Sunday, June 26, 2005

This one is Dun Aonghisa, Irishmore, Aran Islands - view from the South East. Aunt Eileen and Uncle Bruce sent these two cards from their latest trip to Ireland in may. I can't get over the drop from this wall. Here's what my aunt wrote: "The roads on the island are very narrow, but you'd never know it the way the bus drivers speed around VERY tight corners! ... We visited this stone fort. Even I, who am very brave about heights, had to lay down to look over the edge!"  Posted by Hello

Inscription on the grave of W.B. Yeats Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005

I am so excited about this postcard from Priscilla! She lives in New Zealand. And I am such a huge fan of the LOTR movies - and this looks like it could be part of it. It's so beautiful. Here's what Priscilla says about it: Thought I'd send you via email a postcard all the way from New Zealand -
from Putaruru to be exact (thats where I live :-) )
this postcard shows the blue springs - its a beautiful place and the
water is yummy - actually coka cola bottles it from here in town and
sells it under the name "Pump"..........I don't know that it makes it
all the way to the US
 Posted by Hello

Another postcard for my collection! From Val in Michigan! Thanks Val - I didn't have one from there! Posted by Hello

And from Jeanine! What a sweetie! But I'm still not sorry for telling everyone to listen to her interview on! LOL! Posted by Hello

This is just great too! Another daisy! This one is from Val, aka ValGal and I just love it. She listed traits associated with the color yellow! Posted by Hello

Another very sweet card from Tracy! She is always so nice in sharing RAKs. And she used my favorite color and flower! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My mom sent me this card too through AOL. My family thinks I'm weird. Posted by Hello

Here's the evidence that they all plotted against me! :) I have made such nice friends through digital scrapbooking. It was so nice of them all to think of me today. I'm feeling sick and yucky and slept in, so I was so surprised an cheered up when I saw all of this today! Posted by Hello

Of course I love this one from KimJ. It's my favorite Beatles song today! Posted by Hello

This is from Shelly who is so cool and made an entire kit to share for the occasion! Shelly is just awesome! Posted by Hello

Correen made this lovely card from me! Just love the kit she used too! (It's her Funky Flowers available at SBB LOL!) Posted by Hello

This is from Priscilla! It's just so cute!  Posted by Hello

This is from my friend Rachel... I can't believe they all plotted against me to make these! Just love it! Posted by Hello

This is from my friend Debbie, aka Nettwy. Posted by Hello

This was a nice birthday suprise today from Maria in CT! The first of many so far! Sometimes I miss how pretty it was in Connecticut (lived there for about a year and half - wrote about it on the AOL version of my blog... Posted by Hello