Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BOTCT Round 2... 100 Years

This week in the Battle of the Creative Teams, our theme was music. The gals on Jessie's Girls team each picked a line from 5 for Fighting's 100 Years. My page was inspired by "33 you're on your way, everyday is a new day." My page is about how even though at 33 I might be kinda down about where I am, I have a lot of great stuff going on in my life...

You can see my credits here. And here are the pages from the rest of my team.

Please show some love for Jessie's Girls in the BOTCT!!!! Vote for us here!!! (You'll need to clear your cookies if you voted last week!)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Show some love for Jessie's Girls!

I'm usually not a joiner when it comes to contests, but I thought it would be fun to play along with some of my friends on Jessica Bolton's creative team in the Battle of the Creative Teams.

Our first challenge was to create a page using white space with a similar color scheme. We also had the option of chosing a common theme - so we chose "favorites."

Here is my page....

Credits: Everything by Jessica Bolton
And you can see my teammates pages here.

And you can VOTE for Jessie's Girls here. We really need your support!!!

My friends on the Studio Crew are also competing. You can see their pages here and you can show them some love in the voting section under Store Teams! :)

Thanks for the love!!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just two...

Sigh, I'm going to miss my crop on Saturday. That seems to be the only place I get scrapping done lately. I don't seem to scrap during the day like I used to and I try to stay off the computer after work because it gives me insomnia. I was getting so many pages done a month, but now I'm not. On the other hand, I do think I'm doing some kick ass stuff - focusing on two-pagers and multi-photo layouts. They might not be much, but the pack a lot more in.

Here's one for an MGL Play Day. I took a template by Jen Caputo and flipped it to create the 2nd page. Credits. These are some photos of the girls having fun at a bbq.

And this page was inspired by a Studio Start to list your crushes. This is my visual list - and the sad thing is I keep thinking of more guys I could add - like Mark Ruffalo, who I just saw in a trailer. Credits.

I need to get back in scrapping gear though because I'm joining in the Battle of the Creative Team at Digiscrap Addicts with Jessica Bolton's team, which is starting this week. And I'll be cheering on my gals from the SBG crew who are playing along as a store team.

Want to be a Cover Girl?

Find out more in the forums at SBG!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Summertime adventures

Man, I suck at blogging lately! And here's my lame excuse. I use AOL for email but switched over to gmail as my email reader. And since for my blogger account, I need to be logged in with my AOL account, not my gmail.

So things are kind of crazy at work. Gannett is announcing more layoffs soon. My paper is not going to have any until August, when they plan to announce some new restructuring. It's just a never-ending feeling of dread. I'm glad I have a job.

So let's see, what have I been up too. I'll try to add some photos later.

June 24: Taylor graduated from kindergarten. Sniff, sniff. Very cute and quick ceremony.
(Don't I look like my Dad? Scary! LOL!)

June 27: We had a nice birthday dinner for Grandma. Party of 16 of us at Outback! Kylie was singing for the whole place, and she's usually pretty shy. What a nut.
Grandma's 78 year's young!
Me and my cousin Melissa.

June 28: Got to hang out with my friend LeAnne who I miss so much at open mic night. My friend Dean jumped up to sing with the players a few time. So much fun!
(I wear this shirt too much!)

June 30: I got my new iPhone!!!! I absolutely love it. I have so much fun playing with apps and I love being able to Facebook or Twitter from anywhere. (Another reason I don't blog so much!)
We also took Taylor shopping for a graduation present at Target. She picked out a stuffed doggie that came in a little bag and had an outfit. And we took her to the new Sonic on Rt. 17. We've never been to one so it was kinda fun. Taylor got a big kick out of eating in the car and the servers on rollerskates.
July 3: I went to NYC with Randi so she could get her hair chopped off! It looks really cool. I also picked up a great anti-friz product at the salon and my hair has been looking fantastic! Also had my first bad experience with the phone when we put in the wrong address for Magnolia and ended up in Chinatown!
Doesn't she look good!

July 4: Had an awesome time - barbecues at my friend Lisa's and at Randi's friend Ralph's, where I also got to see one of my favorite teachers from high school. Then we watched the fireworks over the Hudson for the first time in years. Then more celebrating with the gang at the bar.
Nory's cute pups at Lisa's bbq...
Some fireworks...

July 5: Another bbq for my cousin Corinne's 15th birthday. Betty, Fernando and Lucia came along, too, and the girls had Betty running all over and playing with them. Later, Randi and I went to see Whatever Works.

And here's some scrapping I've done lately...
I love Jessica Bolton's new PooChi kit! Seems like it was made for Penny! Credits

This wasn't as hard to do as it may look, even though there are 73 photos on here! I used a great Heart Action from Studio Arisu. Credits

And here's one celebrating the Fourth for a Red, White and Blue play day at SBG. Credits