante for free (long story), saw the Simpsons Movie (go Spiderpig!) again, and saw Superbad (sooooooooo funny!).
- Bought a very expensive birthday cake at Ben and Jerry's.
- Went swimming and worked on my tan at the new town pool.
- Drove around in Joanie's new convertible.
- Finished Prisoner of Azkaban and am working on Goblet of Fire.
- Caught up on magazines a bit.
- Watched all of What About Brian on the computer while I ACDseed.
- Had a really nasty hangover all day Friday.
- Made several trips to Starbucks.
- Created a hybrid project for my mom's birthday.
- Got my allergy shots.

Here's my goddaughter looking so cute. I got to play with SBG's Funky Train kit! Credits
And my niece looking so cute too! Lots of Krista's goodies on this one. Credits.
Here's my first hybrid project! Used lots of stuff from AC Moore and from Jess and Krista's Bohemian Peddler kit. :) Credits.I did this one for the Digi Dare challenge and for the favorite designer challenge at RAKs. This one features lots of goodies by Correen. Credits.

And here are the girls acting like crazy monkeys at the zoo. Jenn Trippetti's new Rain Forrest Kit was so perfect for these! Credits.

So that's what I've been up to! Nothing too exciting. But I'm just sad it's over now!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

August Mega Kit and Newsletter!

It's time to go Back to School with RAKScraps August Mega kit!!!! This FREE mega-kit includes 15 mini-kits by the RAKScraps Elements Team and each piece is available for a limited time only! Visit our announcement forum for details on how to download this kit! If you miss any of the download links, you can purchase the entire mega kit on CD at Scrapdish!
And be sure to check out the Mega Kit Add On created by the RAKScraps Admins! This kit is available at Scrapdish and all sales help keep RAKScraps a fun and free place!

We've also released our August edition of the RAKFile! It's filled with sponsor reviews, layouts, a tutorial and FREEBIES! You can see it here.

***Vacation Update***
I know I haven't been checking in much all week. I'm kind of down and have been trying to get out or have been recovering from getting out.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Digi Craft Chat at RAKScraps

Join Melinda in the chat room for a DigiCraft Chat and Challenge at 9 pm EST/6 PM PST on Tuesday, August 14 at RAKScraps! She'll show you how to turn a digital kit into a pencil box!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Opposite day

I am feeling 150% better today than I did yesterday! Maybe it's knowing that I have 10 days with nothing to do up ahead. I've been listening to the Who and had a nice big vanilla latte, and what's better than that. I also slept in late and had the house to myself this afternoon, so that probably helps. But what's really weird is that I'm in such a good mood and it's gray and cloudy - that never happens!!!

I'm trying to make a list of things I can do this week. I'm super excited about having lunch with Krista and Melissa this weekend! We've been trying to get together for months now and have had a hard time coordinating. Other than that, I have lots of cleaning and organizing I should get done. And I think I'm going to go down the shore (that's Jersey for going to the beach) or to Great Adventure. My sister's friend also belongs to a town pool, so I'm hoping to hang out there too. So I don't think it will be too bad! I just need to keep the spending low until Thursday when I get paid. And that's not a bad thing either because that should keep me from eating out. I gained another pound this week at my weigh in and I need to reverse that.

Oh, and I want to wish a very happy birthday to Jeanine! :) Hope it's a great one!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

What a drag!

Today has been a total waste! I got up early to take my sister's car in for her for an oil change. They only had appointments during the day at the dealer and she wanted to take it in since it would be free. Well, I took the car in, checked in with one guy who told me to take a seat. I was sitting there FOREVER and even asked the people at the counter twice what was going on. Well on my third check in, two hours later, they told me I neglected to check with the right desk and that the car wasn't even properly processed so it was just sitting there!!!! I was so mad! I know I was dumb I guess for not knowing what to do, but I did talk to them twice and they did see me sitting there and I'm guessing someone must have seen the car sitting there too.

Well, the only thing that kept me from noticing how long I was sitting there was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I have started re-reading the books and I'm up to book three. I am so obsessed LOL! But I love reading it now, knowing how it all ends and picking up on lots of foreshadowing and little throwaway lines, like in book 2 where the boys say they thought Snape could read minds. :) And I never really liked Chamber of Secrets all that much compared to the other books, but now I really loved it! It just made so much more sense knowing about horcruxes and Tom Riddle. (Sorry to the non-Harry fans who have no idea what I'm talking about!) Mom is finally done with the last book, so maybe I'll skip around and read that again next. (I know, I'm sick!)

So I still haven't decided what to do about my week off next week. It doesn't help that I don't get paid again until next Thursday. I'm thinking about asking my boss to cancel a few of the days so I can just take a long weekend, but then again, I don't really want to be at work either. Only a few more days to figure something out! YIKES!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Don't you just have days like this! :)

Monday, August 06, 2007


I am finally recovered (I think) from this weekend! Mike had his annual birthday barbecue this weekend. And being the first time I've gotten to stay at one if these, it figured it was a pretty low turnout, but I still got to see some people I haven't seen in awhile and had a fun time anyway!

Don't know if I can show you some of the photos from the party! LOL! It was pretty crazy. We had limbo contest that turned into a hurdling contest, with guys jumping over the limbo stick in grass skirts. And here we are singing karaoke. I can't remember what song it was. Maybe "I Ran" - it was an 80s hits CDs.

Well, I'm still a mess today, and not from the hangover so much but because I got pretty beat up! First I fell in the alleyway because I am klutz and I didn't see a step. Big scabs and bruises on both of my knees (again!). And then these guys were goofing around behind me and me and my lawn chair somehow ended up tackled on the ground.

I didn't do a thing yesterday. Just finished watching the last few episodes of 24 (WOW is all I can say about that. I got get the rest of those from Mike) and some more Freaks & Geeks. It's been pretty quiet since Mom is reading Harry Potter.

I did get a page finished up though! Here's one I did with some photos from last summer of the girlies with lots of goodies from Jenn Trippetti.

And here's one of Lucia from last weekend using Kim Jensen's Shameless Collection.

Speaking of my cute little goddaughter, you can see her in action on YouTube. Betty has some videos that she puts up for their family in Spain. This one is my favorite and it so funny!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

I need a vacation!

I have some vacation time coming up in like 2 weeks! Just got my August schedule tonight and it totally just creeped up on me. I have had no luck with plans for this week. I was supposed to go to Spain, but that fell through. And then Randi and I wanted to go to Graceland, but that plan fell apart because we didn't plan it soon enough and also didn't realize we were trying to go during Elvis week! I've been feeling like I need to get away somewhere for a few days, even if it is by myself. Or maybe I'll just go down the shore for a few days. Got any ideas where I can go last minute without spending a lot of money? :) Or if anyone wants to adopt me for a few days, let me know!

Thursday, August 02, 2007


I am procrastinating getting ready for work and saw that Audra tagged me!

4 Jobs I've Had:
Copy editor
Baby sitter
Substitute teacher

4 Places I have lived:
West New York, NJ
New Brunswick, NJ
Norwich, CT
Houston, TX

4 Favorite T.V. Shows:
Grey's Anatomy
The Office
The Simpsons
Ugly Betty

4 Favorite Foods:
Peanut Butter
Chocolate Cake

4 Websites I frequent:

4 Places I'd Rather be Right Now:
At the pool
Hanging with my digi friends

4 Movies I LOVE:
The Simspons Movie
Music and Lyrics
Muriel's Wedding
The Princess Bride

Kim J
Krista (And check out Krista's blog for the latest blog carnival!)
And anyone else who wants to join in!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Since I was home yesterday, Randi and I ran a few errands and went shopping. Correen mentioned that her daughter got the Littlest Pet Shop Guess Who on her blog and Randi and I actually looked for it at Target for "the girls." Didn't find it though! LOL!

We also bought a couple of grass skirts, leis and coconut bras for Mike's luau this weekend. They are not for us, but for some of our guy friends. We also got some luau decorations and a ukelele for Mike. I am really looking forward to the party this year since I don't have to leave early to go to work! Most people usually aren't even there by the time I leave, which has lead most people to believe that I live in Connecticut and I haven't lived there in 7 1/2 years!!!

My brother is turning 30, so I wanted to get him something good this year. I got him a karaoke machine! He always gets up and sings, and I thought it would be a lot of fun for the bbqs and stuff at his house. Anyone know about buying karaoke songs from itunes??? I want to make him a cd of his karaoke standards, which include: Sweet Caroline, Build Me Up Buttercup, American Pie, It Takes 2 (Rob Base version), Don't Stop Believing, Scene From An Italian Restaurant, and a few others. We got a few CDs that have 80s songs and oldies, including Copacabana.

I was craving baked potato soup, and since the doctor said "eat whatever you want" I had Randi take me to Houlihans. I am so stuffed now I can hardly move.

Going back to 24 now. I know I'm a few years behind on 24, but Jack Bauer is a hot badass! I'm loving this show!

No driving, no alcohol, no major decisions

That's what the doctor ordered. I'm home after another round of tests today. A pretty gross experience overall, but it went OK and doctor says everything was clear. She also said to eat whatever I want today and I'm taking it literally! Just picked up 2 slices from Sal's - best pizza in the world - and a diet coke. And I'm taking the rest of the day off from everything. Going to have my very late lunch (I haven't eaten solid food in 2 days) and watch Season 1 of 24. Mike lent me the DVDs. It is addicting! So if anyone wonders where I am, I'm here hanging out on the couch with Jack Baur.