Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hot stuff!

Check out Amy Knepper's KDA Studios! She just gave the site a great new makeover. I've always loved Amy's kits, but I especially love the cards she's created. :) Amy's just joined us at Scrapdish, too!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I won! I won! I won!!!

I am usually a big loser!!! My brother's the one with all the luck in the family. The only time I ever really did win something good was when I won $200 in AC on the slots, which I used to by my digital camera! :)

Last night I was scanning and scanning and scanning some more wedding photos so I can get to work on Mike & Vesna's wedding album. I really needed a break so I popped in at the chat at Addicted to Digital, which was promoting the Promos4Digiscrappers Breast Cancer Awareness Mega kit. Thought it would be good to help talk up the kit - since I contributed to it :) and hang out with Brenda, who is so much fun. (I met her at the convention!)

Well, I actually won a prize at the chat! I won these cool Cool Chica alphas from Jessica Bolton of Eclectic Scraps. I won by answering the question: What is Brenda's favorite drink? Anyone who knows her or has seen her avatar would know the answer. :)

I am just so happy to have won something. We are gathering up lots and lots of awesome prizes for RAKScraps first anniversary celebration and I really wish I could win some of those too! :)

Digital Scrapbooking Magazine

I am just to excited! I didn't want to say anything until I saw it with my own eyes. I didn't even want to say anything after I met April Anderton and she told me, and even showed my page in her class! LOL!
My Rocky Raccoon layout is in the fall issue of Digital Scrapbooking Magazine! It's on page 37 right next to a layout by Maria in CT!!!
I downloaded the pdf version because I couldn't wait any longer to get my copy in the mail. You can check out the mag at

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Who me?

Thursday at work, one of my co-workers said I looked shiny. I was wearing a new shirt, my new pink courdoroy jacket, and she hadn't seen me since I got my hair cut. So I had to take a photo of myself to see if it was true!

Because otherwise, I feel kind of crummy. That's another day's blogging, but I just wanted to think that maybe if I look happy, I can be happy.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Slide shows

Check out my first slide show. This was pretty easy to do! My sister picked out the song since the subject is her pup. :) It's pretty rough. I did zero photo editing but it was fun!

(If link doesn't go right there, my user name is rmcabana)

My sister is the best!

Just got back from celebrating Randi's birthday and we had such a blast. Randi shares a birthday with quite a few people I know - including Jeanine's son Colton - and my friend from school Jackie. Well we ran in to Jackie and all the girls while we were out so it was like an even better party!

Well my sister just told me the best thing ever. I was driving her home and asked her if she liked her gift. I got her the Beatles Capitol Years boxed set and then on a whim, I printed out a few pages for her!

Her answer: Can I put them in my album?

I was asking about the cds, but what she had really loved was the scrapbook pages!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The RAKScraps mafia

Sherry was so nice to send this to me! I think we all look pretty good too.

Happy Birthday Randi

Randi's birthday is October 19. She's going to be 25 - old lady!

I used Jen Wilson's Worn and Layers CDs and elements to make this card for Randi.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Back home

I am so exhausted today after such a fun and crazy weekend! There's so much to tell - I don't even know where to start!
Haning out with Jeanine and Correen was just the best. One of the first things Correen told me was she was "reserved." HA!!!! Correen is just a riot! She is a tough New England gal and she just says these funny things out of nowhere. Jeanine is just sweet and caring and the queen of networking. She also can't remember where she puts her keys! :)
I really wish I would have taken more photos - but I didn't like how my photos were looking and I gave up! I'll just steal some from the gals.
We met so many people. I was just too happy to meet Helen and Jayne. Helen's one of the first people I met in digiscrapping and Jayne lives just 20 minutes from me! There was also Lisa (momy4him), Sherry Price, Angie Svoboda, Nancie Janitz, Michelle Coleman, Michelle McGraw, Brenda Kempf, Christi Austin, Tricia Kennedy, Samara (luv2crop), April Anderton, Cindy Wyckoff, Jen Wilson, Wendy Armstrong, Dawn Stocstill, Lyndsay Riches, Ashley Olsen, Christine Borgfeld, Auntie Pea, Kristi McFadden, Doris Castle, Teri Maruca, Sheila Dixon, Roseanne Miske, Marge Wirth, Barb, Susan White, Katie Pertiet and all the rest of the SBB gals and awesome digiscrappers who I can't remember right now!
The convention wasn't organized that well - but it was just the first time for the digiscrapping portion, so maybe the next one will be better. The food was kinda blah too.
I liked the classes and got some good tips from April Anderton, Jen Wilson, Michelle and Nancie, and Wendy Armstrong. Helen and Dawn showed us these cool slideshows they've been doing in a class and I think I need to do some of those. Some of the crafty stuff - especially at the SBE table - was pretty cool too. I really want to make one of those Heritage Makers books too - seeing them on display really convinced me that Taylor needs her own little book.
We also managed to make some good contacts for RAKScraps and recruit a few new sponsors and members.
Like I said, the best part of the whole thing was meeting other people who loved digiscrapping. It was kind of like we all knew each other already from the boards, stores, galleries. There were a few crops - I got 2 LOs started but that's about it since we were all too chatty. I was surprised that people knew who I was. We had people come up to us when we were wearing our RAKScraps shirts.
A big shock for me was I didnt' buy anything but a few diet cokes and postcards! I am notorious for spending too much - but I already had so much of what was on display at the vending booths! I also won a year's subscription to Digital Scrapbooking Magazine.

I have been so wiped out today. One of the things so many people talked about was organization - so I spent a few hours organizing all my kits. Photos and layouts will be next. Then I can start on some of the many ideas brewing from the convention!

Really wish so many of my scrapping pals were there!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

We're here!

We're here now in a room full of gals and their laptops! We're supposed to be cropping but everyone's chatting - sound familar?
I got to Jeanine's house in good time. We spent some time at her house and got to play with the adorable Colton and Calista.
Getting here was a different story. There was traffic the whole way and it took us about 2 hours! But once we checked in at the hotel, we down to the opening reception and have got to meet so many scrappers! Didn't care much for the actual "reception" part (meaning they didn't serve booze!). So now I'm going to see if I can get photoshop to run and maybe do some scrapping before the power runs out on here.

Getting ready to leave

My alarm actually woke me up on time and I only hit snooze once! :) I'm just checking my email before I get ready to leave. I'm going to run some errands before heading to Jeanine's house!

I had a crazy realization last night. I was going over the directions I printed to Jeanine's and realized that I travel that way all the time when I go to my aunt's house. She lives about 15 minutes away from Jeanine. We always go there for Easter and I was just there a few weeks ago for my uncle's birthday. So at least I'm happy that I shouldn't get lost! :)

Race for the Cure

While I'm away this weekend, some of my family will be taking part in the Susan Komen Foundation Race for the Cure in New Jersey.
You can visit the site for more details or to make a donation:

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Packing my bags!

I've got my clothes, toiletries, camera, laptop all piled up! I can't wait to leave tomorrow for the digiscrapping convention! I haven't been on any kind of vacation or anywhere that wasn't work related in so long! Jeanine is picking up Correen at the airport and I'm meeting them back at Jeanine's house. I really hope it stops raining because I'm so tired of this rain and don't want to drive in it!

The last time I was in PA, I got a speeding ticket! I think this trip will be a little better. :)
This postcard of the Liberty Bell is one of the first in my collection! I started collecting postcards as a Girl Scout - and we made a trip every year to the Franklin Institute in Philly. We'd sleep in the museum (think of a slumber party with like 200 girls) and then tour the historic sites the next day.

TV rant

On Wednesday nights, I've been taping the George Lopez Show and Lost. Well in between this week, there was this new show "Freddie." I was happy to see that there was going to be a grandmother on the show who didn't speak English. My grandmother never spoke English and a lot of my friends speak to their parents in English and the parents enter in Spanish. But the whole show was dumb - I should have known from the stars - Freddie Prinze Jr. and Brian Austin Green (my least favorite character on 90210). The whole premise that his family moves in with him once he makes it rich is so stereotypical and then he dumps his Puerto Rican girlfriend because her world is too small. Next time, I'm skipping this one.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Drip... drip... drip

This is what I have been hearing for the last few hours. I thought my flooding problems were done when I moved - but maybe it's just me! D'oh!
There was a new skylight put in last year and it keeps dripping - about three feet away from my bookshelves. Roofer is supposed to come tomorrow.
It has been pouring here since Friday. It is so miserable!

I started reading the Chronicles of Naria today. I saw a version that had all the book in one at Target. I really want to see the movie coming out soon so I wanted to read it first. I read the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe when I was a kit, but it is one of the few books that I have no memory of! I only remember there was a girl named Lucy!

Speaking of books turned into movies, I finally watched the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice. Now I know why Bridget Jones loved Mr. Darcy. :) It was so great.

I also just saw another movie tonight, based on a book, In Her Shoes. Our review in the paper gave it a lousy review - but Randi and I loved it. That reviewer must not have a sister! I am a big Toni Collette since Muriel's Wedding, and I think it sucks that the movie poster only has Cameron Diaz on it because the movie's not just about her. I just read another book called Good in Bed by the author of the book it's based on, Jennifer Weiner.

I should probably be doing some work, but the power outage earlier screwed up my computer and my vcr. So Arrested Development didn't tape and I lost some stuff I was working on in photoshop. Instead I've been blog browsing and checking out the sale at Modscraps.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Check out the new dish!

Check out Scrapdish's new look! Jen did such an awesome job!

More on Douglass College

From Sunday's Star-Ledger:

College deserves to keep its identity
Sunday, October 09, 2005
In 2019 -- just 14 years from now -- Douglass College, the country's largest publicly funded women's college within a major co-ed research university, will celebrate its 100th anniversary.
Or maybe not. Because by that time, should the recommendations of Rutgers' Task Force on Undergraduate Education prevail, Douglass will no longer be a college. It will be a campus within Rutgers University, effectively eradicating not only the cshool's identity, but one of New Jersey's most respected institutions.
Not surprisingly, this questionable new status for Douglass is largely the brainchild of men, who outnumber women on the task force roughly two to one and who, pparently, aren't especially concerned with preserving and serving the student population of one of Rutgers' unique components.
Douglass is already under the Rutgers umbrella. The task force is now saying it must be totally overshadowed by that umbrella.
Subsuming Douglass is not the primary goal of the task force's recommendations, of course. In the bigger picture, it's trying to find ways to better let the world know what a fine university we have in Rutgers -- a worthy and admirable goal. So it was entirely appropriate for President Richard McCormick to convene a group of faculty, students and staff to generate ideas for transforming its undergraduate education structure and overall image.
Problem is, the Douglass recommendation will work against the latter goal. While it makes good sense to consolidate and centralize applications and other functions, it makes no sense to replace the school's historic college system with a consolidated Rutgers College of Arts and Sciences.
Fact is, many large and prestigious universities are happily subdivided into colleges. At Yale, for instance, every prospective student applies to Yale and, if accepted, is assigned to one of its colleges. While these colleges don't provide separate academic programs (aside from the occasional seminar), they serve as a residential hub and the center of student life. It's where you live, eat and socialize -- the idea being it's easier to forge connections in a small community than in the sprawling environment of a huge university.
Yes, the uniqueness of some Rutgers institutions -- Douglass being strictly for women, for example, or Cook for agricultural studies -- would argue against random assignments for incoming freshmen. But surely there are ways to work that out, with an applying student stating a preference for a particular college.
You'd think that would accomplish several of the report's key objectives, such as improving admissions and recruitment or providing a nurturing and satisfying environment.
I'm not even sure the undergraduate programs at the central campus in New Brunswick ought to retain the Rutgers College nomenclature, as its own surveys show that name carries more prestige than Rutgers' other undergraduate institutions.
Perhaps a way to spread that prestige through the whole institution -- and, incidentally, eliminate the confusing distinction between Rutgers College and Rutgers University -- would be to return Rutgers College to the name Queens College, which is what it was called from the time it opened its doors in 1766 to the day it was named for Revolutionary War veteran Col. Henry Rutgers in 1825.
A survey last year found people were confused by Rutgers' myriad schools, campuses and programs -- and who can blame them, considering the school's facilities are sprinkled around the state like confetti?
So make it easy. Give each facility the prestige of being a college with the university's moniker attached -- Douglass College, Rutgers; Livingston College, Rutgers; Queens College, Rutgers; Cook College, Rutgers; and so on.
A significant benefit of that plan could be money, as in alumni donations.
A fellow I know who went to New York University's Stern School of Business tells me he receives annual pitches from both NYU and Stern. He always gives to Stern, almost never to NYU. Clearly, Stern is the keeper of his memories, the institution to which he feels the stronger connection.
But here's the most compelling reason for Rutgers to retain Douglass' status as a college: It's the right thing to do.
A tradition at Douglass that began in 1919, when the school opened as New Jersey College for Women, held that no freshman students could use the path between College Hall and George Street until the end of the year, when they would be ushered down that path by upper-class women.
That initiation rite along the torch-lit "Sacred Path" continues to this day.
Every institution, over time, develops such traditions and rituals. They are part of its character. Douglass has more than earned the right to keep what it has built.

Fran Wood is a Star-Ledger columnist.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

My new bag

I ordered this bag with two of my layouts from CafePress. :) I got it for the digiscrapping convention so that people would recognize me.


D'oh is one of my favorite expressions. It's much funnier than cursing.
I just found that Wikipedia has a list of made up words from the Simpons. It's unpossible that you won't think it's funny.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Good karma?

So first I had good news yesterday. (See below) Then today, someone pm'd me at SBB saying that she just loved my LOs and my shadowing. How crazy is that? But it was so nice of her to say and it just made me so happy! :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I got picked!

Woohoo!!! My kit - Flowers for Randi - which is named after my sister is today's Digi Pick of the Day! I'm so thrilled, shocked even! You can see it at Melissa G's site