Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend crop

I got nine projects done on Saturday! I think that has to be a new record for me LOL! (I don't have all of these in galleries yet so I will link up credits as I get them posted.) I am really tired of going back through old photos of family events and holidays and realizing I haven't scrapped them. So one of my new goals is to do more multi-photo and double-page layouts. I want to put all of my Christmas pages from this year in a soft cover SEI album. I've got about 6 or 7 pages left to go for that book. I've also been using a ton of templates - I just pick one and go for it. Makes it so much easier to get pages done!

A card for Penny's training instructor. Credits

Kylie made a blue bear at Build a Bear. Credits

Some outtakes of Penny for our Christmas card. Credits

Some of our new ornaments this year. Credits
Some shots from our annual trip to see the tree in NYC. Credits
Some photos of Christmas Eve. Credits

Celebrity sighting in NYC. Credits
My word for 2009 is "go." I was having trouble coming up with something, but then I was inspired by one of my 365 outtakes. I will have to write more about that soon! Credits

Some of my favorite photos from 2008. I'm also working on a year-in-review album. Credits

These pages are some new ones from last week.

My goddaughter being silly after we gave her a stroller for Christmas. Credits

My nieces opening gifts on Christmas morning. Credits
More silliness. Credits
And my superhero ornaments. Credits

This week: Snow, planes, cropping, Houdini dog

When is winter going to be over? Is it me or have we been getting more snow this year than we have in ages? We had more snow over the weekend and it looks like we're getting more today. Blah!

This has been a pretty crazy week. At work, we were told everyone in the company must take a week of unpaid leave before the end of March. While I'm glad I still have a job, I'm worried about money and how I'm going to save enough to get through these next few months. I'm so tired of worrying.

But we did have an amazing news story this week that lifted morale in the newsroom - at least I thought so...
My sister called me on Thursday to tell me "turn on the TV. There's a plane in the Hudson River." Our town is right on the Hudson, so the plane and rescue efforts could be seen from here. I saw lots of familiar building on the Jersey side in all the news coverage. Crazy story and I'm still amazed that everyone was able to get out safe!

Saturday, I went to an all-day crop and laughed like crazy with Melissa and Patti. I will post all my pages in the next post.

Yesterday, I was so disappointed that Penny's last training class was canceled! I brought her out there and I am not on their call list. We hung out a bit with her friend Taz the rottweiler, whose mom also didn't get a call. I had gotten Penny a new harness for the car that attaches to a seat belt. I strapped her into the back seat, cleaned some snow off the car and by the time I came around to the front of the car, she was sitting there on the passenger side! I have no idea how she did it! The harness was in one piece, still attached to the seat belt. She must have wiggled herself out! She's so sneaky!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 so far: Aunt Plummy, movies, ice

On Thursday, we said goodbye to Aunt June, my grandmother's sister. She passed away this week, after developing an infection. She had a stroke awhile back and had been living at an assisted living place. She had been fiercely independent and known for her stubborn streak, so assisted living was not easy for her.

As a kid, I had a strange nickname for Aunt June: Plummy. I have always loved olives and I can remember as a kid, eating a bunch of them at Aunt June's and sticking them on my thumb, like Little Jack Horner. So from "pulled out a plum," I somehow coined the name, and she did NOT like it!

The service was very nice. They even had a bagpiper. But I was so sad when I saw her granddaughters - she had 5 children, 8 grandchildren - breaking down. Here's a photo from my family archive of Aunt June and Uncle Frank in Central Park, Easter 1946.

So what else have I been up to in 2009 so far. Taking my photos for 365. Scrapping. Penny and I had our 7th training class today. She was super hyper and jumping up and down, but even though she was nuts, the trainer said she did well.

I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button yesterday. I thought it was going to be creepy, from the trailer, but I really liked it. It sort of reminded me of Forrest Gump. Last weekend, we saw Milk, which was also really good. Sean Penn was great. This time of year drives me nuts with all the good movies that come out!

I finished reading Marley & Me last night and bawled my eyes out, probably more so than at the movies. But it really was a funny and sweet book. What a great dog. Made me want to snuggle up a little more with my own doggie.

I did take Penny for an extra-long walk today around the lake in Hudson County Park. We must have been some sight: me, slipping on ice, and Penny, whining at the Canada geese. I did take some photos while we were there, but haven't uploaded it yet. We had some snow yesterday and lots of ice today.

And I've done some scrapping, too. Here are the pages I .

Penny's First Christmas - Credits: Page 1 and Page 2

I scrapped a 365 photo of Penny for this week's studio start. Credits
Penny playing with Kylie. Credits
The girls got these cools chairs for Christmas. Credits
I did this one last night about my vampire obsession. Credits
And here's an AAM page I did for an SBG assignment. The SBG designers made us a yearbook from the pages we all made! The page facing this one was a page Michelle Godin did for me with Penny on it! :) Credits.

Now I'm going to watch the Golden Globes. We're waiting for Betty & Co. to get here as well as our dinner order from Good Eats. Wonder which will get here first.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Vampire flair, Mr. Burns and other stuff

Here are some of my 365 photos from this week! If you're posting your 365 photos on Flickr, I started a little group on there where my friends can share photos. Add me (rmcabana) as a contact and I can invite you.
01.06 Vampire flair from True Blood (as seen on Halloween) and Twilight (thanks Amanda!).
01.05 Mr. Burns... he talks. Newest addition to my collection of pop culture knick knacks.
01.04 Penny and I have been going to training class on Sundays. We did a little practicing before class.
01.03 We live in the house with the big pine tree.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy 2009

We got out of work early on New Year's Eve so I was able to go celebrate with my friends at the Rover. Which also meant I spent the first day of the New Year exhausted! I'm feeling better today so I wanted to catch up on my Project 365 photos.

01.01: My friend Oscar gave out these little pigs for good luck on New Year's Eve.01.02: My mom has been collecting these angel bells for ages. This is the one from the year I was born.

I hope I can keep up with the project! I'm not going to start a new blog for them, but I'll be posting on Flickr and Facebook. And I'll probably post here maybe once a week.