Thursday, February 27, 2014

So many toys!!!

Last week, I went to Toy Fair New York to take photos and video for the Mommy & Gracie show! We were like kids trapped in a toy store. While other people were there to make deals, we squeed quite a bit over the new stuff!

I took so many photos! You can visit the M&G show for lots of video on all the stuff we saw. I tried to narrow it down to stuff I really nerded out over here! So many toys!

Mattel's new Cedar Wood Doll from Ever After High is so adorable! They have some really lovely dolls coming out soon. She was my fave.

Neighthan Rott is a new Monster High character. He's a half-centaur, half zombie dude. The Monster High display at Mattel was one of my favorite things. The new dolls are gorgeous. Including this Dracular/Robecca dolls from the Freaky Fusion line.

Here's a skating Elsa doll from Mattel. She looks like she's singing! Let it go, Let it go...

Moustache Smash from Spin Master looks super fun! You have to smack cards with these sticks. 

And these robots - Boomer and Zoomer - from Spin Master are so cute. They respond to voice and motion. They are really like little pets. 

I think we almost died at Funko. For real. You can listen to use geek out in this video. There was so much awesomeness from Adventure Time blind box tins, new plushies, Arrested Development Funko Pop figures. 

Underground Toys was another one of my absolute faves! One wall was all Star Wars and the other side of the booth was Doctor Who. And in the middle there was stuff from Anchorman and Ghostbusters. It was awesome! 

We also saw Star Trek stuff for pets!

And these awesome Mimoco flash drives - they had Adventure Time, Star Wars, Elvis - and some other cool products that are coming out soon too. 

Madame Alexander had beautiful steampunk Wizard of Oz dolls and some new Muppets! 

I love the details on the dolls - like this little robot Toto!

Hasbro has some awesome nerdy toys. Lots of stuff for Star Wars Rebels and Guardians of the Galaxy. We also saw awesome Marvel mash up figures, mix-up mini Potato Heads and Transformers.

Nerf has a line to help you fight zombies! 

And the new Littlest Pet Shop critters are so adorable! I want this owl!!!! 

This Monster High Styling Head is just so awesome. Lots of changing pieces, glow in the dark features, stickers. I want to play with her! 

Mattel is also releasing some movie action figures, like this Christopher Reeve Superman.

I saw this at Mattel, too. Brought back lots of memories! 

This is Mip, a cool little robot from WowWee. He can carry a bunch of stuff and dance! 

Alice is a new edition to the Once Upon A Zombie line.

These are called Noomies - they are little robots with accessories that make them do different things. Really cute! 

You can shoot at this robot zombie and it will fall apart as it attacks you. 

Really cute plushies from Aurora. Lots of ponies!

Jakks Pacific has these giant action figures - including the Inquisitor from Star Wars Rebels.

I need this little pup! It's so cute! 

This is about all we got to see of Lego. Very secret booth! 

Living Dead Dolls - creepy and cool! 

It's a little Toothless! 

Here I am practicing my zombie shooting skills.

And this was one of the coolest things we found for nerds. It's a monthly subscription like Birch Box - but for gamers and geeks. Every month, Lootcrate will send you fun stuff like Funko Pop figures, Star Wars stuff and lots of fun little things. I think I'm going to sign up! 

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

And here's the rest...

And this is the last batch of pages from Month of Challenges. I was super excited to find out the other night at the wrap-up chat that I won a prize for my page about Maddie's first trip to the city! Plus, everyone who completed the month gets a $20 gift certificate to Lily Pad! I can't wait to shop!

 I can't remember what this challenge was! I know I used Gina Miller's Lil Framers'

For this challenge we had to dress up a quick page. 

This was a shadow technique challenge. 

We had to do a Project Life type page - so I used this style to scrap one of my staycations. 

And this was another non-challenge page. Catching up on our beach trip last summer. 


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Round 3

I may have used up all my scrap juice in January! I am not getting as many pages done so far in February! Here are some more from my round up!

I got myself a fitbit and this thing has confirmed that I am lazy! 

My friend Gracie picked out this owl for me! Isn't she a sweetie! She's just started getting into Harry Potter so I named my owl Hedwig.

This was a two-pager challenge. Of course, I never make these things easy. Lots of Legos from all over NYC last year. 

This was one of my favorites to create. We had to use brushes to create a painted, water color kind of feel. 

This was a one word challenge. I picked bright because I need to start seeing the glass half full.

For an all about me challenge. I scrapped all these quiz results I've been getting.

 This is my new pug stuffs.

An art journaling challenge. Inspired by Mary Poppins.

This is a new kit from Kim Jensen called Me Right Now. It was at Daily Digi and coming soon to Lily Pad. I was inspired by the name of the kit to do another list page! 

A really cold day here in NJ was only made worse by it being a really cold at the office!

And here's Thanksgiving 2013. This was a color challenge.